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Water Fasting: Are you Up For It?

by Fashionlady
Water Fasting Diet

Water Fasting

Dieting fads come and go all the time. Most of us blindly follow these fad diets without even realizing the kind of harm our body undergoes. Fasting is a very conscious process and doing something without knowing the repercussions can lead to long-term harm.

One such fasting process is called water fasting and as the name goes, water fasting requires a person to survive just on water. Many people believe in the results of water fasting for weight loss. But here is a word of caution for any such fasting-always consult a dietician or your physician before beginning this sort of fasting. Here is what you should understand – your body is used to the kind of food it gets everyday. All of a sudden you decide that water fasting for weight loss can be the magical way to shed all your fat. So, you read about the health benefits of water fasting and then embark on it.

This is what your body feels – suddenly you are depriving it off the daily food it receives and instead just filling up on water. The body thinks that there is a scarcity of food and will thus start storing the fat. You will then realize the water fasting side effects.

Benefits of Water Fasting


No doubt water fasting is an excellent way to detox, you should however talk to your doctor once before you begin this fasting session. You should also know what this is all about. Read on to know more:

What Is Water Fasting?

As the name suggests, water fasting requires a person to survive just on water for a number of days. Depending on a lot of factors, water fasting can be a daylong or even several days long. Again, a word of caution – only a trained doctor will be able to tell you how long you can keep the fast.


If you are a beginner, try for three days and if you are comfortable enough, you can stretch it for at least 30 days. If you are recovering from a serious illness, it is advisable that you do not fast because the body has not recovered yet. Among the water fasting tips, the most important one is to start the fast only when your body is ready.

Water Fasting Results

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How To Do Water Fasting?

If you have decided to continue with your water fasting, the first and foremost step is to prepare well in advance. You should plan your fast on the days when there would not be too much stress or distractions in your daily routine.

If you are doing a three-day fast, here is the golden rule – you must keep drinking water all through the day for 72 hours. No solid food, or any kind of milk or juice or beverage is allowed during the fasting period. You can choose to have normal or regular water or even mineral water. Your water can be boiled and cooled and had. The goal is to drink at least three litres of water during the entire day.

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Is Water Fasting Safe?

Though water fasting is considered a safe practice, it should only be done under the supervision of a trained naturopathy doctor or a physician. As a result of the fast, your body will undergo some unexpected changes. Since you have food multiple times in a day, shutting down the food supply will make you weak, dizzy and sometimes even nauseous. There are severe fluctuations in your energy levels and you may also experience headaches. Though this is quite normal, if your feelings are exaggerated, stop the fasting immediately and consult a doctor.

Is Water Fasting Beneficial?

Detoxing is a good way to clear out toxins from your body and also lose weight. Water fasting is a good way to achieve both of these. But remember to always do it under the supervision and guidance of a trained person.

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