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The New Innovative Yoga Trends 2017 You Got To Try

by Fashionlady
New Trends In Yoga

Yoga Trends

If you thought die-hard Yogis were contented with the Yogas that have been around for years, you are sadly mistaken. Yoga lovers are on the go putting a new spin on the prevailing yoga exercises. It means the ancient yoga practice is getting a new life with the upcoming yoga trends.

Now all you need to do is give the new trends in yoga a try in place of the yoga regimen you follow.

1. This winter give “Snowga” a try. All you need to do is bundle up in your coat and try your yoga in the snow. It is performed in freezing temperatures, hence the name “Snowga” for this yoga trends. Since yoga is about nature, “Snowga” is a good way to do yoga in the lap of nature.

A rage in America and Canada, “Snowga” was developed by ski instructor and yoga teacher Anne Anderson in order to help skiiers master their skills and confidence in the snow.

Top Yoga Trends 2016

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2. Taking yoga class in a brewery? Sounds shocking, is it? Well for all beer lovers this is the new way to go about doing yoga 2017. Just combine yoga with a happy hour at the breweries and you can see how chilled out your yoga poses go.

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New Trends In Yoga For Wellness

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3. What’s “Doga”? It is the latest yoga when you pair your yoga session with a dog. This holds good when you have a furry dog. Under this Yoga Trends practicing yoga with a dog is helluva healing experience. Dogs are used as a prop or even a weight in this new yoga poses. Looks a case of pet peeves!

Trends In Yoga

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4. Yet another yoga trends is “Salty Yoga” and is helpful for those people who have breathing problems. In Europe and Middle East, salt has been used for therapy. The latest country to join in doing Salty Yoga is United States.


2016 Yoga Trends

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5. Anti-gravity Yoga is now a new thing in yoga trends. Despite this, it is gaining popularity. This happens when a hammock for yoga moves in mid air. This new yoga poses was invented by former gymnast, Christopher Harrison. A couple of moves in this new trending yoga include ‘the chandelier’ and ‘the awesome possum’.

Recent Trends In Yoga

Source: antigravityyoga.co.uk

6. Looking vogue is hot. The same principal applies to new yoga poses. When you combine your love for yoga and your urge to go vogue it is ‘Voga’. In fact, this new trends in yoga is a blend of yoga with dance moves of Madonna.

Latest Yoga News

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Yoga Trend

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9. Catch them young. I am indicating “Yoga for Kids”. Done in huge groups, it is a major activity that will get them on the health track from a tender age.

Yoga Trends For 2016

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10. Laughter Yoga

What’s not to love in voluntary laughter or laughter yoga? With eye contact and playfulness between participants, it is a natural yoga technique that eases out tension and stress.

Women Yoga

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11. Yoga + Dance

Indian dancer and yoga teacher Revital Carroll is the brains behind new yoga poses “Temple Goddess Workout”. It is a well-conceived fusion of yoga and Indian dance aimed to slim down the waist, tone the abs, bottom, and thighs, and rekindle your goddess glow!

Yoga Poses

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So which of the new trends in yoga fascinated you the most? Promise you are going to post your comments and replies on yoga 2017.

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