54 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Gray Hair (Oils, Ayurveda And Homeopathy)


Ways To Get Rid of Gray Hair

Gray hair is one of the first things you will notice when you start aging. While most lucky people start getting gray hair due to growing age, there are a few of us who turn gray due to a number of other reasons different from aging.

Do you feel uncomfortable not having black hair? May be it is time to understand why your hair is graying. Listed are some reasons why you may start developing white hair.

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What Causes Gray Hair?

While the most natural and common cause of gray hair is age, (when the hair follicles stop producing the black hair pigment) some people might also get white hair due to the following reasons:

  1. Blame your ethnicity: Scientists haven’t been able to figure it out yet, but people also get gray hair due to their ethnicity. For instance, Caucasians and Asians are the first ones to get gray hair, followed by the Americans.
  1. Your hair colour pigment has worn off: It’s not always your age that is to be blamed. Sometimes for some people the hair pigment which imparts colour wears off, making the hair turn gray.
  1. Your lifestyle isn’t that great: If you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle and there’s too much junk food and too many drinks involved, your hair will bear the brunt and in the end you will also see a much larger number of gray hair sprouting up on your scalp.
  1. Blame it on stress: When people tell you to take a chill pill, you should, especially if you are very vulnerable to stress. Stress ultimately makes you not only lose your hair but sometimes even grow in a different colour.
  1. Smoking: Smoking really affects your health and your hair takes a toll too. Smoking too many cigarettes a day can drastically affect the quality of your hair and also speed up the graying process.

Now that you know the reasons why you might be getting gray hair prematurely, here are the best natural remedies to get rid of premature gray hair right at home.

Best Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Premature Gray Hair

1. Henna

Henna is a natural dye that works extremely well on gray hair. Obtained from the tree Lawsonia inermis, the natural hair dye makes your hair soft and imparts a beautiful auburn tint to it. It removes grays naturally and does not have many side effects like synthetic dyes.

What you need: Henna powder, which is readily available in the market. There are a number of brands including Javed Habib, Shehnaz etc.

How to prepare: The Henna colour is darker and more long-lasting when you soak the powder overnight and mix it with coffee or tea liquor. Make sure you mix it in an iron bowl because the properties of iron and henna mix very well thus making the dye darker.

How often you can apply: A single full-head application of henna works for a really long time- about three-four months, but you can also choose to reapply as early as one month too.

Why this works: Unlike synthetic hair dyes, henna works as perfectly as any other dye except that it doesn’t harm your hair as much.

Caution: The only important thing you should keep in mind while using henna is the fact that henna can often dry your hair severely and if you have dry and frizzy hair, make sure you apply a protein or egg pack after henna application to make the moisture seal into your locks.

Henna for Grey Hair

2. Coffee

Coffee is an amazing natural hair dye to cover up gray hair. The only problem with coffee is that it will not give a permanent colour and you have to re-dye your hair several times in a year to cover the grays perfectly.

What you need: Coffee liquor (strong), shower cap

How to prepare: Prepare a very strongly brewed cup of coffee and let the liquor cool down. Now apply this mixture on your hair and cover it with a shower cap for thirty minutes. Wash off with cool water

How often you can apply: Once or twice a week to get the desired brown colour

Why this works: The vibrant dark brown colour that coffee gives turns gray hair into a natural shade.

How to prepare: Take a few sage leaves and boil them in water. Allow the leaves to boil for at least 2 minutes and then let the liquid cool down. Once the water cools down, apply this to your hair and rinse off after thirty minutes.

How often you can apply: You have to rinse daily to achieve dark hair

Why this works: The chemicals in boiled sage water have pigment properties and nutrients that can help to turn the hair black.

Caution: Make sure you do not let the sage water get into your eyes. Sometimes they act as an irritant and may cause a burning sensation in your eyes.

4. Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses are again a naturally occurring substance that can act as a hair dye and in some cases also reverse the gray hair process. It is readily available in the markets and can be purchased in the form of a bottle (as shown in the picture)

What you need: Just buy a bottle of blackstrap molasses syrup from the market. Make sure that it is the unsulfured version.

