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Fisherman Bag Trend 2018 – Nothing Fishy About It!

by Fashionlady
Fisherman Bag

Fashion trends come and go. And we watch all the trends curiously and with excitement. In the hope that one day, we will try the newfound trend and inspire others to follow suit. One such latest thing that is breaking the internet is the fisherman bag trend 2018.

Fisherman Bags Trend

Source: cosmopolitan.co.za

Worry not, am not telling you to go fishing. Fashion is about novelty. That is precisely what the fisherman bag is all about – a bit of adventure, and loads of fun.

Fisherman bags trend 2018

Source: popsugar.com

What Is A Fisherman Bag?

Our catch for the day, the fisherman bag has a fisherman-net-like pattern to give you as close a feel of this fashion accessory (it has to otherwise the entire purpose gets defeated). The quirky design can make any outfit look cool and casual – that’s the beauty of it. As long as you have a whimsical dress, which combines Victorian charm with the modern world panache, you will continue to rock!

Coming back to the fisherman bag – it can hold a lot, but considering the holes in it, you have to be sure your wallet is not visible or peeping out lest it attracts undue attention. Add it to your bag collection and get prepared to be tagged as a ‘style inspo’ – which is absolutely fine.

History Of Fisherman Bags:

Any clue how fisherman bags evolved? The filet is a featherweight tote to carry anything and everything.

You will be glad to know that fashion houses the world over have changed the mundane netting material of fisherman bag into stylish carry-alls when it comes to loading your essentials.

What makes fisherman bags stylish? The comfort factor to sling over-the-shoulder, even when it is filled to the brim.

Style Tips:

How to style a fisherman bag?

Hmm….good question.

Style it with a swimsuit and a pair of sandals. When it comes to complimenting a fisherman bag – add a pair of sunnies, sunscreen, and fresh fruits to your bag and you won’t need to go fishing for compliments anymore.

Fisherman bag trends

Source: cosmopolitan.co.za

Luxe Fashion:

Check out the fisherman bag creations from the desk of some of the famous international designers.

The Louis Vuitton fisherman bag is super stylish and uber cool!

Louis Vuitton fisherman bag

Source: sg.carousell.com

This Tory Burch fisherman bag – complete with floral embroidery, leather-covered chain link shoulder strap, and suede-covered chain tassels is everything a fashionista could ask for!

Tory Burch Fisherman Bag

Source: modaoperandi.com

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