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A Talk On Nose Correction Without Surgery Using Makeup, Explained

by Fashionlady
Nose Correction Without Surgery

Nose Correction Without Surgery

How often have you heard many women complain about the shape and the size of their nose? Pretty much we guess, and this is a widely known reason as to why women have a problem applying the right makeup too. Fed up with the false promises galore by many that claim to correct the nose shape, makeup can help with nose correction without surgery.

Nose Jobs Before and After Using Makeup

Today we shall show you what we mean by nose correction without surgery, with the help of makeup and contouring, hence please read on and be well-informed of the same.

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Wide Nose

The wide nose is a very prominent feature on your face, which in layman terms is known as a big nose or a flat wide nose. Our objective here is to make it sharp and beautiful, leaner too.

How To Correct The Wide Nose:

  1. You would need to contour the nose sides with the help of a dark foundation
  2. The blending of the contouring should be upwards and into your eyebrows
  3. The bridge of the nose needs to be highlighted with a light powder
  4. And a final blending needs to be done to remove demarcation lines
Nose Jobs Before And After

Source: youtube.com

Long Thin Nose

For a long thin nose and as the name suggests, the nose is long and thin. This means, the nose outline is very sharp and sometimes makes the face look very wicked or vampish. Our objective here is to ensure that the side of the nose and the length too is reduced.

How To Correct The Long Thin Nose:

We would begin with the contouring of the nose tip underside, which would help soften the sharpness of the nose and bring about a softer appearance. The next step would be to highlight the side of the nose which helps bring more width to the nose, and finally with a brush we shall blend the two shades to do away with demarcations.

Nose Jobs Without Surgery

Source: youtube.com

Crooked And Out Of Shape Nose

For noses that are crooked and out of shape, we would have to work on the bulged out ends of the nose, balancing it with the subdued ends on the other side. Our objective here is to balance the nose sides and to make them look straight.

Correction Of The Crooked Nose:

We would begin with a dark shade of foundation which shall be applied on the bulge side of the nose, while the dented side of the nose shall be smeared with highlighting powder. This helps balance the nose on both sides. On the bridge of the nose, we shall use highlighting powder and blend the shades into the sides to remove all demarcations.

Nose Correction Uusing Makeup

Source: divinecaroline.com


Quick Fixes

If you take a look at nose jobs before and after, where surgery hasn’t been done at all and where only makeup has been used, you would be astounded. One doesn’t have to spend a bomb on rhinoplasty anymore, not when the use of contour cream or powder can help slim and correct the nose shape.

Nose Correction

Source: erinashleymakeup.com

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Nose Contour

Source: trusper.net

We hope this information on how to contour and correct the nose shape comes in handy. Do write in and also please practice the nose jobs without surgery through makeup, and let us know how happy it made you.

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