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Best 12 Herbal Hair Color Brands

by Fashionlady
Best Herbal Hair Color Brands

Every girl dreams of her perfect hair color to try and look the best she could. However, choosing from a sea of hair brands available in the market that don’t damage your hair while giving you the desired result is a tricky task to uncover. Hence, here we are presenting you with the best herbal hair color brands in India you can definitely rely on. So dig in to find out.

List of Top 12 Herbal Hair Color Brands In India

Here’s our category of the top herbal hair color brands which are available at drugstores and online:

1. Indus Valley Organically Natural Hair Color

Indus Valley Organically Natural Hair Color

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The natural hair color from Indus Valley comes in a number of shades. Made up of eight natural herbs, this hair formula greatly repairs dull tresses while deeply hydrating them. It also has a PHAB-free technology that provides deep nourishment, prevents hair fall, contains zero chemicals, and softens hair. The end result is a richer hue compared to other herbal options on the market. The hair color also promises to last up to eight weeks making you look like you prepped up at the salon.

2. Naturtint Permanent HairColor

Naturtint Permanent HairColor

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Naturtint is a 100% plant-based hair color formula that naturally dyes your hair. Each ingredient is picked based on its beneficial properties to the hair and scalp. Enriched with Soya, Coconut, Corn, and wheat extracts, it adds shine and liveliness to your hair. Moreover, this hair color smoothly blends your greys after every application to give your hair a vibrant color.

3. KAMA Ayurveda Organic Hair Color Kit

KAMA Ayurveda Organic Hair Color Kit

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The organic hair color kit from KAMA Ayurveda ticks all the right boxes. We love the product as the color suits both cooler and warmer tones. It is a super-rich hair treatment leaving hair with a natural, deep pigment while strengthening. This kit also features an organic henna powder and organic indigo powder. So there’s something for all.

4. Biotique Bio Henna Fresh Powder Hair Color

Biotique Bio Henna Fresh Powder Hair Color

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The hair color from Biotique is created using fresh ground powder and mango kernel which are both nourishing for hair. To apply, mix the hair color with water to form a smooth paste. Apply onto clean hair to get natural sheen and color. This organic hair colorant can greatly improve hair texture, add-on color, condition hair, and is 100% pure. We suggested this hair color as it is simple to use and leaves behind a semi-permanent shade to cover grays.

  1. Vegetal Bio Color: Vegetal India is a renowned brand that uses techniques and approaches based on Ayurveda. Moreover, this product from vegetal bio color is PPD and ammonia free. Furthermore, it offers great 100% great coverage, prevents hair fall, dandruff, and maintains natural luster of hair.

5. Iba Haircolor

Iba Haircolor

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Iba Haircolor is a brand that presents you with a range of Vegan hair colors accompanied by the benefits of pure henna. Constituted from Soy Protein and Henna leaves, this hair color will color your hair naturally without damaging your hair structure. Being Halal certified and free of Sulphate, Paraben, and Ammonia, this hair color is absolutely safe for frequent use. Unlike other chemical hair dyes, it does not cause hairfall and gives you long-lasting shiny hair color.

7. Herbatint Permanent HairColor

Herbatint Permanent HairColor

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Herbatinit hair color is a brand that uses natural extracts to color your hair naturally. The brand has formulated a unique formula to dye your hair without compromising your hair quality. Thus, resulting in subtle natural color that not only looks great but feels great as well. Herbatint uses herb extracts like rosemary, cinchona, and walnut to gently deposit color to give you nourished and natural hair, covering all your grey parts.

8. Sadhev Ayurvedic Hair Color

Sadhev Ayurvedic Hair Color

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Sadhev Natural hair color is 100% vegan, plant-based hair color, free from petrochemicals, parabens, and other synthetic substances. It offers great coverage of grey and white hair with the help of natural coloring agents like henna and indigo, handpicked and sourced from their own organic farms. Moreover, it is extremely easy to apply, prevents frizzy hair, promotes hair growth, and works as a natural hair conditioner.

9. Naturigin Organic Beauty Permanent Hair color

Naturigin Organic Beauty Permanent Hair color

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Naturigin is a distinctive combination of 12 natural oils that protects and adds shine to the hair during the coloring process. It gives instant rich and shiny hair color with 100% grey coverage just after 30 minutes of its application. Moreover, it is free from SLS, Paraben, Ammonia, and other artificial chemicals. Additionally, it is one of the most gentle hair colors you’ll ever come across.

10. Shahnaz Hussain Colorveda Natural Hair Color

Shahnaz Hussain Colorveda Natural Hair Color

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The Shahnaz Hussain hair colorant formula is a great choice as they are friendly to Mother Nature. They come in sustainable packs and use 95% of natural ingredients like indigo, henna, amla, catechu, shikakai, Brahmi, and bhringaraj which deeply replenish hair. The natural hair color also conceals grey hair, conditions hair, boosts hair growth, and adds natural shine. This means you can switch up your hair color without worrying about damage whatsoever.

11. Khadi Natural Hair Color

Khadi Natural Hair Color

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We love this range from Khadi Natural. This is especially great for anyone who is trying out an at-home dye option for the first time. The hair color comes in a wide range of hair colors which restores while deeply nourishing hair. Enriched with natural herbs, the hair color treats dull, damaged tresses. The zero use of chemicals ensures your hair is treated naturally without damage. Plus, you don’t need to stress about using a developer alongside.

12. Radico Organic Soft black Hair Color

Radico Organic Soft black Hair Color

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Radico specializes in offering natural and organic hair colors and is one of the reliable brands. This product from Radico is chemical free and is made of natural herbs only. Basically , it is a perfect blend of rare herbs merged together to form an organic and effective hair color that covers grey hair efficiently. Moreover, it nourishes the hair,prevents it from over drying and leaves a lustrous, thick, healthy hair.

Coloring your hair naturally has become easy with the above-mentioned brands. There are harmless natural hair color dyes and henna powders that color your hair without damaging the quality of your hair. So, if you are thinking of hair dying, go ahead, and give yourself a new look you always wanted to have.


Which is the safest hair color brand?
Kama Ayurvedic, Khadi Natural, Indus-Valley, Iba, Biotique and above brands are the safest hair color brands.

Which hair color is chemical-free?
Kama Ayurvedic, Khadi Natural, Indus-Valley, Iba, Biotique, etc are some chemical-free hair colors.

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