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What Does Your Closet Say About You?

by Fashionlady
What Does Your Closet Say About You

What Does Your Closet Say About You
Your closet is like a personal treasure trove. Every girl has her life, her story, her personality stored in her closet. From those personal diaries, to clothes you have never worn and those you will never throw away because they hold some memories are all stacked here. It is truly our personal reflection of self. You may not realise it, but the things you keep in your closet and the way it is arranged could actually be saying a lot about your personality also.

So what does your closet say about you? Which of these are you?

1. Lots Of Clothes With The Tags Still On

If you have a horde of unworn clothes with their tags still on, it could reflect that you are shopping for emotional reasons rather than practical or need based ones. It could mean that shopping is your go-to therapeutic option when you are feeling a change in moods. It could also signify that these emotions are not allowing you to move ahead from your past, even though you are desperately trying to. You see how you want your life to be, and you are trying to attain it by shopping to feel better, but the thoughts are not letting you get over past situations leaving you stuck in the same place.

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This is also true and applicable for those who tend to keep older clothes, which no longer fit or are worn out and will never be worn again. It reflects an unwillingness to let go of the past.

Lots Of Clothes With The Tags Still On

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2. All Neutrals, No Colour

Are you too timid? Do you shy away from the spotlight? Hate being the centre of attention? Well then chances are your closet is hugely lacking colour as well. Too many clothes in neutral shades like blacks, whites, browns and nudes possibly indicate that you want to avoid being seen. Your quiet, timid nature keeps you away from being the centre of attraction and you want to ensure that your clothes do not cause all the eyes to spin to you either. You like to be left alone in your own comfort space and prefer not to be noticed too much. And the neutral shades just help you blend and steer clear of the limelight.

Neutrals Dresses

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3. Pants on Fire!

Do you mostly only wears pants, and keep away from dresses and skirts? Well that could mean you are trying to hide yourself in a protective shell. While others are comfortable in their body and with their sexuality, you maybe a little shy about exploring it openly. Always being covered up in pants may reflect that you are very conscious about how others will perceive you. Don’t be scared, embrace your beautiful self, love yourself and let the world see you for all you are worth.


Source: kevinandamanda.com

4. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Do you have lots of clothes, but many of the same type? Have many of the same shirts and sweaters just in different colours? Safe to say, you are afraid of change. You like to have your life planned and do not want to waste too much time on irrelevant decisions. It also shows that you do not want to steer off a path that you have planned for yourself. So you get anxious when it the time comes for a big change, particularly in your career or a relationship. Break away from the monotony and try to experiment a little more. You may just end up finding a whole different side of you.

Tshirt dresses

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5. Too Many Names

If your closet is full of only branded wear and too many designer labels, it only shows that you are hiding your true self beneath a veil. If you can’t put on your daily outfit without displaying many logos, you could have created an illusion of how you want others to perceive you rather than showing off who the real you in underneath. On some level, you are scared and worried of what people think and are afraid of revealing your true nature. The brands and names work as a shield or an outer coating behind which you hide yourself.

brand new zara round neck dress

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So, which of these is your closet personality?

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