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How To Fix Dry Mascara

by Fashionlady
Fix Dry Mascara

Fix Dry Mascara

Happy happy is the feeling when flutter flutter go our eyelashes. Honestly, no costume would look hip hop and happening without mascara applied on the eyelashes. But when it goes dry, what will you do? Sob, sob or fix it right there. We explain you how.

How Does Mascara Dry Up?

It’s very simple. Mascara dries away when air gets inside the mascara tube (when we are putting the wand into the tube). This naturally makes the mascara go dry like anything.

The thumb rule here is to avoid pumping your mascara inside and outside the tube. This will stop pushing air into it and prevent its drying.

When To Discard Mascara?

All things have a shelf life and that applies to cosmetic products too. Contrary to popular opinion, is the average life span of mascara just 3 months? No, it’s not true. You can wear mascara 6 months from the date of opening. If it gets older, then no point taking the risk as bacteria and germs are likely to get into your eyes and lead to eye infection. So go for a new tube and keep fluttering your lashes.

Buying and using Mascara

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Ways To Prevent Mascara Drying

There are many methods to go fixing about dry mascara.

Items required:

  • Dry and clumpy Mascara
  • Mug
  • Some Water
  • Contact Solution (or Olive Oil)
  • Microwave

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  • To start with, pour 2-3 drops of contact solution in the mascara tube.
  • Take a look at the mascara to check out if de-clumping is happening.
  • Close the lid and give the mascara tube a shake.
  • If you still find gaps, fill the mug with water and heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes.
  • Now put the closed mascara tube in the mug and let it stay for about 5 minutes.
  • Your new mascara is done and ready!
Mascara drying

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Tricks in Preventing Mascara Drying

Hot Water

Take a glass in which you normally drink water. Fill it with hot water and dip the mascara tube in it for a few minutes. Guess the result? Well, the heat will definitely soften up the dried mascara making it fresh and new. If the mascara wand is dry, run it under hot water till it gets clean and put it back into the tube.

Preventing Mascara drying

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Saline Solution

Put a few drops of saline solution used to clean up contact lenses in the mascara tube. Roll the tube in your hands for a minute which will warm it up, thereby reduce clumps if any. Avoid putting in excess of saline solution in the mascara tube as that will thin the solution.

Mascara Contact Solution

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So, no more shedding tears on how to fix dry mascara. The quick fix options are very much here and in the now.

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