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Almonds Weight Loss: The Do’s And The Don’t’s

by Fashionlady
Almonds for weight loss for women

Almonds for weight loss

If you thought nuts added on to your calories and made you fatter, you could be horribly wrong! Nuts, especially almonds are the best weapon for weight loss. Loaded with nutrients, almonds are little powerhouses of energy, which keep you full without leaving you guilty! So, how do you incorporate almonds for weight loss? Here are some handy tips!

Most nuts are rich in healthy fats, meaning they only give you the fats that are essential for the body. This way, you can snack on them guilt-free and not gain weight too. In addition, the digestion time for nuts is longer, so this prevents you from binging on unhealthy snacks between meals.

Why Do Almonds Help You Lose Weight?

1. Almonds Contain Good Fat

Almonds give our body the good fat it needs. So, no matter how much you binge, your body is not going to stock up on those ugly fats! This is one of the main reasons why dieticians also advise nuts while designing a meal plan for weight loss.

2. High On Fibre

Fibrous food fills you up faster than other food. So eating a bowl of almonds can make for a great meal and also keep you full for longer. This means, no binging on unhealthy snacks in-between meals. Also, they are high in monounsaturated fats, protein, and fiber, which contribute to the feeling being full. Make sure that you always go in for raw and whole almonds, instead of the salted or processed ones, as they contain excessive salts which increase the sodium level in the blood.

3. Reduces Belly Fat

Struggling to get rid of this ugly flags around your waist? It’s time to include almonds in your diet. These nuts help you add on muscle mass and their monounsaturated fats help in reducing the body mass index or BMI.

4. Rich In Nutrients

There is no better food than almonds if you want all your nutrients in one go! These power-packed nuts are rich in magnesium, vitamin E, and anti oxidants. Magnesium helps to maintain our blood sugar levels and reduces food cravings by keeping us full. This, inturn helps to maintain our body weight. While you workout, you build up your muscle mass. Magnesium is an excellent source of energy and helps build the muscle mass during the workouts. Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, increases the blood flow, which lets muscles contract more easily. Need more to add these to your plate?

How To Eat Almonds For Weight Loss?

We all might have used this wonder nut as a topping to our desserts and cakes, but is this right if you are trying to shed that extra pound? Certainly not! Simply adding almonds to a whole lot of sugary sweets is definitely not going to let to achieve your target. However, there are many recipes which can help you lose weight while letting get your dose of this yummy nut too!

Here’s how you must incorporate almonds into your diet if you are looking to lose weight.

1. Go Nuts With Your Salad

Salads are the first and foremost dish for weight loss! So, while you are figuring out what to add to make it yummy, almonds might be the right choice. Throw in a few almonds along with those healthy veggies and add an extra crunch to your otherwise humble salad.

How many almonds to eat per day for weight loss

2. Garnish Your Oatmeal

Oatmeal is rich in fiber and so are almonds. So when you have both in one dish, you are sure to stay fuller for long. Add a few almonds and berries to your oatmeal and let it stay in the fridge overnight. Have this for breakfast and see how to aids in weight loss.

4. Snack On It!

Keep a small box of almonds at your work desk and snack on them when you are hungry. You could also roast them slightly to get that extra crunch. This will help you answer your hunger pangs and also refrain from binging on unhealthy junk!

5. Almond And Honey Bar

Make a granola bar by yourself with this power nut. Add some oats, sesame seeds, almonds and honey and make a bar out of it. This delicious bar can not only serve as an on-the-go breakfast but will also satiate your sweet tooth, without breaking your diet.

How to eat almonds for weight loss

6. Fruit Salad

Fruits are a part of any weight loss diet plan. However, have you ever tried throwing in a few almonds along with some fresh seasonal fruits? Try it and we bet you won’t regret!

Almonds for weight loss for girls

7. Low Calorie Almond Butter

Replace your peanut butter with a low calorie almond butter. This can be used as a spread for toast, dip for blanched veggies or simply dunked in between multigrain biscuits. Sounds like fun no? Try it now!

Almonds Help To health

8. Almond Milk

Who knew making your own almond will would be so simple and tasty! Stock up your fridge with slim or soy milk and simply grind in a few almonds into it. You could also add a tablespoon of honey to make it taste better.

Now that you have a whole lot of weight loss recipes you can try using almond, is it alright to eat as many as you like? definitely not! So how many almonds to eat per day for weightless? This is a tricky question, most of us ask ourselves, but seldom have managed to find the right answer. Here’s what’s good for you on a daily basis.

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How Many Almonds To Eat Per Day

How many almonds to eat per day for weight loss can be very tricky as an overdose can actually backfire in a bad way. About 5-8 almonds, soaked in water can do a whole of good while you are trying to lose that ugly flab. So ensure you stick to the number so that you reap the right results!

Soaked Almonds For Weight Loss

Soaked almonds are great for weight loss. Starting your day with 4-5 pieces of soaked almonds can help kickstart your metabolism and keep you energetic and active through the day. Leave it overnight and have them first thing in the morning. Wondering what this will do? From aiding weight loss and digestion to keeping your heart and cholesterol levels in check, soaked almonds can be a best friend for your entire body.


Well, now that you know what you must add to your diet to get slim and trim, why not start off right away? Happy eating!

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