How to prepare: You can have the syrup as an alternative for sweetener or you can also use it for your hair. When you are applying in your hair, you can use it before shampoo and let it sit in your hair for about half an hour. Rinse off with cold water

How often you can apply: Blackstrap molasses are safe enough to be used daily.

Why this works: It is very rich in oxidants and hence can reduce the oxidative stress in the hair preventing it from graying further.

Caution: Sometimes blackstrap molasses can make your hair very sticky. Wash off with caution or you might attract a ton of ants!

Blackstrap Molasses

5. Onion Juice

Onion juice can really work wonders for your hair because it is a stimulant for hair growth. Onions are very rich in a powerful antioxidant called catalase that is said to halt the growth of white hair. Not only this, the catalase also releases enzymes which help to grow new and stronger hair.

What you need: Plain onion juice

How to prepare: Chop onions into small pieces and grind this mixture. Apply the juice from the mixture on your scalp and let it sit for about half an hour. Wash off with cool water.

How often you can apply: It’s safe enough to be used every day.

Why this works: The potent antioxidant in onion juice halts the gray-hair causing enzyme.

Caution: Keep away from your eyes because it can burn

6. Amaranth Leaves

Amaranth leaves help introduce the pigment that promotes hair colour into our follicles. It is also a very good hair-growth stimulant.

What you need: Amaranth leaves

How to prepare: Collect a bowl of amaranth leaves and blend it to get the juice from the leaves. Apply this on your scalp and gently massage your hair.

How often you can apply: You can apply it twice every week for best results.

Why this works: The blend helps to promote the pigment that gives our hair the black colour

Caution: Do not use the blend on broken skin. It will burn and pierce your skin.

7. Vitamin B12

The deficiency of Vitamin B12 is linked to premature graying of hair and most doctors will ask you to have B12 supplements if you are not getting sufficient B12 in your diet.

What you need: You can buy Vitamin B12 supplements from the market and have them as a part of your diet.

Why this works: Vitamin B12 helps produce DNA and RNA that helps in producing the growth and development hormones essential for us.

Caution: An overdose of the supplements may lead to problems. Always follow the correct dosage as advised by the doctor.

Vitamin B12

8. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for your general wellbeing and is also responsible for the pigment that increases the production of colour in your hair. Vitamin C tablets can be had according to the prescribed dosage.

What you need: You can buy Vitamin C tablets from any pharmacist

Why this works: Vitamin C detoxes the hair follicles and prevents gray hair

Caution: Correct dosage of Vitamin C is essential to prevent any side effects

9. Fenugreek Seeds and Coconut Oil:

Fenugreek seeds and coconut oil mixed together not only strengthens the hair but the mixture also inhibits premature graying of hair

What you need: ½ cup of fenugreek seeds and ½ cup of coconut oil

How to prepare: Boil ½ cup of coconut oil and mix the fenugreek seeds into this boiling mix. Mix both the above constituents together and let it boil for some more time. Allow the mixture to cool and apply it on your scalp in slow circular motions. Wash off with cold water

How often you can apply: Apply for at least twice a week for three weeks to see a difference

Why this works: The mixture is very rich in anti-oxidants and minerals that prevent gray hair

Caution: The mixture needs to be washed off properly with a mild shampoo.

10. Curry Leaves

Curry leaves have been used since time immemorial to grow hair and prevent gray hair. Many Indian households not only use curry leaves paste in their hair, but also in their food because of the many health benefits.

What you need: Some sprigs of curry leaves

How to prepare: Remove the curry leaves from the sprig and pour them all in hot water. Boil the leaves until they get charred and then use the liquid and infuse

How often you can apply: Twice a week

Why this works: The curry leaves are extremely good for the hair follicles and help in inhibiting the gray-hair stimulant.

Caution: Too many curry leaves in your diet may lead to nausea and dizziness so do not go overboard with curry leaves, especially in dishes.

Curry Leaves

11. Tea

One of the most commonly available condiments, tea can work wonders for your skin and hair.

