The 6 Incredible Benefits Of Longjing Tea


Do you know longjing tea has been used for many years, but it had not been spread to other parts of the world until recent times?

Longjing Tea Benefits

There are several types of longjing tea which are Shi Feng Longjing tea, Mei Jia Wu Longjing tea, and xi hu Longjing tea, including others. The Shi Feng tea leaves have a yellow and green color with a strong flavor. Mei Jia Wu leaves have an unusual jade-green color. Xi-Hu has concentrated potency and is used continuously in several infusions.

What is Longjing Tea?

Longing tea is a green tea variety that is commonly known as Dragon Well Tea. It is prepared using hand by heating large pans or woks. This tea is roasted right after being selected stopping the oxidation process. By preventing the oxidation process, the tea is able to hold a high concentration of antioxidants, polyphenolic compounds, and catechins.

The longing tea has a mild astringent, similar with other green teas. But it is light yellow in color, rather than yellow-green color compared to other similar teas.

Here Is a List Of Best 6 Longjing Tea Benefits

The top benefits of longjing tea are weight loss management, prevention of cancer, relief from stress and anxiety symptoms, and reduced risk of heart ailments.

Longjing Tea For Health

1. Weight Loss

The green tea contains oxidants that can aid to burn fat inside our body. But based on studies, longjing tea has the highest amount of oxidants, which is known as catechins. When this oxidant is mixed with caffeine contained in longjing tea, it may lead to increased metabolism and burn fat.

2. Stress Relief

The longjing tea has soothing properties and contains amino-acids known as L-Theanine. The amino acid can soothe our heart and makes us feel refreshed and energized.

3. Cancer Prevention

The longjing tea has high concentration of catechins and polyphenols can reduce your risk of developing various types of cancers.

4. Improves Heart Health

The tea is known for lowering blood pressure and keeps the body cholesterol levels under control. It can thus prevent atherosclerosis and lower your risk of heart attack, coronary heart problems, and stroke.

Longjing Tea

5. Great Coffee Substitute

The longjing tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine and is a great coffee alternative. The tea can keep you awake but is not as strong as coffee.

6. Improves Oral Health

Longjing tea contains fluorine that is helpful for reducing bad breath and tooth decay. You may consume this tea daily to attain a healthy smile.

Longjing Tea Side Effects

There are not much side effects related with the longing tea but it may sometimes lead to gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, constipation, and stomach problems. In addition, drinking too much tea may lead to nervous system and sleep problems.

Longjing Tea Side Effects

FAQS on Longjing Tea

Q.1. How do you serve longjing tea?

A. The longjing tea is prepared by boiling some water. After that, allow the water to cool down and add a teaspoon of the longjing tea on a cup. Then pour the water. Allow it to diffuse around three to four minutes. Do not add sugar as the tea is already sweet and you may want to enjoy the tea in its absolute best.

Q.2. Are pregnant woman allowed to consume tea?

A. It is not advisable for pregnant women to consume longjing tea. Since the tea contains caffeine, it may lead to birth abnormalities.

Q.3. What is one fun fact about the tea?


  1. Very helpful information. Thank you. I am 67yo and drinking longjing tea has helped my digestion and blood pressure. Cynthia


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