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Summer Makeup Tips And Hacks So That Your Make Up Doesn’t Peel Off

by Fashionlady
Ways To Apply Makeup for Summer

Summer Makeup Tips

Most women and girls have one major problem with summers, and it is not just the heat alone; they find it tough from stopping their nude makeup, party makeup or bridal makeup from peeling or sweating off. This is especially the case with oily to combination and sensitive skin types. This is why we would like to give you a few handy summer makeup tips hacks to use. The summer makeup tips and hacks here talk of easy routines that we tend to forget or forego which shouldn’t be done.

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Ways to Apply Makeup for summer

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Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin and use a protection sunscreen worth SPF 45 to help lock the makeup in, is the first step towards summer makeup tips, we would like to share with you.

Best Summer Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

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Be Light

When using moisturizer, we would say use SPF 45 because the UV rays radiation that can cause free radicals to run amok, but also depending on your skin type you have got to choose the right product too. If the skin is oily to combo, you need to have a matte sunscreen lotion used, and the reverse for normal to dry skin types.

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Dry skin Summer Makeup Tips

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Should I Use A Serum?

You may opt to use a serum since they are lightweight by nature, and one of the Ways to Apply Makeup for summer, is to use lighter foundation, preferably powder ones for oily to combo skin and liquid for dry skin. If you put plenty of it, there are chances it would peel off sooner, so be light with your application.


Best Summer Makeup Tips

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Primer Is A Must

We cannot emphasize enough on this point, because primers are important to use before the foundation is applied. Primers are known to hold the foundation, which acts like a double sided tape for the product and the skin. You may add a little primer with your serum or foundation and then use the same on your skin.

Best Primer For Oily Skin

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Don’t Forget The Eyes

The eyelids need to be primed too, which is what we ignore a lot. The yucky crease lines would be done away with when the summer makeup tips for oily skin using reputed primer is indulged in. Waterproof makeup for the eyes are a must use, which makes hell of a difference; try and let us know how it goes for you.

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Makeup Tips For Summer

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Waterproof Kohl And Mascara

You may love the normal kohl and mascara that enhances the eyes, but when it comes to dealing with summer makeup tips for dry skin or any skin type for that matter, going waterproof with these products would be the best thing to do. So yes, waterproof all the way and no two ways about the same.

Summer Makeup Tips for Indian Skin

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Translucent Powders For Help

Translucent powders to the rescue, since they lock the moisture in sans the shine and the sweaty appearance to come through. A mineral powder must be dabbed after the makeup is done, which helps stop the drips and falls now and then while you move from one place to another.

Summer Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

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After Applying Your Makeup And Before The Translucent Touch

Before you apply translucent powder, use a wet sponge to dab around the face to lock in moisture. Water beats water here and the drippy effect would be done away with. You can also use blotting paper to dab around the skin when the makeup base is put, so as to absorb excess moisture.

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Summer Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

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We hope these tips and hacks on summer makeup tips for Indian skin comes in handy, and that you never have a day when your makeup runs loose and wild under the summer sun.

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