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10 Exciting Benefits of Galvanic Facial

Benefits Of Galvanic Facial
Finally there seems to be an answer for diminishing wrinkles and tightening saggy skin. And the treatment we are talking about is galvanic facial. It is done using a small electric device, featuring a low voltage DC current which is induced into the skin using a treatment gel. Let us also clear that the treatment is painless and usually...

10 Remarkable Herbs To Prevent Hair Loss

Herbs To Prevent Hair Loss
Hair loss is a common problem. There are several reasons-it can happen due to vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, and genetics. Other medical conditions like thyroid problems may also result to thinning hair. There’s no instant remedy that can promote new hair growth, but studies have revealed that some herbs can prevent hair loss. Scroll down to learn how these herbal...

10 Remedies On How To Thicken Eyebrows Naturally

How to Thicken Eyebrows Naturally
The thick brow trend isn’t dying yet, and everybody wants it. We are sure you want it too. So, how can you achieve stronger looking brows? There are tones of makeup products like brow pencils and gels that can help attain sparse eyebrows. But there are other natural remedies that can also stimulate hair growth. So if you have...

10 Best Drugstore Toners For A Healthy And Radiant Skin

Best Drugstore Toners For Skin
With a myriad of different skin products out in the market, how can one possibly keep up with the expanding beauty range? Well, you definitely can overlook some products but not a formula like a face toner. You probably may be on and off using the product, but we have more reasons than one to explain why this is...

10 Effective Uses Of Rosehip Oil For Skincare

Uses Of Rosehip Oil For Skin Care
Rosehip oil may be unfamiliar to most of you. But let us assure you that this natural oil is pleasant as its name. To begin with, Kate Middleton and Miranda Kerr also openly confirmed their love for the natural oil. Now we know why they have glowing skin. Now that we’ve confirmed that the oil is loved by royalty,...

10 Best Hair Smoothening Creams In India

Best Hair Smoothening Creams In India
Girls with unruly hair understand the pain of attaining sleek, frizz-free tresses. Obviously the struggle is real when heating tools offer ultimate sleekness but leave greater damage. The problem aggravates in the warmer weather with the humidity drying out the hair further. So the trick is to find a product that gives special care. Smoothening creams for instance can...

Best 10 Jelly Makeup Products To Add To Your Beauty List

Jelly Makeup Products
Thinking of an alternative to set makeup during the warmer weather? Then there’s nothing more settling than jelly-textured makeup products. They aren’t new to the business but the fact is they’re actually expanding; which means the products are not limited to skin care alone but jelly based hair products have come up too. Ahead are 10 products jelly makeup...

Top 10 Hair Treatments To Try This Monsoon

Hair Treatments For Monsoon
It’s never simple to look and mean business during extreme rainy weather cases. While the monsoons majorly dampen daily activities, it does also ruin our overall look. And the rains aren’t forgiving towards our hair either. While daily work doesn’t hinge on how fabulous your hair is, still the damage done can blow us off. Certain problems like hair...

How To Cure Dry Scalp With Natural Ingredients

How To Cure Dry Scalp
Do you suffer from annoyingly itchy, dry scalp and are looking for how to cure dry scalp with natural remedies? Read more to know the cure. This can happen when our scalp stops producing natural oils, and further cause flaking, itching, dryness, and irritation. There are several reasons why this can happen including dry air, frequent shampooing, and more...

10 Best Herbal Shampoos For Hair Fall And Hair Growth

Best Herbal Shampoos
Ravaged by heat styling tools, exposed to pollutants and constant coloring; these factors can burden your hair with dryness, frizz, and hair fall. Sad, we know. But since you cannot give up on it altogether, we suggest you to consider herbal anti-hair fall shampoos. These natural formulas can revive lack luster tresses in a single wash. We’re sold by the...

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