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8 Reasons to Stay Away from Caffeine

by Fashionlady

stay away from Caffeine
There is some sort of craziness involved in drinking caffeine contained drinks. There is some kind of addiction to it. People cannot seem to refrain themselves from staying away from caffeine. There are several risk factors involved even after how much temporary pleasure it brings to the body. It brings about an abnormal sort of behavior gradually.

Initially it may seem harmless to have few sips here and there but you never know when you get yourself addicted to it. There are many reasons why you should stay away from caffeine. We will show you eight reasons why you should stay away from the same.

1. Hard to get rid of the addiction

Everybody loves having a hot cup of coffee be it in their leisure time or just when they are chilling out. Coffee is addictive and that’s when the trouble starts. People who love having coffee daily may need to deal with some addiction issues here. Once one starts drinking coffee, it becomes hard to kick off the habit of drinking coffee. Gradually one starts from having few sips to another and before they know it they have already gulped down several cups of coffee. If you think you are in the addiction zone, then try to reduce your coffee intake gradually. That way you will gradually be able to stop your coffee intake.

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2. Suffer from temporary depression

Now when you start reducing your intake of drinking caffeine you will notice that you will suffer from several bouts of depression. You will start feeling kind of hazy and out-of-place. That is because your body needs some time to restore back to its normal functioning. After your body slowly starts to adapt with the change, you will start to keep up with your normal pace. By two months you will be wholly recovered. To refrain yourself from all these, it is better you do not get addicted with caffeine from the first place.

3. It reduces the calcium in the bones

Women are more prone to problems like calcium deficiency. If you are addicted to drinking coffee then definitely you are not helping your body there. Research has indicated that caffeine reduces the calcium for your bones. Women are most likely to be effected if calcium is reduced. So it is better to stay away from getting too addicted to caffeine.

4. It increases anxiety

Drinking too much coffee also causes anxiety and more uneasiness. It causes panic attacks or brings in extreme nervousness. It affects your state of mind. You feel more restless and jumpy than usual in an abnormal sort of way. As too much anxiety is bad for one’s health, it can lead from one problem to the other. So come out clean and kick off your caffeine addiction.

5. Results in poor memory

Too much caffeine intake also does not help in improving or building your memory. You will feel lost and it completely puts you off zone. People have this misconception that drinking caffeine will energize them. But sadly getting addicted to it only reduces your memory.

6. Increases blood pressure

Do you realize that drinking coffee regularly also increases your blood pressure? Blood pressure is not a minor problem. It can really play with your health and you need not take any chances for it. When people are in stress they usually go ahead and have coffee. That is not right. Drinking coffee only increases your blood pressure and brings in more bodily complications.

7. Causes insomnia

Many people drink coffee to stay awake during late night hour of work or study. Doing things knowing just half the facts can lead to several complications for your body. Drinking too much of caffeine contained drink would make you less sleepy than usual and before you know it, you are suffering from a serious case of insomnia.

8. Lack of Energy

Most people drink energy drinks to stay refreshed. It is better to stay away from energy drinks that contain caffeine. If you think that it is the energy drink that is making you feel energized then you are wrong. It actually triggers your nervous system adrenaline and giving you a wrong perception that it is the work of the energy drink. It actually allows the body to function abnormally.

After all those video’s that have gone viral about aerated drinks and sodas that contain caffeine and loads of sugar, imagine how it could be reacting within your body. You might think that the coffee is giving you that energy and high to keep working and keep you energized, but the truth is that it’s actually messing with your body.

According to psychiatry, stomach is the seat of all emotions and if we are on a caffeine high, then we fail to understand and know how we and our body is actually feeling. Humans tend to put on weight on the stomach because of stress and emotions, and if we fail to understand this stress then we are surely in trouble.

Worship your body and respect it at all times. You may be enjoying the taste of certain foods, but that’s not it. Also consider how your body can react to it from inside. If you cannot cut off from these products immediately, that’s alright. Bring down the consumption gradually and live a healthy life.

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