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Top 10 Home Remedies for Night Sweats during Menopause

by Fashionlady
Home Remedies for Night Sweats during Menopause

Top 10 Home Remedies for Night Sweats during Menopause
Did you know according to The New York Times, approximately 70% of women experience night sweats during the transitional period of menopause? Since it is one of the most commonly seen problems, FashionLady brings to you top 10 home remedies for night sweats during menopause.

Read on to find out how the home remedies for night sweats listed in this post can help you a lot during your troubled times.

Hot flushes along-with excessive sweating are some of the common symptoms elderly women going through menopause experience during the day. And the problem doesn’t end here; it continues bothering you during your sleep as well with another stressful problem of night sweats.

Unlike day’s problems of excessive sweating and hot flushes, night sweats occur whilst women are asleep. This is the reason women during menopause are unable to take devious action even if they’re drenched in sweat. This is not only embarrassing but can also disturb others during their sleep.

The frequency differs from one person to another. While some women may experience severe night sweats, others experience less sweating during night.

Before going through the top 10 home remedies for night sweat during menopause, let’s understand the gynecologist problems first. Continue reading!

When can you expect night sweats?

Night sweats along-with hot flushes are highly unpredictable. While it can either be the single ailment being experienced or can be one of a host of other menopause symptoms. Besides, the frequency is also variable and can be accompanied by hot flushes.

What causes night sweats?

During menopause, the levels of oestrogen, also known as estrogen falls, thereby hampering the regular functioning of the body’s thermostat. This drop in oestrogen alters the hypothalamus or body’s thermostat, thereby leading to body’s overheating.

This condition further leads to redness of skin and over-activation of sweat glands.

How to cure night sweats during menopause?

How to cure night sweats during menopause

Source: spectrumhealthblogs.org

Here are the top 10 home remedies for night sweats during menopause –

1. Sage

Sage, a member of the mint family, has been used as a medicinal herb since time immemorial. While ancient Egyptians used it for fertility; Greeks used it to clean ulcers and stop bleeding from wounds. This versatile medicinal leaf, also known as Rishi Patta in Hindi, help elderly women cope with night sweats. Apart from preventing sweating, sage also helps in offering relaxation, relieving tension and providing estrogen.

You can either brew your cup of tea with sage leaves or take it in a gel cap. By consuming sage leaves in either form on daily basis, you can help balance your hormones. Sage reduces the secretion from sweat glands, while adding estrogen to the body. The loss of estrogen is one of the major reasons for sweating during night. This will ultimately relieve you from night time stress, as you can see a gradual decline in the frequency of night sweats and hot flashes.

2. Dong Quai

Dong Quai, commonly known as Chinese angelica, is a root plant that has been used in Asian countries like China for hundreds of years. This dried root plant is related to celery, parsley and also carrots. Dong Quai helps in balancing hormonal levels of progesterone and estrogen. Moreover, the Chinese angelica also regulates blood flow by stabilizing blood vessels.

3. Soy

Soy is another natural remedy to fight against night sweats during menopause. Rather than taking pills, it’s always better to consume organic foods which can fight naturally with menopause related problems.

Add more soy to your diet, which is enriched with fatty acids and its micro-nutrients help in balancing the hormones. We suggest you to take soy along-with tofu, salmon and edamame to make the process more effective.

4. Motherwort

Motherwort, a part of mint family, is another top 10 home remedies for night sweats during menopause. Its active ingredients help balance the hormonal system in the body. Apart from balancing hormones, it stabilizes circulatory system and blood vessels as well. The motherwort also helps elderly women get relieved from menopause anxiety and heart palpitations. Some women experience rapid heartbeat, which also gets calm down with motherwort.

Even motherwort also helps in fighting two other common ailments of menopause including dizziness and faintness. It also increases the menstrual bleeding as this medicinal herb relaxes uterine muscles.

While Vitamin B2 releases and activates of a variety of hormones, including estrogen, Vitamin B12 reduces depression, anxiety and helps decrease in mood swings and eliminates fatigue.

Vitamin E consists of small amounts of estrogen and helps in treating menopause ailments including night sweats and hot flashes. Vitamin E also helps in fighting vaginal dryness.

Add Vitamin E & B around 800 mg per day to your diet so as to help fight night sweats during menopause.

6. Exercise on a regular basis

As every woman experiences menopause differently, considering lifestyle changes can help cope with menopause ailments occurring in the body. A balanced fitness program such as mobility, flexibility, agility and strength training not only wards off postmenopausal health risks, but also helps fights with night sweats and hot flashes. Consider methods of stress relief such as meditation, yoga, and visualization.

7. Wear breathable, natural fibers

Since women experience severe night sweats, it’s ideal to sleep in removable layers of clothing to avoid being drenched from sweating while sleeping. And do not forget to avoid wear constrictive clothing, which can make you even more stressful.

8. Reduce consumption of warm beverages

Intake of warm beverages increases the risk of even more profuse night sweating. Therefore, women during menopause should avoid warm beverages like tea and coffee. Even they should reduce alcohol and caffeineintake.

9. Turn down the thermostat

As I have already suggested you to stay away from hot beverages, you should also turn down the thermostat so as not to augment the body temperature during menopause. It is also suggested to apply a cold wet compress to cool down.

10. Avoid chocolate, refined or spicy foods

Sugar and refined carbohydrates in the chocolate trigger night sweats and hot flashes. Also avoid refined or spicy foods.

So these are top 10 home remedies for night sweats during menopause! Hope this helps!!

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