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25 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Dirty Hair That Needs Least Touch Ups!

by Fashionlady
Best Hairstyles for Unwashed Hair

Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

We love keeping our hair long and nice or short and quirky, and yet we don’t have the time to wash it every day. You are not to be blamed, because this is the story of every single girl out there who has a million things to do. And with winter in the air, who is going to brave the hair wash thrice a week? You can catch a cold or fall sick, if the hair is damp or wet and left like that for too long.

This is why, if your hair is not washed and you still want to look every bit a diva; here are a couple of hairstyles to wear at the party or at work. Take a look at chic hairstyles for dirty hair.

Elegant And Sassy Hairstyles For Dirty Hair

1. Make the hair turn into elegant buns with hair accessories

Dirty Looks Hair

2. Messy braided low buns and ponytails

Ways To Style Dirty Short Hair

3. Pretty and very easy to do topknots

How to Style Dirty Short Hair

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4. Wear the bouffant bun

Messy Dirty Hair

5. Side swept braided buns for the evening

Quick Hairstyles for Dirty Hair
Messy dirty hair and don’t care? That’s what the new-age girls are chanting, and who has the time to do the hair wash and then run out to socialise and mingle? If this is your story too just as it is for most of us, here are more lovely hairstyles for unwashed hair.

6. Messed looks


7. Baba or sage buns

Dirty Hair Updo Style
8. Side swept braided swag

10. Puffed up layered backbrushes

Dirty Look Hair

If you don’t have the time to wash your hair thrice a week and yet want a super hairstyle with dirty hair to flaunt on Fridays at work, here are a couple of very easy hairstyles for dirty hair, which are ideas on how to style unwashed hair and to bring on an illusion of clean hair. These are hairstyles that wouldn’t take more than ten minutes to do – we promise!


11. Double sides messy braided buns

Gorgeous Hairstyles For Dirty Hair

12. Combed sleek topknots for the corporate look

Gorgeous Hairstyles

13. A side braid

Hairstles for Longhair

14. Last minute braided waterfalls

What To Do With Dirty Hair

15. Twisted hairfall waterfall ideas

What To Do with Dirty Hairstyle

These were a couple of easy Friday hairstyles that we think you could wear at work, with or without accessories for the show to come through. But what if your hair is really very dirty and there is a stink? That could be embarrassing, which is why, you can spray a little cologne at arms-length on the hair or place a flower to ward off that smell. Here are more hairstyles that would make you happy – happy dirty hair and we don’t care because here is how to style unwashed curly hair

16. Bunch them up in braided faux bobs

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Style Unwashed Curly Hair 17. Tie them up as a faux Mohawk

Unwashed Curly Hair Style

18. Messy greasy hair topknot for the evening date

How To Style Unwashed Hairstyle

19. A cute side-swept chignon

How to Style Unwashed Hair 20. The rockabilly chic chick look

How to Style Unwashed Hair

With more parties and night outs to be at, we would want to show you some more fun hair ideas and what to do with dirty hair. From the lovely dirty hair updo to the messy dirty hair, we have a range of quick hairstyles for dirty hair below to try.

21. Messy crunchy hairbuns that wouldn’t need an hour

Messy Dirty Hair

22. Choppy short bob curls

Quick Hairstyles for Dirty Hairs

23. Textured side waves

Best Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

24. Blow dried waves

Easy Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

25. Side banged waves

What to Do With Hair Dirty

Do write in and let us know about the dirty looks hair ideas we spoke about and how to style dirty short hair and long hair, your way!

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