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10 Incredible Benefits Of Chamomile Oil

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Chamomile Oil Benefits

Essentials oils are known to be concentrated extracts. They are very popular in treating overall health and skin problems. The chamomile essential oil for instance has been used for centuries for treating various conditions and ailments. The article below highlights the several benefits of the chamomile oil, and how one can use it safely.

Benefits Of Chamomile Oil

What Is Chamomile Oil?

Chamomile oil is a popular flowering plant derived from the chamomile plant. There are two chamomile types namely the Roman Chamomile and the German Chamomile. The essential oils extracted from these two variants are almost similar but their composition is dissimilar. Roman chamomile has a more calming effect while the German Chamomile is an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

There are several other benefits of chamomile oil and they are listed below:

Top Benefits Of Chamomile Essential Oil:

Here is everything you need to know about the wonders of this essential oil:

1. Treat Depression And Anxiety:

Chamomile essential oil is used as a mild sedative to calm and reduce anxiety symptoms. It also promotes relaxation. Inhaling the oil is one of the most effective ways to use the oil for anxiety. The scent is transmitted to the brain directly. Studies reveal that the oil has been used as a pain relief for treating depressive and anxiety signs.

2. Lifts Off PMS Symptoms:

Roman chamomile essential oil acts as a natural mood lifter to reduce depressive symptoms. It has anti-spasmodic agents which can soothe menstrual pain that are commonly related to PMS like back pain and headaches. Its relaxant agents make it an effective solution for treating PMS symptoms and it can even treat acne that may appear because of the changes in hormonal imbalance.

3. Promote Skin Health:

Chamomile essential oil is a popular ingredient used in beauty cosmetics as they treat dark spots and diminish scars. It is also a natural remedy for other skin conditions like wounds, eczema, gout, ulcers, cracked nipples, eye and ear infections, blisters, and nappy rash.

4. Acts As Allergic Reliever:

Roman chamomile oils have antioxidant and antimicrobial agents, and are commonly used for treating hay fever. It can also relieve signs of mucus congestion, seasonal allergy symptoms, and irritations. When applied topically, the oil can also relieve from skin irritations.

5. Improves Heart Health:

The essential oil can keep the heart protected because of its Flavonoids levels. It can reduce all signs of coronary heart disease when consumed orally. The Flavonoids present in the chamomile oil can also lower blood pressure and act as relaxant.

6. Helps In Digestive Upset:

Chamomile oil is used commonly for gastrointestinal conditions like digestive problems. The oil possesses anodyne agents and can be used for treating stomach upset. It can help in dispelling gas, soothe the stomach, and relax the muscles. The oil also contains relaxing agents, which can be used internally and topically to treat nausea.

7. Anti-cancer Properties:

The chamomile extracts helps in the treatment of cancer according to some researchers. The same study also revealed that this remedy can also reduce the growth of cancer cells to spread blood vessels which form tumors.

8. Treats Rheumatic Symptoms:

The oil treats dysfunction in the circulatory system, improves blood circulation, and detoxifies blood from toxins. So they help in treating problems like arthritis and rheumatism related to poor circulation. This ability makes the oil known as a great anti-phlogistic agent.

9. Reduces Anger:

The oil is effective in calming down anger, irritation, and mood swings especially in children. While the oil helps adults in treating inflammation, particularly in the digestive or urinary system. Both variants reduce blood pressure and reduce blood vessel swelling.

10. Removes Toxic Agents:

The essential oil can increase perspiration, which in turn helps in removing harmful toxins causing infection from our body. It lowers down our body temperature and relief from fever.

How To Use Chamomile Essential Oil:

There are various ways to use the chamomile essential oil. They can be applied topically on the skin, taken orally, and also be diffused. Here are simple methods to use the oil for treating different conditions:

  • Fight off depression and anxiety- Diffuse five drops of the oil or inhale it directly from the bottle
  • Improve Digestion- Apply two to four drops topically to the stomach. When diluted with a carrier oil, it can be used in low doses for treating diarrhea and colic in children
  • Good Sleep- Diffuse chamomile oil on your pillow or rub two drops into your forehead or inhale directly
  • Calm children- Diffuse the oil at home or dilute two drops of coconut oil. Apply the mixture topically on temples, nape, wrists, feet, and stomach
  • Treat Acne- Dab two to three drops of the chamomile oil onto cotton ball. Apply onto affected area. If you sensitive skin, then make sure to use it with a carrier oil. You may also add five drops of the chamomile oil to your face wash for daily cleansing.
  • Improves Heart Health- Apply two to four drops of the oil topically over the heart or take it orally.

Side Effects Of Chamomile Oil:

Chamomile oils are concentrated and shouldn’t be taken internally without consulting a qualified doctor. Some are toxic. You may opt for chamomile tea instead. There are potential side effects of the oil you should be aware of. Some of them are:

Skin Irritation- Essential oils may cause skin irritation in few people. If you are not sure about your skin sensitivity level, take little amount of undiluted chamomile oil and apply on the elbow. If you notice any irritations like itching, swellings, and redness, then stop using it altogether.

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