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Benefits of Yoga for Fertility – Yes! Yoga Can Help You Get Pregnant

by Fashionlady
Fertility-Boosting Benefits of Yoga

Fertility-Boosting Benefits of Yoga
There are innumerable benefits of yoga, and there is nothing denying this fact. But can this ancient form of exercise help aid a female’s reproductive system too? Medically speaking, yes! Many medical studies support the idea that yoga can actually promote baby-making. Fertility yoga is based upon the philosophy that yoga increases the blood flow to your pelvis, stimulating hormone-producing glands, releasing muscle tension and stress on the way. Going far beyond therapeutic benefits, you might want to get yourself acquainted with fertility-boosting benefits of yoga.

Yoga encourages stress relief, overcoming one of the biggest hindrances in conceiving

Trying to get pregnant is often an emotional journey, and if things are not going according to the plan, it might soon becomes an overworked emotional journey too. This ongoing stress may result in chronic stress and anxiety. Further on, when stress hormones like cortisol are released into women’s body, this can more often than not interfere with her reproductive functions leading to biochemical reactions.

For instance, you might have noticed how your menstrual cycle becomes irregular when you are experiencing a lot of stress. In some cases, periods may stop for month at a stretch. This is because of disturbed levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body.

It is here that yoga proves beneficial in managing stress levels and keeping the health complications at bay.

Yoga encourages stress relief

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Yoga helps in overall improving emotional health and obviously, physical health

Not only you would see in yourself a huge difference physically as you would do yoga, you will also see how yoga imparts positivity in your life, making you emotionally sound and stable. A regular yoga would ensure that your reproductive organs are also getting toned, hence improving your body alignment at large. It is also bound to increase your blood circulation, leading to better absorption of nutrients and oxygen that get supplied to reproductive system.

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Yoga helps in overall improving emotional health

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Yoga helps in perking up relationship too

Ever heard of couple yoga poses? Yes, they are specifically meant to feel the difference and improve your relationship with your partner. In Sanskrit, the word ‘yoga’ literally means union, one of the foremost objective of couple yoga – a uniting of two people. Yoga is indeed a great tool for building stronger communication and intimacy. Not to forget, it acts as a sensual playground for intimacy by improving your self-awareness and trust.

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Yoga helps in perking up relationship too

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Top yoga postures for fertility

If fertility is on your mind, then we suggest perform the following yoga asanas: Sarvangasana, Shalabhasana, Halasana, Uddayanabandha, Bhujangasana, Matsyasana, Pashchimottasana, Yoga Mudra, Dhanurasana, and Ardha-Matsyendrasana.

Top yoga postures for fertility

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Does yoga for fertility really work?

There is nothing denying this very fact that yoga has an overall positive effect on body and helps in improving fertility. But, before giving it a try, we suggest first of all discuss it with your partner as to whether you both would want to conceive in a natural way. We are saying this because, like any other natural method it might be time consuming and you would have to be best friends with patience. Having said that, do consult with your doctor and find out what type of asanas are beneficial for you.

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