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Summer Fruits That Are Yummy And Help You Stay Cool This Season

by Fashionlady
Summer fruits for health

What comes to mind when we say SUMMERS? You would think of the beach and the vacations, the lazing moments, wearing flip flops and maybe sipping cool shakes and drinks too. But then, with summer, comes a host of ailments to beware of.

Summer fruits

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Some of them are sunstrokes, heat strokes and sunburns, diarrhea and viral fever too. If unlucky, you could fall prey to them as well. It is a well-known fact that while the summer months are on, your body tends to lose a lot of nutrients. And it is important for us to replace those nutrients too. This is why we are talking about summer fruits- you have got to eat them to stay cool and to take in all the goodness too. We know that mangoes are known to be the king of all summer fruits, isnt it? But then, mango is not going to help keep the body cool. If you have too much of them, chances are that you could get pimples and even an upset tummy. While staying hydrated enough is a must during the summer months, you should focus on summer fruits that are cooling for the stomach. So here are a couple of summer fruits and the summer fruits health benefits below. They keep you cool and bring into the body plenty of nutrients.

List Of Summer Fruits To Stay Cool This Season

Start taking notes!

1. Watermelon

A lot of watermelon should be consumed when the summer months are on. Don’t be misguided hearing others say that watermelon has a lot of sugar and water in it. It is a fruit with dense nutrients, plenty of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and the calorie level with watermelons are low as well. The vitamin C amounts in watermelon is very high, which is important for the boosting of collagen in the body. For the body tissues, you would need a lot of vitamin A which helps the hair and the skin. Watermelons have a lot of fiber and water content in it, and helps the digestive system stay healthy and steady. Watermelon has a lot of electrolytes in it as well, which is along with water. This means, watermelon can help hydrate the body better.

2. Muskmelons

For many people across the nation and the world, while the summer months are on, they prefer having muskmelons to stay cool and hydrated. The water content in muskmelons are very high and hence it makes sense having them while the blazing heat is on outside. Muskmelons are also very low in calorie count and there are plenty of health benefits with muskmelons too. The fruit has a high content of potassium, which helps keep blood pressure levels in check. Blood sugar is controlled when you have muskmelons, since it has a lot of negligible fat and high fiber amounts in it. The high amounts of vitamin A in muskmelons help with stronger eye muscles and maintains the health of them as well. The fruit is a guilt free snacking option and one that cools the body while the summer months are on too. There are no traces of cholesterol in it. If you have digestion problems or suffer from constipation, you can try muskmelons which has a lot of fiber and water in it, to help rid you off the perils.

3. Apple

There is a very good reason that the old adage ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.; stands strong. While they are available all year round, it is during the summer months that you should consume them the most, say experts. Apples have a lot of dietary fiber in them along with flavonoids and antioxidants as well. They also have a lot of B complex vitamins too, and other minerals such as phosphorus and calcium, along with potassium in small amounts as well. The calorie levels with apples are pretty low, and they do not have any cholesterol or saturated fats in them as well. If you ever have a sweet craving and are on a diet, you should have apples. You can have apple detox water to lose weight too and to cleanse the system of toxins and waste as well. And if you want to have apples in a salad, don’t forget to crunch it up with a few nuts and berries. It would be a delight to have such a tasty yet low calorie snack.

4. Falsa

A very popular summer fruit found in India, falsa is a small berry that you should include in your list of must have summer fruits. The reason why falsa is so loved is because it cools the body and keeps the body nourished as well. Falsa is known to keep the body strong and safe from nausea, thirst, strokes and heat uneasiness. Falsa are tiny berries which are purple in color, that keep the body cool while the summer months are on. They have a high nutrient content and various benefits for your health to provide you with too. Falsa as experts say it has a lot of antioxidants which keeps the body safe from the cancer risks that prowl around. If you have stomach issues and aches while the summer months are on, the juice of the fruit is good to consume. It can be a little sour to taste, but you can have it as sherbet. The sherbet is very cooling and instantly energizes the body.