If you want darker hues, use black tea. For blondes, chamomile tea works the best and for red haired women, rooibos tea will work wonders to restore the natural colour.

What you need: Just procure the tea leaves according to the colour of your hair and boil the leaves in water. Use this liquor to impart colour to your gray hair

How to prepare: Boil water and drop the tea leaves in it until it starts giving off colour. Once it reaches a desired colour, cool the mixture and use it on your hair

How often you can apply: It’s safe enough to be used everyday

Why this works: The pigments in tea help to add colour to your hair

Caution: After you have used the tea liquor on your hair, make sure you wash off with cool water. Using hot water will leach off the colour

12. Herbs

There are a large number of herbs that can work to help your hair. They are also very gentle and do not cause any long-term damage on your hair. There are different types of herbs that can be steeped in water and used as dyes. Some commonly used herbs include- Rosemary, sage, chamomile, hibiscus, beets and carrots etc.

What you need: Get the herbs of your choice from the market. You can use dry ones too, but fresh ones are preferred

How to prepare: Use the herbs in boiling water and cool the concoction before using it on your scalp

How often you can apply: Since they are very gentle on your skin, you can use the herbs almost every day, provided you find them in your markets

Why this works: Herbs have potent ingredients that can help dye your hair

Caution: Be careful of the herbs you get, as expired ones may cause damage to your hair and scalp

13. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is to be used by people who have lighter coloured hair. You can use the juice to impart reddish hues to your hair.

What you need: A few lemons

How to prepare: Just add the juice of lemons in your scalp

How often you can apply: Once or twice a week should be enough

Why this works: The vitamin C in lemon acts to inhibit gray hair

Caution: Lemon juice can also stain your skin, so make sure you do cover your forehead while using lemon juice

Lemon Juice for Grey Hair

14. Potato Skins

Did you know that potato skins can be a great item to use on your gray hair? Next time make sure you do not discard potato skins!

What you need: A few potato skins

How to prepare: Just use potato skins left behind and rub the skins on your scalp. You can also boil the potato skins in water and use the cooled down liquid to wash your hair

How often you can apply: Once a week

Why this works: The starch in the potato skin can work wonders for your hair and regular use can darken it

Caution: Do not use potato skin that is more than a day old. These will not work because the juice from the skins must have already evaporated.

15. Catalase

Catalase is a very potent antioxidant and is present in the cells of all plants and human beings too. This antioxidant is known to halt the process of gray hair.

What you need: Catalase is a compound which is present in vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage etc.

How to prepare: Have any of the above mentioned vegetables to get the most catalase and prevent graying of hair.

Why this works: The antioxidant in catalase fights off the free radicals which speed up the graying of hair

Caution: Catalase is also present in a lot of supplements available in the market. Always have these supplements with a proper dosage from the doctor.

16. Copper

A lot of research over the years have suggested that decreasing levels of copper in the body might lead to weakness and premature graying of hair

What you need: Increase the intake of copper rich food in your diet

How to prepare: Eat food items rich in copper including cashews, mushrooms, spinach etc.

Why this works: Copper-rich food is a tremendous power to halt the gray-hair process.

Caution: Too much copper isn’t good for hair either because it can prevent the body from functioning properly.

Remedies for Grey Hair

17. Fo-ti

Recently a herb which is commonly found in China has become very popular with people who suffer from gray hair. This herb called – Fo-ti or Polygonum multiflorum a.k.a “he shou wu” is known to counteract baldness and thinning hair and also promote hair growth. It is also known to help in recoloring gray hair.

What you need: You can have fo-ti supplements (they are easily available in the market)

How to prepare: Have them with water

Why this works: The powerful properties of the extract act on the hair follicles and make them darker.

Caution: This is a lesser known herb, so it is advisable to buy supplements with care and only after proper consultation.

18. Ginger

Ginger promotes health and can also reduce premature graying of hair.

