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9 Beginner Yoga Poses Your Body Badly Needs

by Fashionlady
Beginner Yoga Poses

Beginner Yoga Poses

Morning time is meant for grabbing news, sipping the first cup of tea, washing, bathing and getting ready for the day. Yet you are missing out on the most important activity for the day – Yoga!

In the fast paced life, how many of you have time to nourish your bodies. Chances are nil. That is why most of us land up with common ailments such as anxiety, stress, hangover, acidity, sleeplessness et al.

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Taking medicines might be the easiest thing to do, but not effective. What you need to learn and master is beginner yoga poses. It’s a natural way to enhance the quality of living without any side effects.

Best Yoga To Practice

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Best Yoga To Practice

I take you through a couple of effective everyday yoga exercisesand best yoga to practice. They are basically simple and easy yoga poses or everyday yoga at home which will help you look beautiful and stay healthy and in shape.

Simple And Easy Yoga Poses

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1. Mountain Pose

Popularly called Tree Pose, Mountain Pose needs you to stand tall with your feet together. Relax your shoulders and distribute your weight evenly at your soles and arms.

Now take a deep breath and raise your hands on top of your head, with palms facing each other and arms straight. Just reach up the sky with your fingertips.

Everyday Yoga At Home

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2. Child Pose

Called Balasana, this is the best yoga to practice. This beginner yoga poses helps express devotion on the part of child to his parents, teachers, and elders and makes you stretch your thighs, ankles and hips, thereby relieving you from neck and back pain.

Sit on your folded knees and heels on the ground and make your forehead touch the ground. Get your torso closer to your thighs and breathe out. Put your hands on your torso sides with palms facing upwards. Stay in this pose for about 30 seconds and then relax.

Everyday Yoga Exercises

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3. Pigeon Pose

The Sanskrit name Eka pada rajakapotasana might seem too long to yoga beginners, but the technique is simple to do. It is a great quad-stretch which helps open up the shoulders and the chest.

Start it in a push-up position, by placing your palms under your shoulders. Now place your left knee on the floor near your shoulders with your left heel placed by your right hip. Make an attempt to press your hands to the floor and sit back with your chest lifted.

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Pigeon Pose

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5. Paschimottanasana

Get relief from backaches and cramps by going for this best yoga to practice. To do that, you need to sit straight with your legs stretched out in front of you. Make sure your feet are positioned next to each other.

Now bend forward towards your toes in order to hold them. See to it that your knees don’t bend in the process. Rest your forehead as you stretch towards your toes in a sitting position, and hold on for 5 seconds before you return back to your original position.

This asana strengthens the spine.


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6. Vajrasana

This simple and easy yoga poses helps cure headache and migraine. To do that, sit on your legs stretched outward so that your buttocks support the foot soles.

Put your hands on your knees and sit straight. Make sure that both your spine and neck are aligned straight.

Sit in this pose after your meals. It will give you relief from headaches that are a fall out of constipation and migraine.


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7. Janusirsasana

Head to knee pose, this asana is meant for those of you who suffer from sleeping problems.

First of all, sit straight with both your legs stretched out. Now bend your right leg in a way that the right sole touches the upper part of your left thigh. Follow it up by raising both your hands in the air above your head while inhaling.

While doing this yoga, try to touch the ground with your right elbow. This will help in clearing your mind and give you a sense of relaxation, which will lead to better sleep.


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8. Chakrasana

Called the ‘Wheel’ Pose, you need to bend backwards a full 360° and reach out to the floor. This technique is also known as a supine backbend or ‘dropping back’, in which the hands and feet meet at the floor, and the body’s abdomen makes an arched impression in the sky.

This yoga practice is best to strengthen your back muscles, knees, shoulders, arms and even kidneys.

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9. Pavanamuktasana

Cure your bloating problems by going for Pavanmuktasana. To do that, first lie flat on your back. Now move your legs to your chest, by folding your knees. Raise up your head a little so as to touch your knees. Stay in this position for about 5 minutes and release yourself.


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Hope you liked reading beginner yoga poses. Tell us which everyday yoga exercises you would do at home from tomorrow.

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