Falsa fruits for Summer

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5. Papaya

Papaya is next on the list and this is a summer fruit that has plenty of benefits. Papayas are very yummy to have for sure, but you can also use it to make hair packs and skin packs as well. And you will see the benefits with it too. The fruit is known to reduce tan and to soothe areas of the skin that have been sunburnt as well. The health benefits of papaya are many and plenty to have. To begin with, the nutrition that the fruit gives brings safety to the health from diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases, digestion problems, cancer, blood pressure problems and more. There is an enzyme in papaya which is called PAPAIN that helps with digestion. The fruit is very rich in vitamin C which helps with collagen building and giving more texture to the skin and the hair, and also very rich in potassium levels too. For bone health, papaya has a lot of vitamin K in it, and the vitamin A content in papaya helps with glowing skin and healthy hair too. While the summers are on, it is time to eat right and reduce your weight too. And you can do that by having papayas in your diet on a daily basis.

6. Bael

Another name for the fruit is wood apple. Bael is a native fruit of our country and a very popular fruit to have while the summer months are on as well. For a very limited period, bael is found in India, so take good advantage of it while it is around. You can enjoy the whole fruit as it is, by scooping its flesh and having it, or you can make sherbet out of its flesh. The health benefits of bael are humungous. There is a lot of tannin in it which helps cure systemic issues such as diarrhea and cholera- diseases that strike our bodies while the summer months are on. Bael is also very rich in vitamins, such as A, B1, B2, and even vitamin C, and along with that the fruit is low in fat and rich in minerals such as calcium and potassium too. If you suffer from constipation, bael would be a good fruit to have. You can have it whole or have it as a drink to get done with constipation.

Bael fruits for Summer

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7. Pineapple

Do you think of pina colada and the sunny beaches when we mention pineapple? We don’t blame you for that. But did you know, there are many health benefits of pineapple for your health, skin and hair. And this summer, you must have the fruit. Pineapples have a lot of bromelain and vitamin C in it, which are antimicrobial and helps boost immunity too. For those of you who suffer from summer colds even when the heat is at its prime outside, pineapples will be good for you. Moreover, pineapples have a lot of antioxidants in it, which helps bring down the levels of cholesterol in the body, prevents heart issues and diseases too. There are expert researches and studies that show that pineapples when consumed daily can help bring down the risks associated with cancer as well. Pineapples can also help bring down migraines and sinus problems which attack the most while the summer months are on. Moreover, since pineapples have a lot of manganese in it, it helps make the bones strong and provides more strength to our connective tissues too. You can cut and have the fruit whole, or make it into a smoothie and consume the same. Chilled cut pineapples are a perfect refreshing snack to have, with a dash of black salt. There are also plenty of antioxidants and vitamins in pineapple which help nourish and cool off the body too. This is why pineapples are super loved by all when the summer months are on.

8. Banana

The humble banana should not be forgotten when we talk of summer fruits. It is a fruit with a lot of greatness in it, plenty of nutrients to have especially when the summer months are on. The fruit is eaten not only to cool off the body, but also to keep the blood pressure levels in check. It is also to be noted that bananas can help bring down the attacks of asthma too, which happens mainly when the strong summer winds blow. Bananas are also known to be gladiators that fight against the risks of cancer, and they have plenty of fiber and carbohydrates in them as well. With plenty of fiber in it, vitamins B6 and C as well, the heart health also is supported by bananas. Summer months we see a lot of us suffering from diarrhea too, and the banana can help with that. You feel weak when you lose a lot of electrolytes from the body while diarrhea happens, and this is why having bananas would be good. Lost nutrients are replaced with bananas. You can have the fruit as whole, with your cereals or have it as a smoothie- beat your hunger pangs any way you like.