What you need: Take a few roots of ginger and one teaspoon of honey

How to prepare: Grate the ginger and mix it with honey to get a smooth mixture. Apply this on your scalp and wash off after an hour

How often you can apply: Twice a week if you want to get rid of gray hair in a month

Why this works: The powerful properties of ginger stimulate hair growth and prevent the hair from thinning or graying

Caution: Ginger can sometimes burn your skin, so apply with caution

19. Ghee

Who would have thought that something like ghee can work wonders to prevent gray hair? Well, now you know!

What you need: A teaspoon of ghee

How to prepare: You can either use ghee directly onto your scalp like hair oil or you can use it in your food everyday

How often you can apply: Alternate days if you have a lot of gray hair

Why this works: It nourishes and strengthens your hair as well as prevents graying

Caution: Since ghee is a very sticky substance, you may have difficulty removing it.

20. Black Pepper

An aromatic ingredient, black pepper can be introduced in your diet to give you a host of health properties including the reduction of white hair.

What you need: A few corns of black pepper

How to prepare: Grind black pepper and mix it in boiling water. Once this cools down, use the water as a rinse for your hair

How often you can apply: You can use this water every time you shampoo

Why this works: The powerful ingredient can improve hair texture and add bounce to it

Caution: Like any other potent ingredient, this one can cause burning sensations

Black pepper for Gray Hair

21. Chamomile

You all might have heard of chamomile tea and how healthy it is. Fortunately, it is also an amazing way to bring gray hair back to its black form. Chamomile is recommended for people with red or light (blonde) hair

What you need: One liter of water, four teaspoons of chamomile

How to prepare: Mix four teaspoons of chamomile in a liter of water and wash your hair with this infusion.

How often you can apply: Every time you wash your hair

Why this works: Chamomile is a gentle ingredient that can impart shine into your hair and also work as a deterrent for graying hair

Caution: Chamomile can only be used for light coloured hair. It won’t work for black hair.

22. Shikakai (Acacia concinna)

Shikakai is an amazing herb that can prevent the thinning of hair, prevent occurrence of gray hair and also make hair much stronger.

What you need: Get Shikakai powder from the market

How to prepare: Take this shikakai poweder and mix it with water. Apply this paste onto your scalp and wash off after half an hour

How often you can apply: Use once every week for shiny and silky hair

Why this works: Shikakai is a very gentle herb that can promote hair growth and is great for the general health of the hair

Caution: Some spurious herbs are available too. It is important to buy genuine shikakai to ensure that you get maximum benefits

23. Guava Leaves

Who would have thought that guava leaves too can be so good for graying hair? Well, next time you get guavas, make sure you keep some leaves for yourself!

What you need: Some guava leaves and a pan to heat the leaves in water

How to prepare: Simply boil the water and add the guava leaves. It will start changing colour. Now let this solution cool down and apply it on your hair

How often you can apply: use it every time after you shampoo your hair

Why this works: Guava leaves are again very natural and can help to gently dye your hair

Caution: Some people may be allergic to this concoction. So it is important to use guava leaves with a lot of care. Do a patch test before you use it on your hair.

24. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is an amazing item for your hair because it cools down your scalp, removes impurities and helps deter gray hair.

What you need: Aloe vera gel is easily available in the market or you can also grow your own plant and extract the gel

How to prepare: if you are getting a plant and extracting a gel, just cut one of the stems and collect the stem in a bowl. Use this gel on your roots and gently massage through

How often you can apply: You can use the gel at least twice a week for best results

Why this works: Aloe vera gel is known as a magic potion because it can work wonders for your scalp and your skin as well. It is a miracle that can cure anything and everything and hence is a highly coveted plant

Caution: Make sure you buy the right gel from the market. Some duplicate ones may cause a lot of harm to your skin and hair

Aloe Vera Gel for Gray Hair

25. Ridge Gourd

Did you ever think that something like a ridge gourd could be useful for your hair? It is an effective way to stop gray hair and is very gentle on thin hair too.

