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Benefits Of Mineral Oil For Hair And Skin

by Fashionlady
Mineral Oil For Skin And Hair

There are many ways that mineral oil is used for hair and skin. However, it is used in many ways that do not directly relate to one’s health as well. For example, you can use mineral oil to get stains removed, to clean and to sanitize surfaces at home and to make the tools you use rust proof as well. In some cases, mineral oil has also been used for bringing good smells and odor at home, and to seal wood as well.

Benefits Of Mineral Oil

But remember, with the use of mineral oil extensively, there could be side effects too. Some of which are-

  1. Bleeding
  1. Diarrhea
  1. Pregnancy complications
  1. Affecting pre-existing medical conditions
  1. Interaction with medications, etc, which is why using mineral oil for long-term basis is not advised. The nature of this oil is very powerful, hence you should always consult your health advisor before you add this oil to your daily routine, say experts.

What is Mineral Oil?

They call it a natural byproduct from the refining process for crude oil before it turns into petroleum products or gasoline. And since the global market for petroleum products is large, mineral oil is not tough to find and is easily available as well. There are many other terms that define this oil, but crude oil refining byproduct is the easiest and the most common form described for it.

Mineral oil does not have color or smell and has a lot of alkanes and cycloalkanes in it, which are removed when the refining process is on. This is why, this oil is mostly seen as an ingredient in various cosmetics and preservatives, medicines and other food products too; you also would find this oil as an ingredient in cleaning and commercial products too, across the world.

There are many Benefits of using mineral oil though, and since it is versatile by nature, experts opine that this is an oil which is a must-have in every home too.

It Is Good For Those That Suffer From:

  1. Constipation
  1. Indigestion
  1. Dehydration
  1. Skin inflammation
  1. Eczema
  1. Psoriasis
  1. Dry skin
  1. Dandruff
  1. Scalp issues
  1. Hair and skin issues too, mineral oil would be good to use.

Mineral Oil For Hair, Skin, Beauty And Health:

For Dry Skin:

Mineral oil is a natural sealant for your skin, which helps lock the moisture and prevent the skin from drying. This means, your skin would not be prone to inflammation and infections, and you would have a very healthy appearance as well.

Mineral Oil For Skin

Source: healthnwellnessmantra.com

Helps Treat Skin Conditions:

If you are suffering from eczema and psoriasis or other skin inflammatory disorders and diseases, you should use mineral oil. This is because the oil acts as an emollient and also as a moisturizer. It helps clear those pesky infections soon and also heals the skin faster too.

Use It As a Makeup Remover:

This is a boon for those of us that use makeup every day, but didn’t know which would be the makeup remover. You can now use mineral oil. This is because there are alkanes in the oil which are good enough to cut through the toughest of chemical mixtures and other oils. When you gently apply mineral oil to the face, it would help take out all the makeup and clean the skin. However, you need to be careful when using the oil near the nose and the eyes, because it could cause irritation.

No More Constipation:

If you have a block GI tract, this would be the oil to help you clear the tract up. What it does is to lube the tract up and promote peristalsis motion. This is a motion that induces bowel movements and removes the constipation symptoms as well. It is an oil which does not allow the walls of the stomach to absorb the liquid and does not allow the stools to harden too. And thus, there would be no cramps, bloating, and constipation to be bothered about.

Do Away With Gut Inflammation:

Gut inflammation is serious just as constipation is. However, mineral oil is hydrating and soothes the gut. What it does is coat the stomach and does not allow irritation from bacterial infection or food to happen. This is how it helps clear up any stomach issues and disorders you may have.


Say Goodbye To Dandruff:

Mineral oil is very hydrating and also very moisturizing, which is a boost to the scalp. What it does is to eliminate the dry skin on the scalp. And this is how you can effectively end the woes of dandruff for good. What you need to do is to massage a little bit of mineral oil onto the scalp and the hair roots. You can mix this oil with any other oil that is hair boosting and use it.

Use It For Hair Care:

We spoke about how mineral oil can be used to eliminate dandruff, but did you know the same oil can be used to improve the appearance and texture, elasticity and shine of your hair too? Applying this oil helps neutralize the frizz on the hair and also treats split ends effectively as well. Even if you have dry hair, this is an oil which will help moisturize and hydrate the hair, locking the moisture in.

Mineral Oil For Hair

Source: hairbyesra.co.uk

So here were the many benefits of mineral oil. Now let’s take a look at the side effects of using this oil too. Please continue reading on and be well-informed.

Mineral Oil

Source: walmart.com

So here were the many side effects and the benefits of mineral oil for hair, skin, beauty, and health. If you have more information on what best mineral oil can be used for, topically or non-topically, do write in!

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