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Yoga For Hair Growth: These Asana Tips Will Astonish You

by Fashionlady
Yoga For Hair Loss

Yoga For Hair Growth

The ancient wisdom of our forefathers are one of the most coveted in the world today. One such practice which has garnered followers all over the world, along with some amazing results is practicing yoga. Yoga is such a versatile tool and has such benefits that people from all over the world vigorously try and learn this ancient art. All of us are aware of the benefits of yoga for our body. Not only do we get fit and flexible, the advantages that yoga provides promote a healthy body and mind too.

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But did you know that yoga for hair growth is also a thing? Yoga asanas and poses actually work to promote your hair growth and at times yoga for hair loss is also very relevant. If your hair grows painfully slowly, or you have severe hair loss, some yoga poses for hair growth will restore your hair’s former glory.

Hair Problem Solution Yoga

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In this article we will talk all about yoga for hair growth, yoga for hair regrowth and also yoga for countering hair loss. However, our advice is to consult a doctor first before you begin any of these asanas or mudras. Some of them require you to hold certain poses for a longer duration of time and if you are not fit enough, either the yoga for long hair won’t work or you might end up hurting yourself.

Now that we have the conditions clear, let us start with some poses of yoga for hair growth:

Starting With The Simplest: Vajrasana

Yoga Mudra For Hair Growth

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Vajrasana is one asana which can actually be done by anybody. The simple yoga pose increases the blood circulation in the scalp and hence helps your hair follicles to grow. This yogasana is also very good for those of you who may be suffering from gas and it aids in weight loss as well.

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How to do it: Kneel on the floor with the heels together. Relax your shoulders and arms and place them on your knee with the palms on your thighs. Now sit in this position for a minimum of a minute and breathe deeply. Try and hold the pose for as long as possible. Slowly get out of the mudra and stretch your legs. This is the first of the yoga exercise for hair growth.

Ramdev Baba’s Famous: Balayam Yoga For Hair Loss

Best Yoga For Hair

source: epainassist.com

Another of the simple yogasanas, this one was made popular by popular yogi Ramdev Baba who claimed that practicing this would increase the flow of blood in the scalp and hence prevent hair loss.

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How to do it: The pose requires your to curl your fingers inwards and rub your nails together. The nails should touch the corresponding nails of the other hand. Thumbnails are excluded from this pose. Do this for at least 5 minutes daily to see a noticeable difference.


Uttanasana: Yoga Mudra For Hair Growth

Yoga Exercise For Hair Growth

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Uttanasana is also known as the standing forward bending pose and this asana helps to increase the blood circulation in the scalp which in turn helps the hair follicles to increase the growth of hair. It is also a de-stressing asana and can relieve you from anxiety and depression.

Yoga is actually an amazing exercise for various bodily ailments and regular practice will promote all round growth and good health. But before you start any practice, our strong advice would again be to reach out to your doctor.

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