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Are Bodyweight Workouts Beneficial For You? Let’s Find Out!

by Fashionlady
Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight Workouts for woman

2017 – we aim to be better health wise than the year gone by. Our motto is to be fit and in the prime of health, which is why, we need to eat right and exercise at least half an hour daily. One trending workout these days much spoke about is the body weight workout. Let’s learn if body weight workout is indeed good for us or is it another fad doing the rounds. Grab a cup of your green tea and sit by the laptop; we are here to talk about why you should get moving with the best bodyweight workout. Read on!

What Is Body Weight Workout?

When we talk about body weight workout, we are talking about strength training exercises and regimes which are sans the use of free weights, machines and any other gym equipments as such, since the weight of the body is used to provide resistance against gravity. With body weight exercises, there is a lot emphasis given on biomotor abilities – power and strength, speed and endurance, balance and coordination and flexibility too. The concept of body weight exercises has risen in popularity, not just for pro athletes but for recreational laymen and women too. The fitness programs with body weight exercises are all about pulling, pushing, bending, squatting, balancing and twisting.

body weight workout

Get To Know The Benefits Of Body Weight Exercises

Whether it is bodyweight exercises for back, body weight arm exercises, beginner bodyweight workout, body weight exercises for women and more; body weight exercises are for everyone who wants to work out and stay fit. So here are a couple of reasons why body weight exercises are going to be best for you! Take a look.

Body weight exercises

1. Super-Efficient

If you have been looking around or speaking to your trainer at the gym for an efficient plan to lose weight and stay fit, the bodyweight routine is what he/she would suggest. Bodyweight routines such as plyometrics are for short durations and provide astounding results sans the use of equipment. The transit from one move to the next without any rest in between is done easily.


Bodyweight exercises for back

2. Strength And Cardio Packed In One

With a full body bodyweight workout plan, you can include burpees and high-knees, cardio and strength movements, push ups and lunges for sixty seconds or more. These help pump the heart and encourage strength and muscle development too.

Body weight arm exercises

3. Faster Fat Burning

This is true with the bodyweight workout plan and most swear by the same; a few minutes per day with the right workout plan such as circuit training helps shed fat faster than you can think, since the metabolism of the body is impacted majorly.

Beginner bodyweight workout

4. You Can Modify For A Challenge

The best thing about any of the best bodyweight workouts you see is that they can be customised and modified as per your needs. You can go super slow with them or super-fast, take short breaks or go ballistic with the regime; it works wonders for all.

Body weight exercises for women

5. Helps Improve Flexibility

We all need a little more than the usual flexibility in life, which is why some of the best bodyweight workouts would help with strength building and flexibility. Your joints are assured of free moves, your posture is improved upon, and exercise related injuries are brought down to nil as well.

Bodyweight routine, full body bodyweight workout

Believe us when we say that when you enrol in best bodyweight work out there wouldn’t be a day when you would be bored. There is no reason to be stuck in the rut, as you would while doing the treadmill or the bicep curl, bench press or the lat pull downs because bodyweight workouts are refreshing each day. The variations are a large lot to choose from, and hence boredom doesn’t enter the regime.

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