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Ballerina Nails Are The Next Big Thing In The World Of Manicures

by Fashionlady
Ballerina Nails

Ballerina Nails

The hottest thing in the world of manicures now is the ballerina nails. Well, if you are not already familiar of the term, let me break it down for you. Ballerina nail shape are inspired by the strategic shape of the ballerina shoes and hence the name.

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Ballerina Nail Shape

Source: pinterest.com

Ballerina Nail Shape is also called coffin nails

The nails are almost almond except for the tip. Ballerina nail tips are flattened and resemble the square nails. If you have long and slender fingers this shape just all the justice your nails need. To style your nails, you may simply coat them with your favorite shade of nail paint and they are ready to provide that much needed break from the monopoly of round nails.

Ballerina Nail Designs

Source: pinterest.com

Ballerina Nails look amazing with French manicure. The distinguished tip of the nail appeals to the eye of the beholders when colored in a different hue. You may move out from the conventional pink and white combination and try colors like black or blue to give the look an edgier touch.

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Ballerina Nail Tips

Source: pinterest.com

Internet is flooded with Ballerina nail designs. Some of the cutest Ballerina nail ideas are the ones I’ve spread for you below. I like the way they kept the tint of the nail paint uniform for all the nails except the ring finger. They have consciously used some of the choicest decorations for the special finger. With sparkles, studs and bows, all of these patterns girly to the core.

Ballerina Nail Ideas

Source: pinterest.com

If you are looking for more extravagant Ballerina nail designs, here you are.

These designers have used regular sequins, studs, rhinestones and other decorative objects found easily at any art and craft store. Draw a pattern with a pencil on your nails and glue the blingy pieces along the motif. Now that ain’t that tough, or is it?

Ballerina Nail Tutorial

Source: nail-designs.net

Here is another idea of decorating your ballerina nails. The smart use of newspaper patters, with glittery silver, black, plain aqua and the final accentuation with a little bow sum up for quite a view. I like how every nail has a signature style, quite distinct from the other and still they manage to blend in together and produce some amazing effect.

Ballerina Nails Pictures

Source: nailart.date

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You may even try this lace pattern on your ballerina nails. It is easier than you think. All you need are white and black nail paints. Now honestly, who doesn’t have that anyway?

Ballerina Nails Design

Source: nailsmag.com

Now are you game for something more crazy and young? If yes, then why not try this one down here?

Every single nail has been accentuated in a different style and we love all of them. It is certainly a creation of a mind obsessed with ballerina nails, and we can’t even blame them. With shimmer, stones, abstracts patterns and there is also a tiny heart out there. If this is the kind of creativity your obsession brings out, you better go for it babe!

Crazy Ballerina Nails

Source: buzzfeed.com

The next one that we are going to show you speaks of flowers and springs and a perfect garden. We stumbled upon this one on the internet and we can’t hold back from praising the artist. Really loving the floral pattern on the ballerina nails. And surrounding the floral motif with purple nails embellished by a single rhinestone each was a very clever idea indeed.

Floral Pattern Ballerina Nails

Source: weheartit.com

If pink is your color, then you are my kind of girl. And for us, we have the simplest art that sits perfectly on ballerina nails and looks like a million bucks. Just pull out your favorite shade of pink and silver nail paint. This nail art not only serves the purpose of looking pretty but also sends out a strong message, can you figure it out?

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Ballerina Nails Art

Source: nailpolis.com

These were just a few examples of ballerina nail art. There are so many more you can find in the various tutorial websites and videos which will leave you spellbound. Now get you nail filer right now and start filing already, will you?

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