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The Best Postures Of Yoga For Diabetes – This Is How You Do It

by Fashionlady
Yoga for Diabetes

Best Postures Of Yoga For Diabetes

Gone are the days when Diabetes was a lifestyle disease of the rich. It is swiftly growing into a world epidemic. People are visiting doctors every day for prescriptions, but even the doctors recommend yoga for diabetes patient as it has an upper hand over the disease, when performed with the correct postures, over a duration; the twisting and stretching can prevent and cure the disease, as the movement massages the pancreas resulting in the production of insulin. Let me take you through some yoga postures that will help you fight diabetes and obesity.

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Utthita Parsvakonasana

The best posture of yoga for diabetes is to stand with both feet together. Move your right foot three feet down your yoga mat. Now rotate the left foot a little in. Inhale while lifting your arms horizontally till they are parallel to the ground. Now exhale while placing the right hand on your right foot. Keep your left arm straight in line with your body and turn towards the thumb. Stay in this position and breathe 5 times. Repeat this routine on the other side.

Yoga Poses for Diabetes

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Parivrtta Parsvakonasana

Stand with your feet about 3 to 4 feet apart, rotate your right foot at a ninety degree angle, now rotate your left foot at a degree of 45. Twist your body and bring your left elbow on the top of the right knee, join both hands in a Namaste and press your right elbow on the top of the right knee. Now try to twist some more bringing the Namaste toward the center of your heart.

Yoga Exercises for Diabetes

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Sit in the position of Dandasana. Hold your big toes while keeping the back straight. Try bending forward with your chest out. Push your hips and not your lower back. You may also try and hold the shin bone or bend the knee. It’s all okay as long as you bend from your hips.


Yoga Postures for Diabetes

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Janu sirshasana

Sit in dandasana position. Bend your right knee as much as you can to get the heel closer to the perineum. Holding your left foot try bending forward from the hips while balancing your head on the knee. Just like in Paschimottanasana, you may try and hold the shin bone or bend the knee as long as you bend from your hips.

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Yoga Asanas for Diabetes

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For this super easy posture of yoga for diabetes cure you need to lie down flat on your stomach. Then lift your shoulders and place the elbows under the respective shoulders. Put both hands on your cheeks. And we are done hold the posture for a moment and let go.

Easy Yoga Techniques For Diabetics

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To perform the next yoga exercise for diabetes, you would have to lie down flat on your stomach again. While bending the knees reach for your ankles. Lift up your knees and chest and try to again balance your body on your stomach. You can do this by pulling your upper body upwards.

Asanas for Diabetes

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Among the various yoga poses for diabetes, Halasana is the easiest. Lying down on your back you’d have to lift both your feet up to a ninety degrees angle. Press your hands against the ground and lift your hips up. Now try and stretch till your feet reaches the back of your head.

Best Yoga Poses

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Sit in the position of Vajrasana. You can do this by sitting in a position with bending both knees bend and having your buttock touch the heels. Bend your body forward by placing both the hands on the ground along with the head.

Yoga for Diabetes Rescue

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The ones listed above are the best yoga for diabetes, Though yoga asanas for diabetes cure has been recommended in ancient manuscripts of our culture, when we look at yoga for diabetes, Ramdev Baba is the one who needs to be thanked foremost. He has reintroduced yoga for sugar and paved the way for a natural remedy and aligned yoga benefits and diabetes.

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