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How to Gain Weight Fast – Reasons You are Unable to Increase Weight

by Fashionlady
How to Gain Weight

How to Gain Weight
While there is a lot of talk and information on how to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, most people seem to ignore the other end of the spectrum: people who are unable to put on weight no matter how much they eat. This might seem like the ideal situation for some people; you can eat whatever you want and not worry about gaining weight. But in fact, people are always thinking about how to gain weight fast and find it highly frustrating as they typically have very thin figures and would like to add some shape and curves to define their body.

If you have been trying to learn how to gain weight fast without any success, this rare article is just for you. We’re going to discuss why some people are not able to gain weight and then look into some of the ways in which you can gain weight.

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Reasons Why Your Body Just Does Not Gain Weight

1. Fast Metabolism

Your body seems to burn everything you eat, giving you no time to store fat and gain weight. If this is the case the only way for you to gain weight fast is to beat the system. You will have to eat more than your body can burn, thereby gaining weight. This will be the best way to best way to gain weight.

2. Hyperthyroidism

This is a condition where your metabolism increases, making you burn calories at a rapid pace. Symptoms include irregular heartbeat, tremors in the hands and fingers, anxiety, increase in bowel movements, and a change in menstrual patterns. If you suspect you have hyperthyroidism, contact your doctor immediately.

3. Gastrointestinal conditions

Gastrointestinal conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease interfere with your body’s ability to absorb the food that you consume. This means that you could be suffering from malnutrition despite the fact that you eat well.


4. Other factors

Some prescription medications could cause your metabolism to speed up, thereby affecting weight gain. Other factors such as mental stress and anxiety could also contribute to your inability to gain weight.

If you are still wondering and clinging on the question, how can I gain weight. then continue reading.

Below are some more tips on how to gain weight fast.

1. Know the reason

So the first step in your weight gain process should be to find out which of the above reasons is keeping you from putting on weight. It is a good idea to consult a doctor and figure out a course. But if you happen to be one of those people who have fast metabolism and just can’t put on weight, then read on to know all the things you can do to make your body gain some weight.

2. Eat More

The most obvious thing to do is eat more if you really want to learn how to gain weight fast. Yes, you are probably already eating a lot. But if your body keeps burning all that you eat, then it’s a never-ending cycle that will not yield any results. So you need to go above and beyond your body’s fat burning limit. Add banana shakes and chocolate shakes to your daily diet. Having heavy shakes and smoothies is an easy way to gain weight. Include rice in your daily diet and have two eggs a day.

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Source: nutribulletrecipes.org

3. Increase the Calorie Intake

You must be aiming at doubling your current calorie intake. Do this for a couple of weeks and see if you notice any changes. Your bowel movements will become regularized and your body will slowly start gaining weight. Whether you’re trying to gain weight or lose weight, it should always be a gradual process. So put on weight slowly, around one kg in two weeks. Once your weight reaches the required level, you can cut down your calorie intake to maintain the weight at that point.

4. Work on Building your Muscles

Condition your body by eating at the same time and working out at the same time everyday as much as possible. Once your body is used to a routine and disciplined, your calorie intake is more likely to result in weight gain.

Finally, love your body no matter what. As long as you’re healthy, it really shouldn’t matter too much whether you’re thin or fat, short or tall. After all, if all of us looked the same, the world would not be such an interesting place.

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