Fashion Designers

Top Fashion Designers in India

Fashion Designers, be it the ace and leading ones or the upcoming and new ones, Fashion Designers are wanted by all.

These Fashion Designers are the ones who bring out a trend. They are trained and enough learned to tell us what fashion we should see coming in the next few months. These are like our gurus to guide us in what to wear and what not to wear. They are also trained to hide our flaws by customizing and designing outfits to match our body type.

Even our local tailor is a fashion designer as he also has to be updated on new trends and suggest what their clients get made.

The ace Indian Fashion Designers include, the Bridal King of designers, Manish Malhotra, the dup Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, the most loved Sabyasachi, Anju Modi, Ritu Kumar, Anita Donge, and many more. Most of these designers have been trained from fashion institutes and / or under the guidance of other bigger designers.

These Fashion Designers make clothes for celebrities in movies, for events and launches, weddings, parties and more. Most of the Fashion Designers also participate in Fashion Weeks and other events across India and the world to showcase their work.

It is not necessary that all their clothes and designer wears are expensive. Some of these designers also make affordable fashion like Anita Donge’s brand AND.

To know what each of the fashion designers are up to, keep visiting We offer complete and detailed insights on seasonal trends by designers and what designed for other leading celebrities.

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