What you need: A single piece of ridge gourd and coconut oil

How to prepare: Skin the vegetable and mix it in boiling coconut oil. Use this before shampooing your hair and then wash off with a mild shampoo

How often you can apply: Once a week should be enough to get rid of gray hair in about a month

Why this works: The properties of ridge gourd make it a very effective hair dye

Caution: Do not use this very frequently because sometimes it can also cause hair to dry out

26. Ligustrum

Ligustrum is a Chinese herb that is used in many medicines and recently the Chinese have also discovered that it can slow down the graying of the hair.

What you need: Buy ligustrum herb from the market, but make sure you buy the real ones. Also, it is something which is not easily available

How to prepare: Mix the herb with water and use the concoction to rinse off your hair

How often you can apply: Twice a week

Why this works: It can slow down the occurrence of gray hair because of the powerful antioxidant properties it has

Caution: Always consult a doctor before trying on a new herb

27. Biotin

Celebrities swear by it and people are buying these supplements all the time- Biotin, also known as Vitamin H can be taken daily to prevent your hair from graying.

What you need: Foods rich in biotin like eggs, brown rice etc. or you can also take supplements

How to prepare: Include food that is rich in Vitamin H in your diet to prevent gray hair

28. Bhringraj (Eclipta alba)

One of the most potent hair oils, bhringaraj can easily help dye your white or gray hair and at the same time also promote the growth of hair.

What you need: There are various companies that sell this oil- Forest Essentials, Fab India etc.

How often you can apply: You can use this oil as many times as you want because there are absolutely no side effects of this oil

Why this works: The oil has very potent ingredients that can help increase the quantity of your hair and also prevent graying

Caution: Make sure you buy original oil. Do not go for online duplicates as they may be spurious

Bhringraj for hair

29. Bottle Gourd Juice

Another one from the gourd family, this one too is very good for the health of your skin and hair and is in fact known for weight loss too.

What you need: A juicer-blender for bottle gourd juice

How to prepare: Use one bottle gourd for a glass of juice. You can choose to drink it or even use it on your scalp

Why this works: lauki juice has some powerful properties which make it a great health drink

Caution: Having too much lauki juice might not go down too well with your system. Once or twice a week is fine, but do not go beyond this limit

30. Black Walnut

The black walnut is an excellent hair dye and can be used effectively for black hair.

What you need: A few kernels of black walnut

How to prepare: Crush the black walnut and use the paste as a dye onto your scalp. Let it sit for about half an hour and then see the difference

How often you can apply: Once a month

Why this works: Black walnut when crushed, gives off this dark pigment which can be easily used as a natural hair dye

Caution: The natural dye from black walnut stains anything and everything. You have to be very careful while using to colour your hair

31. Mango Seeds

Dried mango seeds can be used very well as a natural hair dye

What you need: A few old and discarded mango seeds

How to prepare: Once the seeds have been discarded, dry them completely and crush them into a fine powder. Mix this powder with water and apply the paste on your scalp. You will see that the growth of gray hair reduces to a large extent

How often you can apply: Use it once or twice a month

Why this works: It’s natural and can be a good permanent hair dye

Caution: Check for allergies before applying it on your scalp


32. Carrot Juice

Did you know that carrots are a very rich source of beta carotenes that help in hair growth and promote its health as well?

What you need: Carrot Juice, sesame oil

How to prepare: Mix sesame oil and carrot juice and expose the mixture to sunlight for about 21 days. After 21 days, apply the paste on your hair and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

How often you can apply: once a month for three months

Why this works: the beta carotenes present in the carrot juice help to prevent the premature graying of hair

Caution: Do not use sesame oil too close to your eyes. It may cause a stinging sensation.

33. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar bottles are easily available in the market and can work wonders for your hair. The minerals that are there in the vinegar make for a very effective rinse and also helps to slow down the gray hair process

What you need: You can easily buy apple cider vinegar from any store in the market

How to prepare: Take apple cider vinegar and water and mix it in equal parts. Rinse your hair in it and keep a towel over your head for an hour to work its magic

How often you can apply: Apple cider vinegar is safe to be used everyday

Why this works: The high mineral quantity in apple cider vinegar strengthens hair and prevents gray hair

Caution: Make sure that you mix equal proportions of water with the apple cider vinegar otherwise your scalp may sting

All the above remedies are some natural remedies that can be easily available in the market. Besides that, there are also some Ayurvedic remedies or treatments that you can use to reverse the aging process of your hair. The treatments given below are some of the most popular and effective ones.

