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Top 8 Indian Foods To Fight Off Fever!

by Fashionlady
Indian Foods To Fight Off Fever

Indian Foods To Fight Off Fever

Fever is one of those ailments that can totally drain your energy, make you weak, lethargic and totally out of sync. You will have to rest, eat the medicines and the right food items to get back on your feet. One big side effect of suffering from fever is the inability to eat or loss of appetite. Unfortunately, one of the ways you can get better faster is to eat the right food. So, even though you are retching at the sight of food, the best way to get rid of your fever is to eat the right kind of food.

An important thing to understand is that when you have a fever, the body is trying to fight the infection. You should fuel your body right and help it to fight the pathogens. The fuel here is the food that you eat every day and eating the right kind of foods can ensure that your body is strengthened to fight the infection.

Top 8 Foods To Fight Off Fever:

This article will give you a list of all the good Indian foods that can help rid you of your feverish symptoms. Hundreds of years of research and wisdom have gone into deciding why these Indian foods are the best to have during fever. They are mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas and hence you can rest assured that these food items will serve you well. Read on to know more:

1. Roti Meal:

A simple roti, sabji and dal (lentils) dish is very good for someone who has a fever because not only is this easily digestible, but you are also getting a balanced diet and it can help boost your immunity, keep you fuller for longer. If possible, have whole-wheat rotis because they can be digested very easily by the body. They are rich in carbs (but in a non-fattening way) and hence can help you gain weight too (most people lose weight during a bout of fever because they are unable to eat the right diet).

Roti Meal

Source: wikimedia.org

2. Rice Platter:

Another very wholesome option – a rice, dal and sabji combination is the same as above – you get all the nutrients, but this one has a higher carb value. Boiled rice can be digested by the body easily and also helps with bloating. Water retention is common with people suffering from fever and having boiled rice can reduce this.

Rice Platter

Source: veganricha.com

3. Steamed Veggies:

Indian veggies are the best way to get all your vitamins and minerals and especially when you consume them in the boiled form. Boiled vegetables are very easy to digest and can help strengthen your body’s immune system. The most important thing to keep in mind is to avoid eating vegetables raw because if you haven’t washed them well, there is a probability that traces of bacteria or other foreign particles may remain and this might make you sicker! So play safe and eat boiled or lightly sauteed veggies to get your dose of vitamins and minerals.

Steamed Veggies

Source: simplyrecipes.com

4. Khichdi:

Khichdi is the quintessential fever food and is actually a combination of all the boiled goodness. So you have your good old boiled rice, boiled dal and of course many vegetables. It is thus a complete food and can help you regain your strength faster when your body is not cooperating with you. Not only is it easily digestible, but you can get all your essentials from this dish. It is known as a complete dish and is a must-have even for toddlers having a fever due to the ease with which it can be digested by the young ones.


Source: taste.com

5. Lentil Soups:

Lentil soup is basically a soup made using dal (pulses or lentils, as they are commonly known). Sometimes along with fever, you also get a really sore throat and it is actually hard to swallow food during this time. Hence, stuff like lentil soups and khichdi can come to your rescue. All these food items can easily be digested by the body and are also powerhouses packed with all the essential nutrients. People mostly prefer lentil soup with veggies (steamed), but if you love nonvegetarian food, you can also add chicken or eggs to it. You should avoid the red meats as far as possible because you might not be able to digest it well and may even have constipation in worst cases.

Lentil Soups

Source: chowstatic.com

6. Curd Rice:

Curd rice is a light and fluffy dish that is good for increasing the good bacteria in your gut which in turn eases your digestion and helps you eat better during feverish times. It is also important for you to make sure you do not have cold yogurt or curd because this may affect your throat and prevent it from getting better. It is advisable to have curd rice during lunch time to ease your digestion.

Curd Rice

Source: pinterest.com

7. Dalia:

Dalia or broken wheat is similar to khichdi or you can prepare it in a sweet form. This dish is a great superfood because of all the goodness it packs within. Not only is it easily digestible, but it can also help you gain some strength and make your fever a breeze. It is in fact considered so good that even older people are given this on a regular basis to boost their strength. The best thing about dalia is the fact that it can be eaten in both the sweet and salty forms. So if you love a good lentil dish, you can cook dalia in the salty form and also add steamed vegetables to it. Otherwise, you can prepare it with a little bit of sugar and milk for breakfast. It is a complete meal and a great way to regain your strength when suffering from fever.


Source: yummyfoodrecipes.in

Keeping yourself hydrated and getting sufficient sleep will ensure that you are on the road to recovery and your fever dissipates sooner!

Hope you liked this article. Share any home remedies you would recommend for fighting fever with other health watchers here.

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