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Japanese Bridal Makeup Tips We Can Use In Our Indian Weddings

by Fashionlady
Japanese Bridal Makeup

Japanese Bridal Makeup

For a very long time now, we have heard and seen many shows on television that have showcased the ultra beautiful Japanese wedding. A wedding so soft in nature, ritualistic, holistic, very glamorous and at the same time keeping in tow with the traditions and cultural norms alike – but we also kept an eye on the Geisha wedding makeup too, which requires plenty of skill and art, to tactfully bring out the grace and grandeur of the makeup style. However, in the new age we live in, most Japanese women now opt for the natural makeup look rather than the flaky white artificial Japanese bridal makeup that once ruled the scene. Let’s then learn more about the new-age Japanese bridal makeup, which is quite not so same as what it was, but beautiful in its own ways too.

Japanese Makeup

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Unveiling Tips On The Japanese Makeup

Like other Asian bridal makeup we have spoken off, the Japanese makeup ritual is an important one. Every bride wants to look like a queen at her wedding, which is why makeup plays a very important role on that day. These Asian makeup tips will work wonders to transform a lass into a beauty queen on her big day. And the Japanese do not leave anything to chance to make it a tantalizing affair sans the noise and the loud glamour.

Asian Bridal Makeup

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Much like women across the world, Japanese women have the best of cosmetics at their disposal. And they have the best secrets to flawless skin as well. Once the SHINTO wedding ceremony is done and over with, the Japanese bride undergoes a change of clothes, and makeup thus would be washed off and redone to suit the look of what she wears for the reception as well. Something very similar to the western brides at their wedding, but with Japanese cultural touches and wedding traditions maintained.

Asian Makeup Tips

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For The Japanese Wedding

The bridal makeup speaks of minimalism and simplicity. It looks neutral to the eyes but when closely seen, the makeup is done with utmost skills and finery.

Asian Wedding Makeup

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The Base

Start with the right base of using the best foundation closest to your skin tone. The SPF in the foundation shouldn’t be more than 15, which then assures you that your face wouldn’t look artificially white in the pictures taken.

Asian Eyemakeup Tips

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For The Eyes

An eyewash with a neutral brown tone or palette is needed, which allows the lids to be flattered. Brown is best in its lightest tone to use, which is classy and elegant for the Asian wedding makeup. Along with that, most Japanese brides opt for medium to shimmery dark browns to top the eyelids with. And this is what brings about a very flawless and pretty look.

Natural Asian Makeup

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Skin Should Be Hydrated

Before the wedding, for at least six months in a row, the Japanese bride ensures to keep her skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water. She also uses the right moisturizer, which helps with the suppleness and the smoothness of the skin.

Bridal Makeup

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Japanese Bride

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Choice Of Colors

A glance at our previous posts will help you in understanding how to determine your true skin undertone and then choose colors for the eyes, the lips and the blush. Popular shades for the same would be neutrals to pinks, peaches to browns and little red wines too with Asian eye makeup tips.

Japanese Bridal Makeup Tips

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False Eyelashes

Very rarely used, but if you have to use false eyelashes, we would suggest using individual ones to enhance the natural look. Most Japanese women use false lashes that are specifically made in Taiwan and those that help them flaunt their natural look too.

Japanese Bridal Eyemakeup

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For The Lips

Pink to peachy shades are a hit with natural Asian makeup and this is why lip color application and the choice of colors should be diligently chosen.

Japanese Bridal Lip Makeup

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Shape Your Brows

Very important, because the perfect brows are most important aspects for every bride to have! It is determined by the look no doubt, but the reverse is also true – it determines the face of the bride as well.

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Japanese Eyebrow Makeup

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Inspired to try out the Japanese bridal makeup? Do share your thoughts with us!

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