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11 Low Impact Exercises That Can Help You Live A Better Life

by Fashionlady
Low Impact Exercises

If you are a beginner to working out, or having problems with joint pain or injuries, then low impact exercises are an effective method. This type of routine focuses on placing one foot on the ground and ease off strain or pressure from your body.

Low Impact Exercises

Practicing Low Impact Exercises can also benefit your ankles, knees, and other body parts without much intensity. They are less stressful to the body and work up the muscles completely.

11 Effective Low Impact Exercise To Get You Started:

Below, we’ve collected 11 best low impact workout that will put your health in best condition. They’re also great as a daily workout routine. Take a look.

1. Cycling:

Cycling is an effective low impact exercise and it is easy on the joints, too. Static exercising bikes are more effective for starters, as they provide better back support. Similar with walking, cycling increases the intensity. Here are the tips to follow while doing stationary cycling:

  • Someone who weighs 160 pounds loses about 290 calories whilst cycling at a speed rate of 5 ½ mph an hour.
  • Taking group cycling classes offer better motivation. And one tends to lose more calories.
  • If you are a beginner, then cycle at a comfortable speed rather than keeping up with others speed limit.


2. Walking:

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), walking is one of the efficient low-impact exercises. It is one of the simplest routines to follow. All you literally need is a pair of walking shoes. Here are the best tips to execute the routine:

  • On days when the weather is not so friendly, you obviously cannot go walking outdoors. But you can still practice in the treadmill whilst adjusting the speed control and duration.
  • You may burn calories depending on your weight and the exertion you put through with each step.
  • A person weighing 160 pounds may burn about 276 calories per hour after walking briskly for 3.5 miles an hour.

3. Bridge with Chest Press:

The bridge with chest press routine is great for the Derrière, core, hamstrings, and the chest. Here are the steps to execute the routine correctly:

  • Begin by keeping your back flat and your knees bended.
  • Stand erect keeping your feet and hips a width apart. Place your heels a few inches away from the derrière.
  • Grab a set of dumbbells using your hands.
  • Raise your hips up and squeeze out the glutes. Then create a diagonal line starting from the shoulders till knees.
  • Hold the bridge position. Then swing your arms towards the sides whilst bending the elbows to around 90 degrees so that your hands are positioned upwards.
  • Move the dumbbells over the chest until they collide. Then gradually lower it down.
Bridge with Chest Press

Source: popsugar.com

4. Dumbbell Thruster:

Whenever you are trying out compound exercises, you tend to lose weight as you use various body parts at same interval. Therefore, the dumbbell thruster is incredibly efficient. Here are the steps to execute the routine correctly:

  • Standing keeping your feet your hips a distant apart.
  • Grab a dumbbell in both hands.
  • Keep your palms in the opposite direction whilst bending your elbows around your shoulders.
  • Center the hips back and forth into squat form and lower yourself low as possible.
  • Press your heels hard for standing and push the dumbbells above your head in one take.
  • Return to squat position. Repeat.
Dumbbell Thruster

Source: spotmegirl.com

5. Plank Jacks:

While executing plank jacks, you will feel your shoulders and core burn. For this routine, you may use your legs to walk as an alternative to hopping. Here are the steps to execute the routine correctly:

  • Begin in high plank.
  • Keep your core engaged.
  • Jump the feet in and out.
  • You can also try this routine using your forearms instead of wrist.
Plank Jacks

Source: popsugar.com

6. Overhead Tricep Extension:

Overhead Tricep extension routine targets the Tricep head whilst creating a defined look behind your arms. Here are the steps to execute the routine correctly:

  • Stand erect keeping your feet and shoulder a width apart.
  • Grab dumbbells using both hands. Then lift hands keeping elbows bent, behind the neck, pointing upwards.
  • Stretch the forearms upwards without shifting your upper arms. Lower your shoulders and tighten your core.
  • Keep your forearms down to starting pose.
Overhead Tricep Extension

Source: gethealthyu.com

7. Mock Jumping Rope (with low jump):

To get full impact of mock jumping rose routine, you need to make a high jump. Here the steps to execute it correctly:

  • Stand erect keeping your feet and hips a distance apart.
  • Jump few inches off on ground level whist landing your feet on the balls.
  • Repeat the steps without pausing.
  • Imitate the wrist motion similar to skipping rope.
  • Mock Jumping Rope

8. Swimming:

Water aerobics or swimming tends to tone down your body as per the muscle groups. Here are few tips if you choose water aerobics as your activity of choice:

  • Maintain a steady pace throughout your workout routine.
  • You may also join a group water aerobics class for higher impact.
  • As an effective low-impact exercise, swimming tends one to lose calories. Examples are if someone is weighing 160 pounds then he loses about 254 calories while going on a swim for 30 minutes.

Source: tmactive.co.uk

  • Perform squats and lunges to benefit quads, glutes, core, and hamstrings. Or, modify these moves using a physio ball or chair against a wall.
  • By learning these routines, you’ll strengthen the muscle masses.
  • Remember if the glutes are weak, you’ll end up putting pressure on the knees. Or if the core is weak, then you will end up putting pressure on the back.
TRX Strength Training

Source: acefitness.org

11. Step-ups:

The step-up routine is beneficial to do at home and gym. It is a great exercise for bad knees increasing stability, and improving leg muscles. You may hold on to a wall for support. To make it challenging, hold the one-footed pose. Read ahead on how to execute the steps correctly.

  • Place your right leg on the first stair.
  • Raise your left leg off the ground without placing it on the next step.
  • Hold the pose for few seconds keeping your right leg.
  • Next step down the left leg, after that the right.
  • Repeat from the other side.
  • Repeat 10-15 counts on each side.



Q.1. What are good low impact exercises?

A. Activities which does not entail any exertion or force on joints are referred to as low impact exercises. For doing this routine, one tends to use either feet or one feet to stay in touch on the ground. The examples of good low-impact exercises are yoga, strength training, walking, swimming, etc.

Q.2. What does low impact exercise mean?

A. Low impact exercise is adaptive for all kinds of fitness. This routine lessens force applied on the body and is gentler on bones, joints, and connective tissues. There are several benefits to low-impact routines, but the results are not as impactful as the high-end exercises.

Q. 3. Is dancing a low impact exercise?

A. Yes, there are some forms of dancing that are known to be low-impact exercises. The dance-inspired workouts that are suitable include zumba, cardio barre, and ballroom dancing.

Q.4. What low impact exercises burn the most calories?

A. The low impact exercises that burn the maximum calories are swimming, kettlebell routines, cycling, yoga, metabolic strength circuits, and rowing.

Q.5. Is walking a low impact exercise?

A. Walking is one of the efficient and effective low impact exercises. You may burn calories depending on your weight and the exertion you put through with each step. For example, a person weighing 160 pounds may burn about 276 calories per hour after walking briskly for 3.5 miles an hour.

The Low Impact Exercises are great because it teaches us to work on ourselves but without too much exertion. Hope you enjoyed reading through this.

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