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5 Exquisite Hair Accessories For Festivals You’d Love!

by Fashionlady
Hair Accessories for Festivals

Hair Accessories for Festivals

It isn’t much about the hair only, but of how she embellishes her tresses that makes an Indian woman stand out and apart from the rest. Her long black hair, the dense dark hues of the night sky bestowed, or maybe the new-age chic diva with highlights and ombre touches, whatever be her choice, this festive season, she has plenty of hair accessories for festivals to wear and flaunt.

We Can’t wait to get you started on festival hair accessories

Hair accessories

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Part and Parcel of a Significant Look

While she dolls up and gets ready for the big events, parties and the various rituals that encompass the festivities around, hair accessories needless to say form a part of her trousseau. This is one of the reasons why you would watch many PYTs taking their time shopping for the chicest hair adornments.

Festival hair accessories

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Quite a tough decision to make, since the hair adornments are available in various styles, shapes, patterns and designs, it can become confusing as to which one to choose from amongst them all.

Hair accessories for women

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She isn’t a hairstylist per se, but someone who knows the importance of a sleek yet gorgeous hairdo. When an ensemble needs a complimenting touch, she then decides to glorify her look through the use of hair accessories for festivals.

Flower hair accessories

Never Overlook the Importance of Hair Accessories

Most often than not, even if the PYTs are busy at hunting for the right hair accessories to wear, they would leave the same for last minute pick-ups. This is wrong, since waiting for the last minute could lead to missing out on the best hair accessories for festivals.

Women hair accessories

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It is a dream of every girl and woman to look her prettiest best at social gatherings and do’s, and even the smallest of touches, for example a hair accessory, could make or break her look.

Holiday hair accessories

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The importance of hair accessories is such that it can create impacts to a large extent, making the woman in question beam at her graceful and very gorgeous best. Hence, overlooking or keeping the selection of Festival Hair Accessories to the last minute, isn’t advised.

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Flower hair accessory

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Take a good day or two in hand, and look online or shop around at the local markets for the right hair accessories to wear. Since Durga Puja is a few days away and Diwali follows, you wouldn’t want to have a chic updo done and left bare!

Hair adornments

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Hair accessories for bride

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2. Should you want something feminine and very bohemian, opting for headbands would be the best thing to do. Headbands look great with half updos, chic up hairdos and low down short hairstyles too, or maybe with braids, but only if you have long hair!


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3. Most PYT’s are crazy for embellished hairpins and chunky hairpins. The choices are a plenty for you to choose from, but only wear them if you aren’t wearing heavy neckpieces or a maangtikkas! Hairpins are best for buns, chignons and the famous Grecian plaits.

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Chunky hairpins

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4. Look like a princess and doll up the hair with silver or oxidized tiaras. Tiaras are best worn by women who have slim to chubby faces, since most of the attention through the tiara goes there. The best part about tiaras as hair accessories for festivals, is that they can be worn with a varied range of hairstyles. From pixies to long buns and braided plaits too, wear them as you like them

Wedding hair accessories

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5. Would you like to try the birdcage veils? If you’ve been following our posts on hairdos and hair accessories for women, the birdcage veil post would have shown you some chic styles to wear this festival season. Think about it.

Veil hair accessory

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Before you choose any of the Festival Hair Accessories, always try them on. Visualize the end look and then pick any of the hair accessories available. The aim is to make you look like a diva, and not a Christmas tree that runs amok at the Indian festival scene!

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