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Who Wore The Distressed Denim And Jacket Better – Priyanka Or Malaika

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Priyanka Or Malaika
We wonder if the basic blue denim is passe now, because looks like the new forever are there distressed versions.

Be it a cut on the knee, or narrow cuts all through the length or be it the super distressed ones with broad cuts, celebrities are loving them all. And why won’t they since these denims make for just the perfect element to add that rockstar punch to any look.

When the temperatures were soaring a pair of distressed jeans was well paired with tank tops and crop tops carried with sneakers or floaters and totes. Now that the temperatures have taken a dip, our tinsel town pretty faces have opted to layer up their tattered looks with bombers and leather jackets. Punk at it’s streetstyle best!

When two powerful women wore the trending pair most recently, our faith on these torned pairs heightened.

The bold and beautiful Indian actress and Ex-Miss World, Priyanka Chopra, is ticking all the right boxes as far as her run in Hollywood is concerned. Pee Cee has wowed the audiences across the globe not only with her power packed performances but her persona and personal style.

With her most recent spotting on the streets of the big apple, Priyanka has redefined “cool”. Exuding super chill vibes in the freezing city of New York with her all over torn, washed denims PC gave us feels.

Priyanka Chopra

Keeping her warm was her black polo neck knitwear topped with a swanky black biker leather jacket.

The woman took us by surprise pairing her shades of black with a warm red ankle length boots. Brownie points to this addition that took the look further up on our measuring scale.

With her shoulder length manes reflecting that rich hair color, falling in natural curls and a pair of black shades PC totally lived her game changer reputation. A mug in her hand with her initial “P” inscribed, sealed the look to it’s queensely best.

Posh and punk this look was so NYish and absolutely chic. Love Love love.

While we were busy gazing at PC’s look, we came across a yet another distressed denim and jacket appearance that made the cut for a perfect winter distressed denim look. It was the one Malaika Arora Khan carried two days back.


Malaika has a strong screen presence which only doubles courtesy her fashion picks.
Binging on the distressed denim trend for a wow airport look, Malaika worked a light blue pair tattered all through it’s length.

Careful to keep the look chic, glamorous yet casual, Malaika paired the jeans with a grey tee, giving it an instant upgrade with a military green bomber jacket.

Malaika Arora Khan

To add some glamorous touches to her rock chic appearance, Malaika donned a pair of sunglasses and her favorite pair of Gucci sneakers. Airport look done just right!

Gucci sneakers

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