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Here’s How to Overcome Pre-Exam Jitters. Keep Calm and Exam On!

by Fashionlady
Pre Exam Jitters

Pre Exam Jitters
If you are someone who is having constant void in the stomach kind of feel along with that deep panicky and sinking feeling as the day of your exam is nearing, it would be safe to say that you have got pre-exam jitters. While you are still trying to figure out if you are having healthy levels of stress or suicidal tendencies-laden stress, pre-exam jitters should always be combated healthily. Take a moment to read our tips and tricks on how to handle pre-exam jitters and bid exam-related stress goodbye!

Pamper yourself: What could be better than just taking a fresh hot bubble bath or simply going for a diamond pedicure session or grabbing a cup of coffee with your besties! Do that one thing that makes you feel good right on the morning of your test, and let the happy hormones in you handle your exam stress.

Pamper yourself

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No exam talk at dinner-time: Whenever you are having dinner, first of all, make it a point to make it a family affair. There is nothing more satisfying and soothing than sharing the last meal of your day with your loved ones and relishing some good soul-satisfying food right before your exam morning. Also, make sure you are keeping the exam preparation talks out of the table, as doing so would keep the unwanted suggestions/talks/pressure building mood/stress at bay.

No exam talk at dinner time

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Relax before the test: “Keep calm and exam” on should be your mantra before appearing for your exam. As, getting worked up might result in making the silliest of mistakes, which could perhaps cost you your distinction marks. The trick lies in finding that one activity you know you love unconditionally and indulging in it. Also makes sure that the activity is completely unrelated to the upcoming test.


Relax before the test

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Turn to music: Whether listening to soft jazz or foot-thumping rock is how you roll, music is one activity, which helps in calming your nerves. Listen to some satisfying music on your iPod or on your car CD player while you are driving to your exam center, as music usually does the job of putting your overworked muscles at an ease, making sure that you remember everything from last hour’s study routine.

Turn to music

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Bring a talisman: It might be that lucky pen your owe since your childhood days or that favourite sweatshirt your girl friend gifted you, makes sure you are carrying a small token of belief with you to your exam centre. Carrying things like these reminds you of all the love and luck you have in your life, further motivating you to perform to the best of your capabilities.

Bring a talisman

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Make a list: Keep last minute hassles at bay, by packing your exam bag on the eve before of your examination day. Make a list of the things your exam bag needs to contain, such as your hall ticket, board pad, pens and other stationery, along with a bottle of water or juice.

Make a list

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Exams are called exams because they test your overall ability to cope with difficulties in life, and we know you have it in you to brave it through successfully. All the best for your exam, and remember to keep the calm on!

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