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Facts And Tips On Yoga For Diabetes As Advised By Experts

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Diabetes and Yoga Benefits

Yoga for Diabetes

While studying more about yoga for diabetes, the one question that pops into the mind is “is diabetes curable by yoga”? Today, we shall check on that and discuss more on what yoga for diabetes is all about, and learn if it can really help us or not. Experts and medical research shows that there are immense benefits with yoga for diabetes. Take a look and get enlightened too.

Before we learn more about yoga asanas for diabetes, understand this!

  • With the help of practicing yoga on a daily basis, the levels of sugar in the blood stream are reduced to a minimum. Blood pressure levels too are brought down and your weight is kept in good stead as well. All of this together can help reduce symptoms of diabetes.
  • Stress can cause diabetes too, because it provokes glucagon hormones in the body to be released, which increases blood glucose levels. With the right yoga asanas consistently practiced, stress can be brought down to a very large extent.
Yoga Asanas for Diabetes

Source: yogauonline.com

  • Weight needs to be managed, especially if you have diabetes. Surya namaskar or Kapal bharti poses are best to use to bring down the weight in the body.
  • With high blood pressure, chances are that the diabetes situation can worsen. There are asanas in yoga, such as the child pose, the bridge pose and even the corpse pose that can help bring down high blood pressure levels in the body.
Surya Namaskar

Source: yogauonline.com

  • The kneeling pose too can help in reducing diabetes, so would the plow pose, the shoulder stand, the lying down body twist and the sitting half spinal twist pose.
  • One of the best pranayamas for the body that suffers from diabetes would be the nadi shodhan pranayama which helps flush out toxins and releases stress from the human body.
  • Sudarshan kriya is a breathing technique, courtesy Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It helps reduce blood glucose levels in the body and nips the issue in the bud.

You should also allocate a little time over this weekend and check out the yoga for diabetes by Ramdev baba. He has included meditation practices too which are excellent in bringing down the levels of blood sugar and to combat diabetes too. When the mind and the body are free from stress; emotional eating wouldn’t happen. If stress persists to stay, it would aggravate the diabetes symptoms and that could be a problem to deal with. Don’t lose your self-confidence because you have diabetes; simple lifestyle changes and yoga for diabetes by Ramdev baba can help to a great extent.

10 yoga poses for defeating diabetes

We would ask you to get enrolled under an expert yogic instructor if this is your first time in knowing the 10 yoga poses for defeating diabetes. Here are the 10 yoga poses for defeating diabetes that you can do at home; with or without guidance and supervision!

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1. Ardha Matsyendrasana

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Source: sarvyoga.com

2. Pranayam


Source: thevibrantwriter.com

3. Balasana


Source: webfeed360.com

4. Vajrasana


Source: ndtv.com

5. Setubandhasana


7. Dhanurasana


Source: stylesamba.com

8. Chakrasana


Source: w3doctor.com

9. Halasana



10. Paschimotasana


Source: eyogaguru.com

So these are the ten important yoga poses for diabetes, and there are many reviews available which talk very high and positively about the same. But let’s take a look at what research has to say about yoga poses for diabetes – from the world of medical science.

From TODAYSDIETITIAN.COM, the experts mention high regards with yoga poses for diabetes and to quote them, “In the last few years, new clinical studies and reviews have been published on yoga and diabetes, providing more evidence of its benefits. The most recent study found that three months of yoga along with standard care significantly reduced BMI and improved glycemic control compared with standard care alone.2 Another study reported that, after 40 days of yoga, adults with type 2 diabetes experienced significant reductions in BMI and anxiety as well as improved general well-being.3 Adults at high risk for type 2 diabetes experienced improvements in weight, blood pressure, insulin control, and triglycerides following three months of yoga compared with a group of patients receiving only diabetes education materials.

Best Yoga for Diabetes

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To reap more benefits using the best yoga for diabetes, you should have an expert for supervision around for the first few days. We hope this information on diabetes and yoga benefits makes sense! Stay healthy and happy!

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