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Yoga For Leg Pain: Strengthen Your Legs With These Asanas

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Yoga For Legs Pain

Yoga For Leg Pain

The ancient art form of yoga has a huge fan following all over the world. We are not surprised since yoga is an immensely advantageous form of exercise which cures almost any kind of ailment if done in the right way. Most people use yoga as a way to increase their strength and flexibility. But for those of you who aren’t aware, yoga can also be an ultimate healer for pains! Yoga is no extensively used to strengthen certain parts of the body and even get rid of pains. In this article we will discuss yoga for leg pain. You can read in depth about the different kinds of pains which can be cured with yoga. Yoga will also help strengthen the various muscles in your body and with regular practice; you will be able to get rid of the pains in your leg or any other body part very effectively.

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Yoga Poses For Leg Pain

Yoga For Leg Pain

When leg pains become a part of your life, you have a lot of problems. Decreased levels of energy, less flexibility and nagging pains trouble you all the time. This is why strengthening your muscles using yoga for muscles are essential. There are different forms of yoga for leg pains and each mudra or asana will focus on different reasons why these pains might be cause and then address the problem right away. In this article too, we will talk about yoga for different parts of the leg.


Yoga For Muscle Pain

Muscle pains in the leg are very common, especially when there is some stress in your muscles or you injured them. One common exercise to relive your muscles form this pain is practicing this asana:

Uttanasana: This pose is also known as the standing forward bending pose and helps to stretch the back of your legs and your hamstring in a slow and controlled manner. This also lengthens your spine and stretches it. This pose can also be practiced any time during the night and day. To do it, bend forward slowly till your knee and head are almost touching. Hold this stretch for up to 5-10 of your breaths and slowly come up to the starting position. For people who have blood pressure, it is advisable to check with your doctor before you begin practicing this.

Yoga For Leg Joint Pain

Yoga For Calf Muscles:

Vajrasana (In a modified form): Vajrasana is a great way to give some strength to your calves which are some of the most underrated muscles of all times. Also known as calf-mashing, this particular asana will strengthen your calves and also increase the strength of the muscles. Practice this asana slowly every day and get a feel of it. Inserting a blanket under your calves will act as an amazing way to give your tissues a deep massage.

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Yoga For Muscle Pain

Yoga For Leg Joint Pain

Leg joint pains are a little harder to get rid of and you will need to practice yoga for a really long time to actually get rid of these pains. For specific yogasanas for leg pains, here is one yogasana that can really help.

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Paschimottosana: Also known as the seated forward fold, this pose is great to stretch the leg joints and with proper practice you can gain strength too. Grasp your feet with your hands and hold. It is important that you bend and support knees with blankets so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. The aim is to allow the spine to be lengthened to as far as you are comfortable. Try and hold the pose for at least 10 breaths.

Yoga For Leg Joint Pain

Yogasanas are an amazing way to strengthen different your leg muscles and at the same time increase your flexibility. Always practice slow and feel the stretch for best results.

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