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Squoval Nails: The Latest Nail Fad Is Here!

by Fashionlady
Squoval Nails

Squoval Nails

Aaah, who doesn’t love a freshly manicured set of hands? Those perfectly filed nails, the sweet smell of fresh nail polish and the wonderful looking digits! Every girl loves her nails and pampering herself to get manicures are some of the sweetest pleasures for us. But just like the rest of the things in the world, it’s hard to keep up with the nail designs that are there in this world! In fact, there are so many websites and even magazines that are designed for people who love to keep their nails looking good!

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One of the latest designs to hit the nail market is the squoval nails. I bet many of you haven’t heart of this. So what exactly are there squoval nails? As you can probably guess, squoval is actually a combination of two words- Square and Oval. In this design, the nail is filed in a particular nail shape that has fairly rounded edges which are on a squarish nail.

Squoval Nails Designs

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Squoval Nails Designs

One survey indicates that this has become a very popular shape with many ladies as well as nail salons. More and more women are asking for this shape because squoval nail designs not just look classy, but they are very easy to maintain too.

Some of the most common nail designs and shapes are these:

Squoval Nail Shape

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In order to achieve a squoval nail shape, you have to start with the basics. There is not much difference in the way you file squoval nails or for that any other kind of nails and you have to keep in mind certain points. Here is what you should keep in mind:

Having a good nail file is very important for filing your nails well. You can trim your nails with clippers but many women prefer to use files. Among the files you have plenty of options again and you can choose from glass files or metal files and even emery boards. Though glass files are the most common ones, you will need an emery board or metal file if you have acrylic nails.

How To Get Squoval Nail Shape

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There is just another thing you need to keep in mind while filing your nails: Don’t go overboard with your filing! There are hidden dangers lurking behind overfilling your nails and one of them is the risk of severe infection. Use files which only have 180-grits. Beyond that, you are risking broken and infected nails!

Squoval Nail Manicure

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Now comes the most important part, how to get squoval nail shape.

There are many squoval nail ideas available in the internet, but before we get to that, let’s find out how to shape your nails into that shape.

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Many beauty gurus say that this one is a strong nail choice because in this shape, most of the nail will be kept as wide as the nail bed, similar to square nails. To begin, start as you would do with any other nail shape. It is preferable that you get an oval nail shape. You can achieve this shape by filing the edges of your nail at an angle. Once you can see the oval shape form on your nails, you begin to give off those squarish edges to the nails.

So that’s how you get squoval nails. Try them and let us know in the comments!

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