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10 Types of Corporate Handbags You Must Know

by Fashionlady
Corporate Handbags

Corporate Handbags
Handbags – the only accessory every woman carries regardless of her outfit and the occasion. No matter how much you dress up, your look is indeed incomplete without a handbag. And when it comes to work, a handbag is an utmost necessity.

What are the top 10 types of corporate handbags, which go with various professions and taste. Have a look!

1. The Baguette

Creativity strikes from the most unusual objects for innovative minded designers. Their creative ideas are then transformed into a palpable, usable form. Fashion and creativity are synonymous with each other.

Corporate Handbags for womens

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As the name suggests, a baguette bag just looks like a French loaf and is enabled with a handle. This particular bag is available in copious designs and sizes. It is usually, rectangular and short in shape and size.

Fendi, the Italian luxury brand offers classic pieces in its latest spring/summer collection in bold matte and also in a variety of textures.

If you do not carry too much stuff to office and prefer keeping your make-up minimal then the baguette is one for you.

The Italian luxury fashion house, Fendi is all set to raise the Italian fashion standard.

Italian luxury fashion house

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Fendi along-with their creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, has recently opened up their new headquarters in Milan. This newly established nerve center is going to ballyhoo the longest runway in Milan. They are very soon going to launch Silvia Venturini Fendi’s S/S 2014 collection. Located on Via Solari, the Fendi’s latest head office is going to boast off a permanent installation by the sculptor, along with offices, showrooms and the much-discussed runway theater.

2. Doctor’s Bag

Getting inspired from the medical professional’s bag, the doctor’s bag was launched to the market, which instantly became a huge success. This bag has enough space to occupy files, folders and all other stuff – but in a stylish way.

doctors corporate handbag

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This bag is duffel shaped and made up of leather satchel, featuring a flat bottom and rounded sides. This particular handbag has taken the corporate fashion by storm with the fashionable lasses in professions including software, engineering, medicine, architecture, marketing and even teaching carrying it off with aplomb.

These bags, being the size they are, can carry more than just your bare necessities. You can carry your water bottle without making it a separate luggage to workplace.

3. The Satchel

This handbag is actually the original version of the doctor’s bag. They are rather small in size and more feminine. These most commonly used bags are a staple in the women’s professional lives. You can easily come across a myriad of designs in this bag. So, pick one that suits your style sensibilities, be it chained, buckled up, plain or textured.

michael kors Corporate Handbag

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Did you know?

Gwyneth Paltrow has tapped Michael Kors for her personal website Goop. Kores will be launching an exclusive Christmas capsule collection for her commercial website.

chloe tote Corporate Handbag

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These days, these bags are also making their way to corporate world for their simplicity and spacious features. These can go well with smart casuals. The leather tote bags are much in demand for corporate fashion. You can even opt for fabric totes for more casual occasions.


5. The Hobo

These handbags are large crescent-shaped shoulder bags and are among the most sought-after bags for the space, utility, value and style quotient they render. Unlike tote bags, these are usually open on top and feature a main compartment closure. These bags are a perfect fusion of corporate and casual fashion and can go with any look.

mulberry daria hobo handbag

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6. The Bowling Bag

As the name suggests, this bag was originally used to hold a bowling ball and very soon it became a fashionable accessory. This bag is usually larger at the bottom and narrower at the top, serving as a multi-faceted accessory.

Bowling Corporate Handbags

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When you’re on business trip, you must carry this bag, as it can easily occupy travel documents and daily essentials.

7. The Saddle Bag

The saddle bags are sling handbags, whose design is inspired from the bags attached to the horse’s saddle. These handbags are also quite spacious and can go with both ethnic and western outfits.

saddle handbag for womens

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Now some fashion in small packages

8. The Wristlet

This clutch comes with an attached leather/strap, thereby enabling you to hold your bag. It also serves the purpose of wallet in your bag. You can carry it to office if your bare essentials are minimal. You can even carry it to party from work.

valentino Wristlet Handbags for womens

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9. Envelope Bag

This kind of small purse is usually square or rectangular in shape with a trainable-shaped top just like an envelope. It is a better alternative for wallet.

Corporate Envelope Handbags

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10. Cosmetic Case

You can carry this small bag in your office bag to store all of your make-up stuff and hair brush, thereby not loosing them in your bag. This is indeed a smart choice, as it can save the interior of your bag from being spoilt.

dolce and gabbana Cosmetic Case

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 Hope you found this post useful!

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