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50 Peacock Nail Art Design Ideas

by Fashionlady
Peacock Nail Art Designs

Peacock Nail Art Designs

From Henna designs to motifs on sarees and jewellery, we women have an obsession with peacock designs. Just the colours and the magnificence of the bird captures our imagination and we’ve managed to incorporate it into our wardrobe and accessories as well. So peacock nail art designs being all the rage these days comes as no surprise. You can create some pretty spectacular and utterly fascinating peacock nail art designs such as the following.

1. Two Toned Nails

If you’re an amateur at nail art and are not sure you can manage any of the more complex designs, then this two-toned peacock colour nails are your best bet. There are no designs or patterns and yet when you look at the two colours blending you immediately think of a peacock.

Peacock Feather Nail Art

2. Intricate Design

Now this design will need a lot of precision and fine work. While the base is not difficult, the black detailing might need a professional’s help. Else, if you can find nail art stickers of this similar design, it will work equally well.

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Peacock Nail Designs

3. Free Hand Drawing

You can whip up some pretty cool designs by doing freehand drawing. And you don’t even have to be precise and perfect. Check out this peacock feather nail art, it’s done with a careless freehand touch and yet the result is captivating. The black base coat acts as a background for all the colours and lets the colours pop.

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Peacock Nail Art

4. Feathers and Motif

Peacock feather nail art designs are extremely common amongst young women, who are especially attending theme parties and get-togethers. You can either match the colous of the attire with the nail paints or can mimic the same designs as that of the saree or dress.

Peacock Feather Nail Design

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5. Glitter Me Peacock

Another freehand drawing, but here a lot of glitter is used to create an interesting effect.

Easy Peacock Nail art

6. Modern Art

This nail art design does not scream peacock, but does give a lot of edge and meaning to the nails.

peacock feather nail design

7. Rhinstone Art

With a freehand design, this would have looked pretty, but the addition of one blue rhinestone on each nail takes it to the next level.

Fantastic Peacock Feather Nail Art

9. Motifs

You can create such uniform motifs using nail art stamp plates. They enable you to create such clean designs. Of course you will need a lot of practice to get it right, but I dare say the learning process will be quite fun.

Peacock feather nailart

10. Let the Colours Do the Talking

Peacock nail designs as simple as these can be doe even by beginners. Just get the basic peacock color nail paints and get artistic.

Peacock nail art for women

11. Nail Foil Wrap

If you can get your hands on nail foil wraps then you can try out something similar to this design. Simply stick them to your nails and file off any excess/overhang. Top it with a clear polish to make it last long.

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Peacock nail art design for women

12. Mosaic Pattern

This design again does not speak peacock nail designs but the feather pattern nail art gives an impression of a peacock nail art design.

Peacock nail art designs for women

13. White Background

Having a white background for your nail art is a great way to make sure your designs stand out. Check out this design, a different freehand drawing for each nail. Isn’t that cute?

Peacock feather art

14. One Nail Pops

If your dress is heavily embellished, wear simple nail art designs.

Beautiful Peacock Nail Designs

15. White Design

This design uses white against a blue background. They have used a stamp plate to create the pattern. If you notice, it is not done too neatly but the result is still pretty impressive right?

Beautiful Peacock Nail Art

16. A Little of Everything

This again is an abstract nail art design yet of the peacock theme. If you aren’t fond of having it loudly displayed on the nails, you can try something more sober like this one.

Beautiful Peacock Nail Arts

17. Contemporary

Here’s a very contemporary design that looks simple yet charming. You can easily recreate this look without any difficulty.

Peacock nail tutorial

18. Angled Art

A french manicure design with glitter tips in peacock colors in a great idea too.

Peacock Design Nail Art Ideas

19. Flowing Design

Flowing designs like these are pretty difficult to get right. So attempt this only after you’ve had some practice with simpler designs. That being said, how awesome is this design!

Peacock Nail Art Ideas

20. Play with Colour

Try different base colors to give your basic design a pop and uplift.

Peacock Nail Art Design Ideas

21. Yellow in the Mix

We personally love this nail art design for short nails.

Peacock Nail Art Designs Ideas

22. Crescent Moon design

Another simple pattern that uses the colours of the peacock to create nail art. No elaborate designs or details yet you know it’s a peacock inspired nail art.

Peacock Nail Designs Ideas

23. Divide and Conquer

For this design, you might have to visit a professional nail art salon to get the perfect detailing

Peacock Nail Design Ideas

24. Silver as the Base

This is another trick that you can try. use a silver nail polish as a base and then make the peacock feather nail art.

