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Add A Zing Into Your Fitness Routine Through Dance Workout

by Fashionlady
Dance Workout

Dance Workout

Good news for those of you who like to dance around in sleep. Not kidding, my friends. I am referring to the magic of dance workout.

In many gyms, dance workout routines are becoming the in-thing these days. So much so that routine classes are booked months in advance.

There are different slabs or structures in dance workout. Like for instance, there is beginner dance workout, belly dance workout, African dance workout, salsa dance workout, aerobic dance workout, dance fitness workout, dance cardio workout.,etc. And on top of that, there are dance workouts according to the time slots. Such as, 30 minute dance workout, 10 minute dance workout, 30 minute aerobic dance workout, etc.

Irrespective of the nature of dance workout routines, this fun-filled fitness philosophy is here to stay, and big time.

Dance Workout Routines

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Why Should You Do Dance Workout?

Here are some valid reasons as to why you should steal time out of your busy schedules for doing dance workout in the first place.

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1. Low Impact

A dance workout is non-stressful as compared to running, where you end up putting stress on your ankles and joints. Therefore, beginner dance workout allows beginners to start a workout program without worrying over injuries.

For those of you who have just recovered after injury, dance workouts are a great way to start fitness program. And then it lets your body to get back to the level of strength and flexibility it once had.

Beginner Dance Workout

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Also, those affected with bone-related problems can do dance workouts since it will help increase the strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, and muscle tone.

2. All About Fun

An average workout seems repetitive with time. After a while, boredom steps in. So if you have to stay in line with your fitness goals, then doing belly dance workout to workout dance music will help you rediscover the fun quotient.

Workout Dance Music

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3. Cardio

Dancing means a lot of leg work, and more so when you combine it with dynamic and power moves. And then it forces you to work on speed and coordination by using complex whole-body movements. The total power resulting out of all this leads to a moderate cardio session.

Considering how dance routines are low in impact, and are not so taxing and stressful for your joints, this might be the best way of doing cardio for those who decide to start on fitness for the first time.

30 Minute Aerobic Dance Workout

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What To Include In Dance Workout Routine?

Now that the “why” part is sorted out, let us know about the “how”. Whether you are novice or a fitness professional, here is how to go about dance workouts.

2. Raising Knees

This puts in more balance and strength as added bonus to strengthening your lower ab.

3. Squats Please

Once you have got enough strength and control in the lower part of your body and your joints as well, start lowering your body more during workouts by including squats.


4. Pilates

Introduce Pilates exercises by adding rhythm. This training method is a crossover between traditional exercise and dancing routines.

5. Start With Explosive Movements

After the results begin to show, you will be able to carry out more explosive movements as a result of increased balance and control over your body.

6. Don’t Forget To Play Music

Tune the speed, intensity, and dynamism in movement through workout dance music. Start with lower tempo tracks and then increase the training intensity by changing the music. Keep shifting between various genres and length of sound tracks so as to get enough diversity.

Belly Dance Workout

The beauty of belly dance workout is that it is not just about jiggling your hips; it is an abs workout that sculpts every single muscle in your body.

African Dance Workout

Check out these high intensity African-inspired dance moves to boost your metabolism and deliver faster results.

Salsa Dance Workout

The salsa dance workout is an aerobic workout where your movements are related to the hot style of Salsa, a dance style created specifically for Salsa music.

Let us check out more on dance workout for dummies.

So what is your pick in dance workout? What would you like to try out – belly dance workout, salsa dance workout, aerobic dance workout, dance fitness workout or dance cardio workout? Tell us your choice by commenting below.

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