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Quick Morning Workouts To Look And Feel Awesome

by Fashionlady
10 Minute Morning Workout

Quick Morning Workout

Waking up in the morning should otherwise be a happy affair for all of us but most of you would admit to waking up grumpy and irritated. The stress to beat the clock and complete hundreds of chores to reach the workplace on time is deadly. Yes, we are indeed talking about the morning blues! However, you will agree that it should not be this way as your wake-up mood will inevitably impact your entire day. Good news is that you can easily beat this morning troll with some super easy short and quick morning workout sessions.

10-minute Morning Workouts

These 10-minute morning workouts not only ensure a better and positive mood but also keep you super energized all day. Check it out!

Yoga Poses That Can Be Practiced In Bed

Feeling lethargic and still amidst sleep? Get your body the right supply of energy and alertness with yoga poses that you can do right in your bed and get pumped up. They also act as a terrific warm-up for further intensive workouts you might like to indulge in.

  • Cat Camel Stretch

A back stretch exercise, this is a dynamic yoga stretch that gives your entire spine a stretch and is one of the best warm-up exercise to tone muscles, wakes up your core and gets your body flexible enough for tough yoga asanas and poses. You can do this 3 to 7 times and find yourself with super energy to burn.

  • Seated Forward Bend – Paschimottanasana

This is another terrific stretch pose that deep stretches almost every muscle of the body from head to toe. Having a calming effect on your nervous system and emotions as well, it helps you get the drive and motivation to take further steps in the quick morning workout routine and leave the bed happily.

Jumping Jacks

Those of you who are lazy to go out for a run, can jump off the bed and get the heart pumping with this exercise. To do it, simply stand with feet together. Raising your arms above your head and stretching your legs sideways; jump and return to the original position. Repeat it continuously for about a minute and gradually increase it. A terrific cardiovascular exercise as well as muscle toner, it is one of the easiest exercises to do in the morning!

Morning Workout For Women

For those of you who are super busy and do not get the time to hit the gym, this 10 minute morning workout is ideal! Created by the famous fitness expert Andrea Orbeck, the workout is a real fat burner working on each and every muscle of your body. The trainer of many Victoria Secret models, Andrea has designed this quick morning workout to do at home without using any props. You can be confident of compensating for your absence in the gym with this kickass workout.


Quick Morning Workout To Lose Weight

This is again a terrific weight loss plan devised by the famous fitness trainer Jorge Cruise. Simply devoting 8 minutes in the morning and following his diet suggestions, you can lose up to two pounds per week. A realistic and sensible exercise plan of strength training with an equally realistic eating habit, it nurtures a healthy lifestyle for you and even saves on your hours spent in the gym. You can make it your daily habit or even resort to it on your trips and vacations and be on a constant adrenaline rush. Definitely one of the best quick morning workout plans around. However, you must remember that it’s meant exclusively for weight loss and does not promote cardio fitness. Remember to add your cardio workout to it a couple of times a week.

Morning Ab Workout

It’s time to stop being jealous of the killer abs of other women. Develop you own by completing the moves designed by the New Jersey personal trainer, Yvette Salva. A terrific workout regime of ten awesome abdominal exercises, it would take less than 15 minutes to complete and the result would exceed anything that you have ever done in the past. Touted to burn four times more belly fat than any other workout, its impact would also be evident on your shoulders, legs and glutes. Doing this would not only leave you fresh and fit all day but would also rid you the need to use Spanx for good.

We hope you love our pick of complete quick morning workout regime as well as our favorite exclusive moves. Which one has become your favorite and top recommended one? Do share below!

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