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Wedding Makeup Looks Every Bride Must Try

by Fashionlady
Wedding Makeup Looks

Wedding Makeup Looks

You thought finding Mr. Right was the hardest decision, but you know what? The hardest decision ever would be to find the right makeup for your wedding. Indian weddings are hot, and this means literally. You have a fire and you have to take circles around in as a part of rituals. Not only that, you would have to spend a lot of time throwing a mish mash of different items in the fire. So you see, all that heat is bound to cause your makeup run, but not if you wear the right kind of makeup. We will help you choose some of the best makeup items and teach tips and tricks which would save you from a makeup disaster in the biggest day of your life.

Make Use of Your Best Feature

By now you must know what your best feature is. So whether it’s your eyes or your nose or any other part of your body (especially your face), play it up! Use makeup to highlight the best parts. Maximize it, amplify it and accentuate it. There is no better way to show your world that your eyes are gorgeous! If you are anti-makeup, understand that you don’t have to pancake your face with tons of makeup. Just a little bit of mascara, blush and lip gloss can go a long way to make you look gorgeous!

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Best wedding makeup

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Don’t forget to consider climate for your big day

Climate and weather can be a big spoilsport and if you are not prepared, it can be a disaster. The pro-tip that any makeup artist will give you is to use as many as oil-free products as possible. Starting from your primer to your other makeup, go totally oil-free in every way. Also, keep oil-blotting sheets in hand. That would prevent a lot of disasters.

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Be Camera Ready

The bad thing about having great photos in weddings is that the camera may totally ruin your look. There are lights and so your pictures will look very different from normal days. So if you are applying makeup, you will have to do it in a way which would enhance your look. So you would have to put makeup a little more than your normal days. A few days before your wedding day, practice your look in front of the camera and in lights. You will come to know the difference and thus plan accordingly.

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Cardinal Concealer Rule

Concealers are a life savior, if and only if you apply them the right way. A lot of brides make the mistake of applying concealer first and then slapping on their foundation. You have to avoid this because it can lead to quite a mess. You already have primer on your skin and if you put too much concealer, it will look cakey on your face. The consistency of your concealer should also be different from the rest of the makeup.

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Eyebrows have to be on Fleek!

The latest trend (and it’s a trend that we are thinking won’t go away) is having some really good eyebrow pencils. This is a big step that you have to ensure you go through. Eyebrows can really change your look and investing in a good eyebrow pencil, especially if you are getting ready for a wedding, is really very important and necessary. When you use an eyebrow pencil, it really frames your eye and completes the masterpiece!

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Tips for Wedding Makeup

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