Ayurvedic Treatments For Gray Hair:

Ayurveda is an ancient science that uses naturally occurring substances to cure various ailments of the body. Ayurveda mostly focuses on helping the body heal by using very natural and organic substances. Here are some Ayurveda fixes for gray hair.

34. Amla – Indian Gooseberry

Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry is a fruit that is high in Vitamin C. In fact, amla juice is so potent that a lot of people with gray hair report that they get results in just fifteen days!

What you need: Amla fruit from the market (use fresh ones instead of dry)

How to prepare: Use the amla fruits to make a paste and apply this paste on your scalp by massaging slowly. Let it sit for about half an hour and then wash it off

How often you can apply: You can apply it twice a week for fifteen days

Why this works: Amla has some potent vitamins that work on the roots of the hair and reverse the gray hair process

Caution: Amla might not go down well with everyone. Make sure you do an allergy patch test before you put the paste on your scalp

35. Curry Leaves and Buttermilk

This is an amazing concoction that will not only make your hair very soft but it will also help to make your hair darker and hide the grays.

What you need: a few sprigs of curry leaves and buttermilk

How to prepare: Take the curry leaf sprigs and make them into a fine paste. Mix this paste into the buttermilk and apply the mixture to your scalp by massaging gently

How often you can apply: Once a week is idle

Why this works: Curry leaves inherently contain qualities that work the best for thinning and gray hair

Caution: There is nothing to be cautious of!

36. Sesame Oil and Carrot Seed Oil

Sesame oil is an extremely potent oil that is known to increase the thickness of the hair and carrot seed oil also works on the same ground. A combination of both can work wonders for hair that is graying.

What you need: A vial of sesame and carrot seed oil is enough for one sitting

How to prepare: Mix the two oils in equal proportions and rub the oil into your scalp. Wash off with a mild shampoo

How often you can apply: Once a week

Why this works: Generates new hair and prevents the thinning of hair. Also promotes hair growth

Caution: Sesame oil is very thick and can be hard to remove

Ayurvedic oils have many healing properties. Sometimes they can also promote good sleep. But if you are keen on having some homemade oils for yourself, here are your best bets.

Homemade Oils To Reduce Gray Hair

Unlike the Ayurvedic versions, you will not have as many therapeutic values from these homemade oils, but they too will work wonderfully well to reduce the gray hair from your scalp.

37. Kombucha

Kombucha is similar to vinegar and is an acetic rinse for your hair. You can use Kombucha as an oil to remove gray hair.

What you need: Kombucha is readily available as an oil in the market

How to prepare: Take some Kombucha oil depending on the length of your hair and massage it directly onto your hair.

How often you can apply: Once a week should be sufficient

Why this works: It has cleansing properties that cleanses and detoxifies the scalp and prevents gray hair from occurring again and again

Caution: Kombucha is acetic acid and sometimes can be a little tough on the scalp. Make sure you only use the required dosage and not more than that


38. Coconut Oil and Lemon

Coconut oil is in itself a magic potion and can do wonders for your hair’s quality. Lemon and coconut oil mixed together will nourish your hair and clean your scalp at the same time.

What you need: Coconut oil and a few drops of lemon juice

How to prepare: Mix coconut oil with a few drops of lemon and massage it onto your scalp. Shampoo with a mild one and see your hair shine

How often you can apply: Once a week is perfect for people who do not have too much gray hair

Why this works: The coconut oil has nourishing properties while lemon juice thoroughly cleanses the scalp. The combo can really change the quality of your hair and reduce the gray hair

Caution: Do not use lemon juice on a broken scalp or scalp with pimples. It will burn

39. Mustard Oil and Castor Oil

Both these thick oils will nourish your hair perfectly and prevent any breakage and thinning too.

