How To Apply Makeup Around A Nose Piercing


Does your glittering nose ring come in your way whenever you go for a thorough makeup session? Do you always feel confused about how to do nose piercing makeup? Now, forget all worries. Here is a detailed process of how to apply makeup around a nose piercing perfectly.

Makeup Around A Nose Piercing

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Makeup Around A Nose Piercing

Things to Need for Nose Piercing Makeup

No, you don’t need a whole lot of makeup products and tools to prep the skin around your nose piercing. It is a simple task of few minutes and requires only a couple of supplies.

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Check out them below:

  1. A high-quality foundation (it should be lightweight for ensuring an easier application and must give excellent coverage as it is not possible to apply lots of products on that small area)
  2. A foundation brush (you may go for the angled one, which is just perfect for using around a nose ring)


Steps to Follow to Apply Makeup Around a Nose Piercing

Got your favorite foundation and the brush for applying it? Great! Just get ready to prime the skin around your nose piercing and add more bling to your dazzling nose ring.

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Here is a breakdown of the makeup tutorial and trust me, the entire process will take very little time:

  1. Take your angled foundation brush and dip its tip into the foundation carefully. Do not dunk the entire brush as you do not need the product in huge amount. The area around your nose piercing is really small and taking the foundation just at the tip of the brush will be enough for covering it the right way.
  2. Apply the foundation gently around the piercing. Do not rub the brush against the skin. Rather, tap the tip of the brush quite a few times to cover the entire area. If you take an angled foundation brush, the task becomes really easy as the angled bristles help in applying the product exactly where needed.
  3. Now, use your clean little finger to blend the foundation properly. Try not to go towards the piercing itself. Also, avoid using the brush onto the nose ring to keep the glow of the jewelry intact.
  4. …..and, voila!
apply makeup around a nose piercing

A Few Alternatives…

So, priming the skin around a nose ring is quite easy, right? Well, we have something more for you. As you have seen, you need a foundation and an angled brush for brightening up the skin around your nose jewelry. But what if you are not that fond of foundation or simply don’t own an angled brush? Here are a few alternatives that will help you shake off these concerns:

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