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Blue Nail Designs: Blue Is Not The Coldest Colour After All!

by Fashionlady
Blue Nail Designs

Blue Nail Art Ideas

Is blue your spirit colour? Do you feel calm and at peace with blue around you? Well, if you nodded yes to both these questions, then we have the exact blue nail designs which will put you at ease. They say that blue actually calms you down and if you are a nail art lover, then this article is exactly for you!

We have some amazing blue nail art designs and in this article we will talk about all the different things you can do to have blue nail designs on your nails! So, let’s get started!

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Royal Blue Nail Art Ideas

Let’s start with the darkest hue in the spectrum- Royal Blue. If you don’t shy away from dark colours, then these blue nail designs are just for you.

1. Electric Blue Geometric Nails

Yea, we never loved geometry when we were at school, but they can look scrumptious on nails! Take a look at this geometric design and pattern applied oh-so-carefully on these royal blue nails. If your geometry teacher doesn’t love them, then tell her to give us a call!

Nail Art Ideas

2. For That Animal Print Vibe

In the mood to get wild-we suggest you leave the jungle behind and follow this gorgeous nail design instead! Paint your nails with royal blue and divide it diametrically. Use a sparkly nail polish to make this divide. Now take white nail polish and apply it on the other half. Use a nail art pen and make those tiger stripes. RAWR!

Blue Nail Designs Tutorial

3. Dotted Beauty

Who doesn’t love polka dots and when they are on your nails, they look even prettier! So much for retro vibes right? Apply a dark royal blue colour of your choice and take a nail art pen with which you can make the dots you want. Apply any colour you want and as many as you want! Use lighter hues for more visible blue nail designs.

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Light Blue Nails

4. Dark Blue Nails And Designs

Royal blue is among the darkest blues in the spectrum of blue shades. If you are in the mood for something a little lighter than the royal blue nail designs, then dark blue is the colour for you. Even for dark blue you have many nail art design options. Let’s have a look at some of them

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Creative Blue Nail Art Designs

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5. Shimmery Love

If your love for shimmer is evident everywhere, then this nail design is perfect for you and also extremely classy. All you need to do is paint your nails with the blue you like and with a nail art pen, slightly draw a line in the middle. It’s an extremely easy design and also easy to maintain. Looks classy and with the least of efforts!

Dark Blue Nails

Blue Nail Art For Short Nails

8. Light Blue Nails And Designs

The last hue in the blue spectrum, this colour looks especially very cool and calm. You can have tons of designs with these and florals look the best with them

Light Blue Nails Designs

9. Floral Nail Design

Cute floral motifs on a blue background look perfect for a casual date or a day put with your girls. Draw your nails light blue and either stick blue flowers on them or draw a few. It’s got a perfect summery feel to it!

Floral Nail Design

10. Elegant Blue Nail Design

Rock your formal party with this elegant washed out gradient blue nail design. Make your night sparkly with a touch of glitter and shimmer.

Elegant Blue Nail Design

11. Simple Nail Art In Blue

For those of you who don’t want anything too flashy or glittery, this simple nail art in blue will be perfect. Are you ‘hearting’ this blue nail design?

Simple Nail Art In Blue

12. Navy Blue Nail Designs

Ahoy, sailor! Doesn’t this navy blue nail design remind you of sailors, ships and sea?

 Navy Blue Nail Designs

13. Shimmer And Shine

Not artistic enough to try out various nail art designs? Well, relax! This blue nail art has nothing to do with your artistic talents. Just apply two different shades of blue, silver nail polish and some shiny rhinestones.

 Shimmer And Shine

14. Midnight Scenes

This blue gel nail design is a great way to show off some midnight scenes on your fingernails. Perfect way to gaze at stars even during the day!

 Midnight Scenes

15. Love For Polka Dots

Polka dots are an all time favorite design and you can never get enough of painting your nails with this design. Here is a baby blue nail design to brighten up your day.

Love For Polka Dots

16. White And Blue Combination

Whether you are looking for dark blue nail designs or light blue, adding a touch of white elevates your nail design. Check out this stunning white and blue combination.