9. Mosambis

While the summer months are on, one popular fruit in India that we must consume a lot is mosambis. Also called sweet lime, mosambis are very rich in vitamin C which helps prevent the occurrence of issues such as scurvy and that of the immune system too. There are acids in the fruit which helps flush out toxins from the bowel tracts in the body. Mosambis are also very rich in dietary fiber which helps bring a lot of relief from constipation as well. There are a lot of antioxidants in the fruit, which helps beat the risks of cancer and the onslaught of free radicals too. The dietary fibre in mosambis also help bring down constipation problems as well. Flavonoids in the fruit are known to be antibiotic and detoxifying too. If you have peptic ulcers, mosambis can help soothe and heal them all. You can have mosambis as a whole fruit, or cut and juice them up to cool and refresh the body as a drink. Mosambis hydrate the body and the body gets all the important vitamins and minerals for sure. If someone suffers from a sunstroke, mosambis can help the person recover soon.

Mosambis fruits for Summer

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So here was a list of popular Summer Fruits in India, and we also spoke about the Summer Fruits nutrition too. Now let’s take a look at how to have some of the summer fruits in a jiffy.

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • High cholesterol
  • Abdominal pain
  • Obesity-related issues
  • High blood sugar and more.

But before you include fruits in your daily diet, there are proper ways to have them all or else you may not get the benefits you want. Remember, there are a lot of amino acid supplements in fruits along with natural sugars too. And when you eat the wring fruit, you may add on more pounds and heat to the body, rather than lose weight and cool it too. So always speak to an expert nutritionist and then go ahead to pick and choose the summer fruits you should be having for the best results to attain.

We shall now tell you the right way to have your fruits.

  1. The most beneficial fruits to have this summer are apples and bananas, all forms and types of berries, cantaloupes and cherries for sure, lemons and limes, orange and grapefruits too, papayas and kiwifruits, grapes as well. If you would be having any of these fruits, your health would be in prime condition and taken care of. Most of them have a lot of minerals, such as iron and magnesium, potassium and vitamins A,C and E, antioxidants and folate, fibre and carotenoids along with flavonoids too. The benefits of having fruits such as these would be that your body would stay safe from issues such as vision problems, constipation, respiratory problems and low energy levels, low immunity, inflammations and aches and pains, pressure problems and cholesterol problems too.
  1. When you consume a fruit in its whole form, there are a lot of Summer Fruits nutrition and benefits that you can derive from them. There is a lot of fiber in the pulp of the fruit, which the body would need. Fresh fruit juices are good for the body, but do have the pulp in it for more benefits to attain. Do not have canned juices, because the nutrients are lost in them. When you do drink fresh fruit juice, do not have it in one gulp. Have it slowly and in small mouthfuls. This lets the juice and the saliva mingle well, and you will get good results as well.
Summer Fruits nutrition

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  1. Having fruits raw and not cooked would be the best thing to do. When you cook fruits, you would be stripping the fruit off all its essential nutrient levels. When you are having fruit salads, it would be best to sweeten them with honey if you want, and not with sugar. Sugar is already present in fruits, and this would beat the purpose of cooling the body or helping you lose weight.
  1. Having fruits for breakfast and that too on an empty stomach helps the body have more Summer Fruits nutrition intake. This is why, having fruits right after a meal is not advised. This could lead to bloating or acidity, because the meals you just had mix with the fruits you just ate and the digestion process of the food does not happen properly. This makes everything in the stomach ferment and hence you have digestive disorders too. If you want to have a fruit after meals, have it after two to three hours, say experts.
  1. Remember, there would always be a right time and place to have your summer fruits. Never ever consume any of the fruits at night, since they may cause acid refluxes and hinder the working of the gastroesophegal system. An apple is okay to have two hours after dinner, should you want to have a fruit. This is because apples have pectin in it which help you sleep soundly and nice at night.

So here was everything you had to know about summer fruits to have during the summers, and we also mentioned which of the fruits hels keep the body cool as well. And we also spoke about the right ways to have your fruits for the best Summer Fruits nutrition intake too. Do you have more tips and views to share on this article? Do write in and let us know what your summer fruit diet chart and coolness chart would be like, we would love to hear your thoughts!

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