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Beauty Benefits Of Sleep – Who Thought Sleep Could Be So Important?

by Fashionlady
Beauty Benefits Of Sleep

Beauty Benefits Of Sleep

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, people are getting busier by the day. A good night’s sleep has become almost a luxury now days. Professionals today are so busy that they consider sleep to be a waste of time. People look for short trips, vacations and weekend getaways to take that much needed break and rest. People tend to believe that break is enough to do away with their sleep deprivation worries. In reality, that is not the case. Besides, the cherry on the cake is that there are several beauty benefits of sleep.

Benefits Of Sleep For Skin

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Sleep is one the most important things in one’s life, since it directly effects the functioning of your entire body. The importance of getting enough sleep is something we tend to overlook. But, quality sleep at the right time can help protect and preserve your mental health, physical health and in fact your total quality of life. The way one feels while they are awake depends indirectly on your part on your sleep cycles. During sleep, your body is working rigorously to support healthy brain functioning and maintaining one’s physical health. The damage from sleep-deficiency can occur in an instant or it can harm you over the course of time. For example, sleep deficiency can raise your risk for some very chronic health problems. It can also affect how well you think, react, work, learn, get along with others and for that fact how you look.

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Yes! You read that right, therefore in this article, we decided to bring you the beauty benefits of sleep.

Skin Benefits Of Sleep

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Consistent sleep cycles actually make you look healthier and attractive, according to a study published in the British Journal. Researchers in this study photographed 23 people after a substantial period of sleep deprivation and consequently after a normal night’s sleep of about eight hours. The photos were then shown to 65 random people who rated each photo randomly based on health, attractiveness and tiredness. The sleep deprived group of people scored lower in all three categories respectively. This goes onto show that sleep is extremely essential for you.

Can Sleep Help Acne

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Truth Behind Benefits Of Sleep For Skin

While we sleep, our skin is actually in repair mode. Thus, sleep deprivation can lead to a number of skin issues since it is not being able to self-heal itself. Some of these issues may show up immediately or within 2-3 days, while other harsher side effects can be the result of weeks or for that case even year, of inadequate sleep.

Importance To Get Enough Sleep

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Most of us women already know what to expect when they look at themselves in the mirror after a late night or early morning. Dark circles, puffy/bloated eyes and a dull washed out zombie-like complexion are just a few of the things that need a magical touch from the makeup box. Luckily enough these are usually temporary conditions and following a smart skincare regimen and good rest can get your skin looking good as new again in no time.

Beauty sleeping

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However, if you keep staying awake for longer periods, that is, after about a few weeks of sleep deprivation, you may start to notice more fine lines, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and sagging skin. Sleep deprivation makes your skin more susceptible to moisture loss and this may make the skin’s natural healing from sunburn slower. If a proper sleep regime is followed, all the above issues can be avoided and the benefits of sleep for skin can reap rewards for you.

Beauty Benefits of Sleep for Skin

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Skin Benefits Of Sleep

  1. Proper sleep cycles can keep blood pressure levels normal, making skin look radiant and improve circulation, resulting in bright eyes.
  2. The stress hormone cortisol is released after an inadequate night’s sleep. This Cortisol breaks down collagen (the skin’s natural support structure), making skin sag and wrinkles more prominent. This can be avoided completely.
  3. Proper sleep can also help your hair look better with a good shine and better overall texture.

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Can Sleep Help Acne?

If you are not getting good quality sleep every night, the natural skin repair can’t go on, and your body ends up with increased number of inflammation, more toxins, more stress, heightened insulin resistance, and overall lower immune function, all of which contribute to acne. When you sleep well, all these levels are checked by the body naturally and acne problems are reduced significantly.

Now, that you know of the skin benefits of sleep , we hope you will think before spending another sleepless night.

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