20 Chic 1930s Cocktail Dresses to Emulate and Wear At Christmas 2021


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Christmas is almost knocking and this year we plan to go all old-world glam sham, bringing back the chic 1930s that once rocked the scene. Is it the makeup? Is it the themed parties? Or the cocktail dresses, that says it all? What about the last one, which holds more importance, while you take a look at other ways to do your 1930s makeup!

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Best cocktail dresses
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What Defined The 1930s Vintage Style Cocktail Dresses?

Before we go any further to show you more of the vintage style cocktail dresses, understanding a little history and learning about the 1930s fashion would be an apt thing to do. This makes it easier for you to get into the emotional aspect of the 1930s fashion, an era where the depression changed the world of fashion AND FOR GOOD!

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Jean Harlow (Hollywood diva in the 1930s) was the fashion icon in vintage wear! What we saw in the 1920s were the angular and very straight silhouettes and cuts, which accentuated the curves of the beautiful lady. The 1930s saga was a celebration of the female body, her sensuality, her feminine ways, and romanticizing the idea of being a woman overall- flaunting a curvaceous natural waist as well.

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With the 1930s cocktail party dresses, one would notice the hemlines were mostly at the shin or the ankle, with a higher touch given as the 1940s arrived.

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1930s Fashion
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Rayon and not silk was mostly used when the great depression happened, and the 1930s was also known as the GOLDEN AGE OF HOLLYWOOD and the BIG BANG ERA too.

1930s Cocktail Dresses
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It was a time when PYTs and celebs alike flaunted glamorous cocktail party dress ideas galore; silver to metal tones, authentic to vintage and more.

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cocktail party dress ideas
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In Came Madame Vionnet

Madame Vionnet was the pioneer of ‘figure flattering cocktail dresses’, made back in the 1930s. The look was that of ladylike and flowy, made from rayon and silk.

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There were gowns made from cotton and lightweight too, and yes of course, the feminine floral touches or the bold geometric prints, made their mark in the 1930s as well.

Famous Cocktail Dresses
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For evening wear, the look was always and utmost elegant to say the least- blues and royal beige or greens and purples in velvet preferably were worn by the rich and the famous.

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Sensuous and clinging to the body, the satin gown was a favorite of Ginger Rogers and Carole Lombard, sported well back then.

Womens cocktail dresses
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Keeping in mind the bodices, they were fitted and had collars quite elaborate- cape like appearance, drapes and ruffles.

1930 party dresses
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Most gowns had fluffy sleeves, thin belts and peplum tops

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Coming to the end of the of the 1930s, one would notice cocktail party outfit ideas more with V-Necks (quite daring back then), elaborate hip lines and layers of flares as well.

Best cocktail dresses
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What To Pair These Lovely Dresses With?

The cocktail dresses are best paired with hats that are decorated with bows or flowers. In addition to that, the look can be achieved with embellished bodices or intricately designed waist lines. Always wear a hat with an angled touch and it should have berets or wide brims.

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Have fun!


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