Peacock Nail Designs

25. Keep it Simple

Some of these designs are simple and others quite intricate and complex, but if there’s one thing that we can see clearly, it is that no matter how simple or complex the design, you can actually bring across the colours and patterns of the peacock beautifully through nail art.

Amazing Peacock Nail Design Ideas

26. Gorgeous Stamping

These gorgeous nails have peacock colors in abundance with a few nails being stamped with nail stickers, adding to the lovely tribe. This peacock themed nail design is to portray spirit so lively.

peacock nails

27. Whites, Blues, And Greens

This peacock inspired nail art is as pretty as your nails can ever look. With all the colours of a peacock and peacocks itself drawn in the tidiest manner with minute details, it is a sight to behold with the white background.

Peacock Nail art Designs


28. Unity is Beautiful

Pose for a flawless picture flaunting those mesmerizing nails with the parts of a peacock all uniting to form one gorgeous bird.

Peacock feather nails

29. Black, The Ever Loyal Colour

When has black ever bailed out on you? This black and silver combination looks super chic and sexy. A must try for medium to long nails.

Peacock feather nails for women

30. Ed Hardy Peacock

The birth of tattoo designs, Ed Hardy is seen to have inspired a million nail arts, all taken from his tattoo designs, from across the world.

Peacock nail art

31. Peacock Marbling

This gives a textured effect and looks more on the water marbling side, but what this contains on the nails is nail foils. Best tip for this to work out even better is to apply a white coating below the nail foils to accelerate the beauty to it.

Peacock themed nails

32. Water Marble

Here, are the water marble nails with a side cut off black with white polka dots and the rest in a peacock theme.

Peacock inspired nails

33. Hot Pink Peacock

Hot pink is what makes every girl look sophisticated in the trendiest manner, be it any design, the colour combination plays a huge role too.

Peacock wedding nails

34. Acrylic Peacocks

Acrylic nail art is most famous these days for all the good reasons. This peacock acrylic nail art can be considered if your theme is anywhere close to this.

Peacock nail art design

35. Detailing Love

This detailed peacock nail design requires you to get it done in a nail spa by a professional good enough to not go wrong with the small lines and feathers, here and there.

Peacock color nails

36. Keep The Glow

These modern coloured inspired nails are taking a toll with their gasping colours infused with the peacock theme.

Peacock color nails for women

37. Feather Your Sass

These sassy, classy, chic, all-in-one nail-do could only get compliments and nothing less.

Peacock nail wraps, peacock gel nails

38. Nailed The Glitter

This glitter everywhere is so scattered yet in the most perfect way. The arrangement of colours is drool worthy.

Peacock nail wraps, peacock gel nails for women

39. Peacock Manicure

Why always white to edges of your nails? Take a look at this peacock manicure and get going!

Peacock acrylic nails

40. Mesmerizing Shade

This half-half nail design is one of a kind featuring peacock feathers to one side and a slight brush of pink complementing the design to perfection.

Peacock acrylic nails for girl

41 Feather Line Polish

A deviation from the humbug peacock feather, this take on feather is sure to make you love your groovy nails!

Peacock acrylic nails for women

42. Manicure Monday

These bling peacock nails are just your dose of happiness on a Monday morning.

Peacock acrylic nails for lady

43. Blues To Get You Glued

Blue and black? That colour combo itself sparks interesting thought and takes on designs.

Peacock acrylic nails for woman

44. Peacock In All Its Glory

This nail art is single handedly, the most beautiful peacock design that we have come across. Time consuming but what better way to spend that time than on these stunning nails?

Peacock green nail polish

45. Catwalk Nail Design

Take some nail inspiration from this hot nail design which a favourite among celebs.

Catwalk Nail Design

46. Light In Every Form

Lighten your day and heart with this light coloured superior and smart nail design.

Light In Every Form nail design

47. Stylish Nails

These stylish nails with a transparency outlook is your weekend aim. Take a tutorial online and nail this design.

Stylish Nails

48. Pleasing Peacocks

This design has left no space for your nail to be shown, and it looks alluring with the perfect peacock hues taking away all our nail blues.

Pleasing Peacocks

49. Stunning Decal

A popular design only among women who love making their nails look longer with designs popping out and up. This peacock can be made on a nail by attaching a fake nail, and it is guaranteed to leave a gorgeous print.

Stunning Decal Nail art

50. Mix And Match

This mix and match of designs and colours are promising for any party or outdoor activity. Want your nails looking as beautiful as you?

Stunning Decal Nail Art For women

We hope you enjoyed this post on peacock nail art designs.

Images Source: pinterest

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