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For The Festival Glow – 5 Japanese Beauty Secrets Indians Can Try

by Fashionlady
Japanese Beauty Secrets

Japanese Beauty Secrets

Honestly if you had to ask us why we write this post on Japanese beauty secrets, the answer would be one too many to dole out. From the quintessential beauties that grace the ramps and streets, quirky lifestyles and OMG the flawless complexions our Japanese counterparts’ have, who wouldn’t want to know what their style secrets are like!

What is it which makes them so flawless?

Is it the innumerable plates of sushi, plenty of dancing at the karaoke bars, the fine weather and sunshine, what is it? We Indian PYTs need help and this is why we must look into the Japanese beauty secrets scrolls for an answer. But how and where do we find the answers to all our beauty needs?

Right here!


Japanese beauty tips

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Their Lifestyle at First to Glance at

It is a no brainer, much as the Japanese beauty secrets would tell you, one has to lead a holistic and pure lifestyle, to ensure beauty remains and manifests, inside out. The Japanese are known for their love of bathing and sipping away cups of unsweetened green tea. These are just two of the myriad secrets we’ve mentioned from a plethora of them- wrapped under the veil for centuries, and now being explored.

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Japanese women beauty secrets

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Did You Know?

In Japan, a very highly regarded beauty norm would be the presence of smooth skin. So if you would like the Japanese men praising you or should you be marrying a Japanese citizen anytime soon, MIL would be impressed when you flaunt your flawless porcelain texture. With the help of Azuki Bean powder, you can form a paste and achieve the best face massage and exfoliation needed. But first, let’s start with the five secret Japanese beauty tips!

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Japanese beauty secrets to beautiful skin

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1. Be Strict With Your Food Intake

One of the many reasons why Japanese women are flawless and beautiful is because they are very particular about their meals. The old adage “you are what you eat” holds truth for them. This is why you wouldn’t find the Japanese beauties gorging much on sugary and salty delights. And in addition to that, should they ever visit your place and if the food is rich in fats or oils, expect them to just have a nibble. But of course, they would love their fish- fish has omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids help prevent the early signs of ageing too! for vitamins, minerals and proteins, the Japanese bank on veggies, meat and dairy produce.

japanese food for beauty

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2. Plenty of Green Tea

Don’t we just know how beneficial a cup of green tea is for our systems and for beauty needs especially? But how many of us, would actually in India, bother for a cup or two, everyday? The Japanese are strict about having several cups of green tea a day. This is because green tea is anti-inflammatory, fights free radicals, and is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial too. Some women also make a paste of used green tea leaves to wash their skin and hair with.

Japanese green tea

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3. Rice Beauty Regimes

Rice isn’t only eaten for meals, but is used as a beauty agent too in the Japanese culture. Impressed enough? The left over water from rinsing dry rice is used as a face wash or a hair rinse, believe it or not. Rice bran has plenty of antioxidants in it which helps fight free radicals, which if left unchecked can cause skin issues, tumors and cancers too. In addition to that, rice bran is also known to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and brings down the formation of wrinkles and keeps the skin nourished too.

5. Plenty of Masks

With the help of a kimono silk cloth and plenty of distilled floral water, Japanese women wash their face and adhere to DIY facial routines, almost daily. Masks are made from the floral water and the silk cloth, which is an ancient way to give oneself a holistic facial. You could also dampen a swab of cotton wool with rose water and apply it on the face, allowing it to rest for half an hour and then washing it off with cold water! Moisturized skin is now for you to keep!

Rose water beauty secrets

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Finally, the Japanese love to bathe under cold water during the summers and sometimes when the snow falls all around too. In doing so, they exfoliate leaving no inch on themselves to let go. If you fancy a sauna like the Japanese do, try the “Onsen”, which helps you scrub from top to toe, cleanse and tone the body and then end up with a hot steam bath or a cold one, depending on your choice!

So, here were the most treasured Japanese women beauty secrets, we bet you didn’t know much about. If you have some of your own secrets to share, from the Japanese beauty diaries, we are listening!

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