White And Blue Combination

17. Blue Nail Design For Wedding

Here is a nail art design in blue that you can try out for your wedding. The cute little bow in blue seems like a great ides, isn’t it?

Blue Nail Design For Wedding

18. Blue Acrylic Nail Design

Acrylic nail designs are very much in trend. They look absolutely gorgeous and you can try a number of different acrylic nail designs. Take a look at this blue nail designs with acrylic nails.

Blue Acrylic Nail Design

19. Matte Blue Nail Designs

Nail designs in matte blue look classy and elegant. Add few gold stickers to make your nail design shine brighter.

Matte Blue Nail Designs

20. Blue Christmas Nail Design

Your fingernails are one of the best canvas to display some amazing Christmas nail designs. Start the Christmas festivities by painting snowman and snowflakes on your fingernails.

Blue Christmas Nail Design

21. Gold Nail Designs With Blue

Adorning your blue nails with golden accessories can make for a great party look.

 Gold Nail Designs With Blue

22. Light Blue Nail Art

Use a combination of white and light blue nail polish to create aztec prints on your fingernails.

Light Blue Nail Art

23. Something Fishy

Try this cute blue nail polish design on your daughter’s fingernails. Add a dash of color to your blue nails by painting different colored fishes on them.

Something Fishy

24. Baby Blue Acrylic Nail Designs

Check out this unique baby blue nail design. Instead of a snowman, you could also try the same design with different characters.

 Baby Blue Acrylic Nail Designs

25. Midnight Blue Nail Art

Paint your nails with midnight blue nail polish and use yellow nail polish to draw minions.

 Midnight Blue Nail Art

26. Zebra Print Nail Tips

Add a twist to your French manicure tips by trying out different blue nail design ideas like painting them with zebra prints.

Zebra Print Nail Tips

27. Unique Blue Nail Design Ideas

Enjoy your 4th of July festivities with this amazing blue nail art design.

Unique Blue Nail Design Ideas

28. Christmas Blues

This Christmas skip the usual colors of red, white and green and opt for this beautiful blue and silver nail design.

 Christmas Blues

29. Flower Power

Flowers are without a doubt one of the most easiest and versatile designs that you can try on your fingernails. Take a look at the below blue nail art with flower design.

 Blue Flower Power Nail Art

30. Patriotic Love

Show off your patriotism with this cool blue nail art design.

Blue Patriotic Love Nail Art

31. Cinderella Nail Design

How many time have we read about Cinderella and fallen in love with her? Well, show off that love with the exquisite light blue nail design.

Cinderella Nail Design

32. Disney Characters Nail Design

Flaunt your creativity with this Peter Pan nail design. The baby blue nail polish as base enhances the design.

Disney Characters Nail Design

33. Evil Eye Nail Design

Paint your French manicure tips with a dark blue nail polish and an evil eye design on one nail in each hand.

 Evil Eye Nail Design

34. Contrasting Polka Dots

Tired of having the same old polka dot design? Upgrade your blue nail design with this contrasting polka dots nail art.

Contrasting Polka Dots

35. Tribal Nail Design

Tribal nail designs look amazing when done with the right colors. Take a look at this white, black and dark blue nail design.

Tribal Nail Design

36. Indigo Blue Nail Art

Office going women can get this simple and elegant nail art done. Just use indigo blue nail polish as the base coat and a horizontal golden strip.

 Indigo Blue Nail Art

37. Light Blue Nail Designs For Kids

Light blue nail polish is one of the best shades to use for kids. Make it exciting for them by drawing some cute characters as well.

Light Blue Nail Designs For Kids

38. Glittery Blue Christmas Nail Art

As the name suggests, you would need a glittery blue nail polish. Add some snowflakes using white nail polish and your glittery blue Christmas nail art is ready.

Glittery Blue Christmas Nail Art

39. Abstract Blue Nail Design

Create your own unique blue acrylic nail design by painting abstract designs using a different hued color.

Abstract Blue Nail Design

40. Superhero Nail Design

Having a blue nail polish as the base coat would be perfect to draw the logo of superman.

Superhero Nail Design

There you go! Some amazing blue nail designs. Try them out and let us know!

Images Source: pinterest.com

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