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Avoid These Foods That Cause Sweating – Including Coffee!

by Fashionlady
Foods That Cause Sweating

Foods That Cause Sweating

It is but embarrassing when someone points out to you that you sweat too much. And it is also true that you are what you eat, as the old adage says. With that being said, here are a couple of foods that cause sweating, which we have all our lives happily indulged in and should bring it down to bare minimum consumption. Take a look at these foods that cause sweating; be shocked and surprised, because these foods that cause sweating, could be the reason why you have body odor too.

Food That Makes You Smell In Excess Due To Body Odor

Here are five foods that you should immediately start cutting down upon!

1. Cups Of Coffee

Agreed that coffee has its benefits and can help in beauty regimes too, but if you have to consume a cup, consume it cold. Hot coffee makes you sweat, because of the thermogenic effect and the activation of sweat glands. The sweat glands overwork and become highly active, which is why the more you consume it the more shall you perspire. Regardless of the amount of coffee you drink, if it is hot, your body shall show telltale signs of sweat and body odor! This is one of the many foods that make you smell/stinks food that makes you sweat.

Food That Make You Smell

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2. Chillies And Peppers

Our Indian dishes aren’t devoid of peppers and chilies, and they help lose weight too. But too much of peppers or chilies consumed can cause thermogenic effects in the body, which makes the sweat glands work on the double. This means the body would sweat more and you would stink at the end of the day. Imagine going to a party after work, without having time to shower and you are all smelly- embarrassing, isn’t it?

Food That Makes You Swea

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3. Milk

High fat and whole milk can cause you to sweat a lot, and produce body odors too. whole milk or high-fat milk can drive the sweat glands to work on the double, which is why you should minimize the consumption altogether. What you could have is skimmed milk or low-fat milk, which is surely good for health needs and to bring down the sweaty tales too.

Sweating After Food

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4. Table Salt

Stop using table salt too much! This isn’t only for your health we say, but also to help bring down the overworking of sweat glands in the body. When large amounts of salt are consumed, chances are that the swat glands would work on the double to do away with an excess of sodium in the body. Cutting down on salt would help the glands function well and also helps keep the body in good stead, sans high blood pressure to deal with.

Food That Make You Stink

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5. Soups

Best to have them in winters, but if you do have soups in summers, try the chilled ones. There is a reason why soups are served hot and piping in winter months, because of the thermogenic effects it creates in the body. Soups raise the body temperature a lot, which makes the sweat glands once again work on the double. So here you go, minimizing the consumption of soups in your daily meals would be the best way to bring down sweaty issues.


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Does Your Face And Armpit Sweat When You Eat?

It is common to see yourself or someone else sweat when they eat or are sweating after food, even when they sit in an air-conditioned room. This is also called the FREYS SYNDROME, where a simple meal can make you burst into a sweat. And sometimes it can happen while eating foods that aren’t warm or hot as well, but cold ones such as ice creams too.

Freys Syndrome

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If you or someone you know is suffering from the same, the good folks are sweathelp.org say “Often called gustatory sweating or gustatory hyperhidrosis (and sometimes called Frey’s syndrome), this food-related sweating can be extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable. Imagine yourself sweating excessively on your face and neck at a fancy restaurant while on a dinner date, or sweating as you wait for a business lunch to be served… Fortunately, treatment for gustatory sweating is possible”.

Parotid gland

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Speak to a doctor!

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