What you need: A few drops of each castor oil and mustard oil

How to prepare: Mix both the oils in equal quantities and soak your scalp in it for half an hour

How often you can apply: Once week

Why this works: Both the oils work very well to thicken your hair

Caution: Castor oil is very sticky and sometimes can leave residues if you do not wash it properly

40. Black Seed and Olive Oil

Black seed oil is made up of highly concentrated seeds called black cumin that also work well to cover the grays

What you need: You can buy black seed oil directly from the market or you can mix the seeds with olive oil

How to prepare: Mix the seeds in a grinder and make a paste. Mix this with olive oil and apply on your scalp

How often you can apply: Once a week or twice a week for a month for visible difference

Why this works: Both the oils work very well on a dry scalp and help cover gray hair

Caution: Black seed oil can be sometimes irritating to the scalp. Always do a patch test before using the paste on your scalp

Grey Hair Remedies

41. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is an amazing oil for stimulating hair growth and can remove gray hair in a very short while.

What you need: Rosemary oil is very easily available in the market and you can buy a vial

How to prepare: mix rosemary oil in a small bowl and soak cotton pieces onto it. Now use this on your hair and let it soak for about half an hour

How often you can apply: twice or thrice a week works perfectly

Why this works: You can use rosemary oil for thinning hair because it is very potent and the minerals can work wonders for your skin and sleep quality as well

Caution: Do not apply rosemary oil into your broken skin as it might burn you severely

42. Argan Oil

People have been literally going gaga over argan oil and many are claiming that this miracle oil is transforming the way their hair looks. The anti-bacterial, anti-viral and greasy oil is a wonderful oil to nourish your hair and keep gray hair at bay.

What you need: A simple bottle of argan oil should do the trick

How to prepare: Add a few drops of argan oil onto your scalp and massage it

How often you can apply: Apply once a week as a part of your hair therapy

Why this works: It is liquid gold and has amazing properties that will nourish each and every strand of your hair

Caution: Nothing to be afraid of!

43. Magnesium Oil

Most people may not have heard of this oil because it is rarely used in hair treatment. It is however used in hair products that prevent curly and frizzy hair

What you need: A concentrated vial of magnesium oil

How to prepare: No need to prepare, just use some oil on your scalp and massage

How often you can apply: Very rarely because this oil is very potent

Why this works: The mineral is great for nourishing and moisturizing hair

Caution: Use very sparingly because too much can be harmful for your scalp

Magnesium Oil

44. Fish Oil

Fish oil is not oil per say, as you would use on your scalp, but these are available in the form of capsules which are very rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential for hair growth and also prevents gray hair.

What you need: Fish oil capsules that can be had every day

Why this works: The high concentration of Vitamin E in the capsules make your hair stronger and nourished

Caution: Do not overdose on the capsules

45. Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is rich in both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that prevent dry, brittle and frizzy strands. Omega-3 fats present in the oil will help nourish the hair follicles and encourage growth

What you need: Flaxseed oil is easily available in the market

How to prepare: Extracting the oil from flax seeds is a little tedious, but you can use the oil directly on the scalp

How often you can apply: You can use it daily

Why this works: The Omega-3 fats’ concentration is very high and even one single application on dry and brittle ends will nourish your hair

Caution: Do not use too much of it because it might affect your scalp in a detrimental way

46. Eugenol Oil

Eugenol oil or more commonly known as Essential Clove oil is very effective for treating baldness and makes hair grow thicker and stronger.

What you need: Extracting clove oil from the actual cloves is a little difficult but you get Eugenol oil easily in the market and you can use that

How to prepare: just dab Eugenol oil in your scalp

How often you can apply: Since it is very potent, apply the oil only once in two weeks

Why this works: Eugenol oil has restorative properties that helps in regrowing hair

Caution: Apply very limited quantities of this oil otherwise it may lead to scarring

47. Neem Oil

Neem oil is bitter, no doubt about it but it works very well to clear out your scalp and also remove any kind of impurities and slow down the gray hair growth

What you need: Neem oil can be bought from the market

How to prepare: Just dab a little bit neem oil on your scalp and see the difference!

