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Natural Beauty Tips Using Everyday Ingredients

by Fashionlady
Natural Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty Tips

If you can rattle the top designer make-up brands without batting an eye lid and cannot spend a day without your beloved make-up kit, then its time for desperate measures! How about going on a make-up free regime to let your pores breathe in the fresh air? Wouldn’t it be nice for your eyes to relax with the cooling effect of sliced cucumbers rather than of heavy-duty concealers?

My dear fashionistas, did you know that your humble Kitchen is a power-house of valuable and natural ingredients for your beauty regime? Whether it be orange rind, dried rose petals or a ripe, soft banana, these can work miracles for your skin! If you seek glowing and radiant complexion at hardly any cost and without the side-effects of chemicals, then go natural!

Fashionlady brings to you quick, useful and fun beauty tips which use day-to-day ingredients found in the kitchen

Coconut Oil

One of the most common oil found in Indian households, this oil will work wonders for your scalp and body. Before your shower, massage your body with this oil to hydrate your skin even after a bath. Massage your hair with warm coconut oil to nourish and repair your hair. Coconut oil has nourishing and anti-aging properties.

Coconut Oil For Skin


Do you enjoy a hot cup of porridge every morning? Well, the good news is that oatmeal can also be used for skin care regime. It has anti-inflammatory properties which ensures its activity as a cleansing agent, exfoliant and moisturizer.

Oatmeal For Natural Beauty

Mix ground oatmeal, lime juice, egg white and gulab jal – Apply this mixture on your face and rinse it off after 20 minutes. This work well for normal as well as oily skin.


This wonder spice has many powerful properties including the ability to fight diseases like cancer. This spice is considered auspicious and used along with vermillion.

You can incorporate this spice in daily beauty regime this way: Mix turmeric in milk and use it as a face mask. It will help in getting rid of stubborn patches of skin pigmentation and blemishes.


Fenugreek or menthi seeds has anti-inflammatory properties! Make a pack using ground fenugreek leaves, milk and turmeric which helps repair blackhead affected areas

Best Natural Beauty Secrets


Flick a piece of this from your fruit salad – Dab it on the skin using a chunk of it or make a paste. It helps remove flaky dead skin  and protects the skin from damage with its papain enzyme.


Rice Flour

Age gracefully and be wrinkle free – Mix rice flour and natural milk to be applied on wrinkles. When the mixtures dries, wash it off with water.

Beauty Benefits of Sugar

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