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8 Types Of Physical Exercise: It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

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Types Of Physical Exercise

We all know how much exercising is essential for maintaining a healthy body. It builds muscle strength, improve heart health, strengthen bones and shed off extra kilos. To prep you, here are several forms of physical exercises that fulfill all of these purposes. They benefit our body in different ways through the various types of activities they serve us with.

Types Of Physical Exercise

But before that, you may want to learn how to measure physical intensity exercise and how to select the best one suitable.

Difference between Vigorous and Moderate Intensity Exercise:

While doing physical exercises, it is important to keep a check on the intensity of the work your body is putting in. For this reason, you must know see the difference between vigorous-intensity activities and moderate-intensity exercise.

Moderate Intensity Aerobic Activity:

Moderate intensity aerobic activity can lead to slight breathing and heart problems. But you will be able to talk and sing normally whilst performing this activity. It will also lead to perspiration. The examples of moderate intensity aerobic activity are as follows:

  • Leisure cycling
  • Brisk walking
  • Swimming
  • Playing double tennis
  • Line-dancing

Vigorous Intensity Aerobic Activity:

This type of activity leads to rapid heartbeat. The examples of vigorous intensity physical activities are:

  • Playing single tennis
  • Swimming
  • Jogging
  • Swimming continuously
  • Rollerblading at speed
  • Playing basketball or football
  • Skipping

How to Measure the Accuracy:

To measure the accuracy of exercising, you may use the Intensity guidelines given below:

Step 1- Measure your heart rate after the end of every physical activity. You can check pulse rate on neck and wrist. Count the beat number for 10-15 seconds.

Step 2- You can get obtain results by multiplying the count of beats by 4.

Types of Physical Exercises:

We have discussed about different types of physical exercises below. Take a look:

1. Endurance Exercise:

Endurance exercises are beneficial for increasing heart rate and breathing rate. They are also beneficial for improving blood circulation, preventing diabetes and heart disease, maintaining healthy lungs, and building up endurance. Some of the common endurance exercises are brisk walking, climbing the stairs, jogging, tennis, swimming, dancing, biking, gardening, etc.


2. Strength Training:

Strength training exercises are essential for maintaining healthy bones and muscles. They are also beneficial for preventing falls and allowing you to do daily activities that entail lifting. Few examples of strength based training are lifting free weight, using resistance machines at gym, using resistance bands to pull your body weight for building strength.

Weight Lifting Exercise

3. Balance Exercises:

Maintaining a correct posture is important for all as it strengthens the core and prevents accidents like slips or falls. You can maintain a good balance by practicing heel-to-toe walking, tai-chi, and standing on one foot.

4. Flexibility:

Flexible exercise can allow you maintaining a fit body and improve range of motion. This is essential as the range of motion is restricted by body issues like arthritis and rheumatism. There are other methods of improving your flexibility like stretching and yoga.

Flexible Exercise

5. Interval Training (HIIT):

Interval training (HIIT) is a sequence of short, high-intensity exercise followed with rest periods. The high and low intensity exercises are done few times to complete the workout. For instance, if you walk for 10 minutes at 5 km/hr, then you followed it by 1 minute at 6.8 km/hr. This sequence should be done several times.

Second day- Lifting weights or cross-fit

Third day- Rollerblading

Fourth day- Swimming

Fifth day- Yoga

7. Circuit Training:

Circuit training involves strength training routines which are performed in a series of sequences, completing one set after the other with little rest. This type of training may differ but most times, circuit training workout involves doing three to eight exercises without a pause. The common activities are squats, sit-ups, shuttle runs, skipping, bench dips, jogging, and skipping. Circuit training may be a perfect choice as it great for managing injuries and preventing new ones. However, people with high blood pressure or heart problems should avoid doing circuit training.

Bench Dips Exercise

8. Stretching:

Stretching is another way to improve flexibility. In our youth, we often lead a sedentary lifestyle. As we age, our body loses flexibility and muscles start deteriorating. This can further lead to knee or joint pain and muscle strain. Therefore, we should make a habit of stretching whenever possible. This form of physical exercise is also the simplest for students to follow. Stretching helps in lowering cholesterol levels, improve flexibility, and posture.


Q1. What are the 10 best exercises?

A. The 10 best exercises are endurance training, cross training, circuit training, stretching, swimming, walking, balance exercises, stretching, and strength training.

Q2. What exercise burns the most belly fat?

A. Strength or weight training burns more calories and reduces belly fat by increasing the muscle mass. This is one of the best forms of exercise to prevent belly fat.

Q3. What is the best exercise of all time?

A. All forms of physical exercises benefit our body in different ways. However, due to a demanding lifestyle not everyone can afford to opt for high-intensity workouts. Because of this reason, walking is a popular choice for most people as it simple to execute and burn calories.

Q4. What is the best full body workout?

A. Strength training is one of the best routines for full body workout. The primary focus of this exercise is to focus on strength.

Q5. Which exercise works the most muscles?

A. The kettle bell exercise is one of the most popular exercises for working the most muscles. It is a great method for building up strength and improving flexibility.

Tips for Selecting Different Types of Physical Activities:

There are several tips for choosing different types of physical activity such as:

  • Selecting physical exercises that are fun to do daily.
  • Prevent any forms of exercises that involve pain.
  • Opt for exercise classes like T’ai Chi, hiking, aerobics, and dancing.

Different Types Of Physical Exercises


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These are the different forms of physical exercise. We hope you learnt which form of activity will suit your body and lifestyle the best. Leave us your feedback in the comment section below.

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