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Water Yoga: The New Age Meditation In Water

by Fashionlady
Aqua Yoga

Yoga Under Water

Yoga on dry land is extremely relaxing to the mind, body and soul. But water yoga is the new exciting way to do meditation and body fitness.

Also known as aqua yoga or pool yoga, water yoga is gentle on the muscles and joints. This makes it perfect for the pregnant and elderly women, and ladies suffering from injuries or chronic conditions. Plus water yoga poses don’t need you to hold your body weight up while performing certain poses. This means water yoga exercises, and water yoga benefits
can be a huge relief for those of you who are suffering from aches and pains with growing age.

While we are talking about yoga in water there is also yoga under water. The underwater yoga wraps you in clear blue beautiful water of the ocean (I mean the local swimming pool). Although doing yoga under water might not seem the easy to do, embracing the underwater gives a sense of unknown joy to the yogis who don’t want to miss out diving into practicing yoga.

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Water Yoga Exercises

Before we read about the underwater yoga in details, let us first know more about aqua yoga.

Benefits Of Aqua Yoga

Well most of you might ask how different traditional yoga is from aqua yoga. The principles are the same, the only variance lies in the water element which brings a set of advantages.

Since it is performed in warm water, it causes lesser strain and gets your body to be more flexible. Plus it makes you feel lighter as if you have lost some unwanted pounds.


1. North Star Pose

Start the water yoga routine in North Star Pose by inhaling. Now stand with your feet apart which should be greater than your hip width. Follow it up by bringing your hands together over your head in prayer form.

Water Yoga

2. Warrior II Pose

The next water yoga poses is Warrior II Pose which needs you to exhale first before landing in the pose. In this water yoga exercise, you need to bend into your right leg and stretch your arms wide open, and connect to the earth by firmly grounding your feet.

Water Yoga Poses

3. Flowing Warrior Pose

See to it that your lower body is planted well while your upper half, inclusive of your arms, are flowing like seaweed. This water yoga exercises will make you feel the water nature of your spine.

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Water Yoga Exercises

4. Sugarcane Pose

In this water yoga poses first breathe deeply and put your weight into your front foot. Let your back leg float in the water in a Half Moon Pose. Now take your lifted foot into your hand and see the connection between the moon and water flowing through your spine.

Yoga In Water

6. Say Namaste

The last part of water yoga poses is about paying gratitude to water.

Yoga Under Water

How To Do Underwater Yoga

Here are a couple of interesting ways to do yoga under water.

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1. Bend Or Somersault But In Water

Water Meditation

2. For Once, Water That Supports

Meditation In Water

3. Go Deep Into The Sea

Aqua Yoga

4. See Nature Deep Down The Sea

Water Yoga Poses

5. Water That’s Happily Comforting

Water Yoga Routine

6. The New Way To Protect Your Joints

Water Yoga Benefits

7. Relax Your Aching Body and Nerves

Water Yoga Benefits

So how did you find this adventurous and out-of-the–box method of doing yoga in water yoga poses? Not post but pour in your replies, likes and comments.

Images Source: yogajournal.com, popsugar.com

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