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Why And How to Clean Makeup Brushes?

by Fashionlady
Why And How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Why And How to Clean Makeup Brushes
We are pretty sure most of you have a through knowledge on makeup brushes and how to use them. But most of us also ignore cleaning these make-up brushes! With time, these brushes get worn out, which may be harmful for our skin.

The life of brushes also depends on various factors like where and how you store your them.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

If you are a regular wearer of make-up, it is recommended to wash the brushes at least once week, or every alternate weeks, .

Here are some more facts about what dirty brushes can do to your skin.

1. Dirty Brushes Are a Hub of Germs – When brushes are not cleaned regularly, dust, dirt and germs collect on them, which when used, get transferred to your other make-up products. As we all know, germs spread more rapidly in moisture, contaminating other things. Hence, do not keep liquid make-up nearby dirty brushes or do not use these brushes with liquid make-up.

2. Dirty Brushes Compromises on Your Make-up Art – Dirty brushes do not blend well with eye shadows and blushes, hence not truly bringing out the colour you meant to wear. No matter how much you have invested into buying that eye shadows or blushes, not maintaining the brushes could result in short durability and non-functionality.

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3. Dirty Brushes Can Result in Skin Problems – It is always advisable to use clean or dirt free products on your skin & when it is about make-up, hygiene becomes more important. Careless attitude towards make-up product may result in skin problems. After using make up brushes, simple put it into a proper wash before you decide to reuse it.

4. Making It a Good Investment – Regular cleaning of the brushes increase their life span and make them act smoothly on your skin.

5. Sharing Brushes Make Them More Dirty – Sharing brushes make them more vulnerable to germs. Since, you will be transferring germs to the other person and vice versa. You certainly do not want to carry the other person’s filth on your face. Simply, clean the shared brushes!

American actress, model and former beauty pageant contestant, Bobbie Brown explains

How do you know when a brush is just kaput?
When the bristles start to fray, shed, or lose their shape. I can’t emphasize enough that the right tools are as important in getting the look you want as the actual makeup itself. If your brushes become too pinched or squashed, then they simply will not be up to the job.

By now, you would have been convinced that why you should be regularly cleaning your make-up brushes. The important question is how! How to clean makeup brushes at home? Find out with us.

1. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil acts as a gentle cleanser and helps in keeping the bristles conditioned. Brushes made from natural hair or fibers should be cleaned using olive oil.


Pour a tablespoon of olive oil onto a clean sponge (preferably a new one). Now swirl the brush over the sponge until dirt residues are transferred to the sponge. If your brush is still left unclean, you must repeat the process. Now rinse the brush under warm water to remove excess oil. Let the brush dry by placing it on a clean towel for some hours.

2. Use a Soap Bar

Choose a plain (unscented) bar of soap and wet it. Place it inside a bowl, so that it won’t slip away. Now swirl the brush in a circular motion onto the soap to form a lather. Ensure that soap does not enter the barrel as this will damage the glue that sticks the bristles to the handle. Also, do not press the brush hard. After cleansing is done, run some warm water on the brush to clean up the soap lather. Place brushes on a clean towel to let them dry. Soap bar is usually used when the brushes’ bristles are made of plastic.

3. Clean with Sponge & Baby Shampoo

Wet a clean sponge and put a little baby shampoo on it. Now swirl the tip of your brush in a circular motion on the sponge. This will work up the lather and help the soap clean your brush. Now, wash the bristles under warm water and allow it to dry on a clean towel.

Clean with Sponge & Baby Shampoo

Source: casaandcompany.com

Not only bristles but handles or barrels too get germs infected with regular use. A popular makeup blogging site suggests a tip-

Just as how important it is to know, “how to know when your makeup has expired”, it gets equally important to know when to throw away your worn out brishes. Now that you know, are you all set to clean the make-up brushes lying on your dressing table for months? Do make yourself feel special by caring for what makes you help look beautiful.

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