How often you can apply: Twice a week

Why this works: The anti-bacterial properties in neem oil kill the germs or bacteria in the scalp and promote growth of new hair

Caution: Neem oil is extremely bitter, so keep away from your mouth!

48. Arnica Oil

Arnica oil is quite popular in India and a lot of people use this oil to stop the growth of gray hair

What you need: Arnica oil is a common medicated oil and can be bought from any pharmacist

How often you can apply: Once a week

Why this works: The powerful anti-bacterial properties help to detoxify the scalp and clear it out for growth of new hair

Caution: Arnica oil contains a compound called helenalin, which may cause allergic reactions. If you develop a rash while using this oil, stop using immediately.

49. Brahmi Hair Oil

Brahmi oil is a very potent nervous tonic that is used to grow hair and promote the roots.

What you need: You can by brahmi oil from any store

How often you can apply: Just like any normal oil, you can use this oil more than two times in a week

Why this works: The all-natural oil when rubbed vigorously onto your scalp can help with the growth of hair

Caution: There is no advisory for using brahmi oil

The above oils can be easily obtained from the market and you can buy one or two of them. However, if you want to check out some homeopathic treatments, we have a few for you.

Homeopathy Treatment For Gray Hair:

Homeopathy is alternative treatment that involves using natural ingredients to improve an ailment or a condition. Here are some homeopathy options to treat gray hair:

50. Lycopodium Clavatum

This extract can reduce or halt the occurrence of gray hair to a huge extent. It also prevents baldness if used regularly.

51. Phosphoricum Acidum

Sometimes people also lose hair or gray hair due to grief. One medicine that works in such a case is this one.

52. Silicea

When you develop gray hair due to indigestion and stomach issues, you can use this homeopathy medicine to treat your gray hair

53. Thyroidinum

Using this homeopathy medicine can help to reduce the occurrence of gray hair and make it black too.

54. Psorinum

Massaging this compound onto our hair scalp can reduce premature graying and induce the growth of new hair too

Now that you have read all about the different oils and treatments that can help your reduce your gray hair, why don’t we actually try and prevent the occurrence of gray hair? Like we mentioned before, age is not the only reason why you may start getting premature gray hair. Other factors also contribute to it and here are some important ways you can prevent that:

Tips To Reduce Premature Gray Hair

Follow these tips to ensure that your hair doesn’t start graying at a weirdly early age!

  1. Quit Smoking: A number studies have proved that smoking can cause your hair to get gray sooner. So while there is time, kick the cigarette habit for good
  1. Reduce Stress: Stress can make you lose your hair and when the new hair comes out, this one will be pigmented lighter than the earlier ones- thus making it obvious that this is gray hair
  1. Sleep Enough: Lifestyle choices are very important to prevent gray hair, so make sure you are rested enough and as an adult you should have at least 7-8 hours of sleep
  1. Eat Right: Eating enough veggies and fruits will give your hair the requisite nutrients and prevent it from graying faster
  1. Check Your Thyroid Levels: Sometimes hypo or hyperthyroid can also be blamed for gray hair because the hormone that makes hair black may be lacking in a person’s body
  1. Avoid Usage Of Perfumed Hair Oils: Perfumed hair oils contain substances that are chemically harmful and may cause hair to gray out soon

Preventive Steps For Premature Graying Of Hair:

Thankfully for us, gray hair can actually be prevented and you can apply these tips in your daily life to ensure that your hair does not gray prematurely

  • Have vitamins like B12 and H: Some vitamins help to make your hair stronger and nourish it from scalp to the ends. B12 and H are such vitamins that you should include in your diet
  • Use the right products: Gentle and mild products should be used and make sure you buy mostly natural products
  • Scrap styling products: Products like hair straighteners and blow dryers can unnecessarily damage your hair. Steer clear of them as far as possible to keep your hair healthy

Use natural remedies: Instead of using chemical dyes and other products that are synthetic, use natural remedies, hair oils and potions as well as homeopathy medicines as mentioned above.


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